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  1. Kio

    Question Prime Z390-A not booting

    Specs: Mobo: asus prime z390-a Cpu: i5-9600kf RAM: corsair ddr4 2x16 GB 3200MHz PSU: EVGA 600w 80 plus Gpu: gigabyte 1060 windforce I bought a new motherboard, cpu, and ram to update my pc some. After installing all of it, I cannot get anything to happen. I flip the switch to turn the psu on...
  2. C

    Question New System Not Starting

    I have a z390a and a 9900KF and RTX2080TI. Upon startup I get one long beep then three short beeps and from what I can tell that means a display issue. I have no integrated graphics so it has to be the card but the card heats up normally and the RGB on it’s waterblock power on correctly. What do...
  3. K

    [SOLVED] SSD state frozen in BIOS

    Hi, I built a new computer, works fine until the moment I tried to start the machine. I have an 128GB kingston SSD which is connected via a SATA cable to the motherboard (ASUS prime z390A) and has power supply. The SSD is the same I used in my previous computer. The problem I encounter is that...