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  1. Killfree

    Question Asus prime no post

    Hello, I have an asus prime x570-p who’s not posting anymore. I tried to swap ram, cpu, psu and gpu, but I still have no post. When I plug the 24 pins psu cable on the motherboard I have 4 light who turn on, but when I press power nothing happen. I have also tried to remove the case power button...
  2. A

    Question NVME SSD only working in RAID?

    Hi guys, I just recently built my first PC, however I had the longest time trying to get it to work. So in the beginning when I first booted my PC, it would be stuck at the ASUS logo screen, with press del / F2 to enter BIOS screen. - pressing the buttons did not let me enter BIOS and I was...
  3. Makowh

    [SOLVED] Asus Prime X-470 Pro enough for 3800X?

    Hi everyone, I have been running a Ryzen 2700X on my motherboard Asus Prime X-470 Pro for some time, and am considering upgrading to a new 3800X, but I am wondering if that board would be enough to support this CPU during extended workloads, especially about its VRMs and their cooling... I...
  4. Mezoxin

    [SOLVED] Seasonic Focus plus vs Prime Ultra vs Corsair HX-1000

    the 3 models corsair HX-1000w Seasonic PRIME 1000 Gold SSR-1000GD and Focus Plus 1000w gold are nearly identical in price were i live ? Which one should i go with ? I know they are an overkill for my current build but i would be planning to upgrade in the near future
  5. D

    Question i5-9600k/Noctua NH-D15s High Idle temps but decent gaming performance?

    Recently completed a build with an i5-9600k and a Noctua DH-15s. My idle temps when on my desktop are around 40-50c, idle temps when in bios around 35c. From what I've seen online these idle temps are a bit high. However, my gaming performance has been pretty acceptable, never going over 55c...
  6. Z

    [SOLVED] Which motherboard should I get?

    1) ASUS Prime Z370-P II LGA1151 2) Asus PRIME Z370-P 3) msi z370-a pro If you have any other under the budget of £115 then please let me know and it has to be either Asus or MSI. I am going to have Intel core i7 8700. But I will surely overclock the RAM so need a mobo which can allow me to...
  7. hanser30

    Question Asus TUF vs Prime vs WS

    Hello guys, I have a particular question about Asus. My last build was back in 2014 and it was an Asus TUF 990fx R2.0 with an AMD fx 8350. The system is still going and it has been super reliable over the years. I am now looking to to buy a new board for a new build with a Ryzen 9 3900x which...
  8. SHaines

    Discussion Prime Day 2019 - What are your favorite deals?

    It’s Prime Day 2019 and we want to hear about your favorite deals! Have you found anything that was too good to pass up? Jump into the discussion and share the wealth with the rest of us. I’ve been thinking of picking up a Waterpik for a while now and they have a fantastic deal on one that is...
  9. varunpro

    Need help Buying a laptop on amazon prime sale, today 0_o

    I am based in India, hence have way limited options to choose from vs USA/Canada . Please recommend which of these will perform better for a student getting started & future enthusiast in the making :p Asus Tuf fx505 Vs Asus Tuf fx504? With Intel i5 8300h, 1050ti? Or AMD Ryzen 5 3550h, 1650?
  10. xupitera834

    [SOLVED] Best firsT camera under 600$ with prime portait lens

    hi guys just consider which one to choose from A6000 + 50MM OSS f1.8 or D3500 with 50mm 1.8 g do have you have anything else to suggest
  11. J

    Question Can I Run i5 7600k with 3600 MHZ Ram

    I am having a hard time getting any ram to work with my set up (At speed). It's bugging me and I am not sure what I am missing. Right now I have z270 Asus Prime, Crucial 3600mhz DDR4 {2x8gb} and a core i5 7600k. I had 3k mhz before and couldn't get it to behave at rated speeds, the crucial won't...
  12. P

    [SOLVED] Does the Asus Prime B450-Plus Motherboard Support 5V 3-Pin RGB Interface?

    Hello I'm considering these fans and i was wondering if they support the 3-pin 5V RGB interface it asks for. If not, is there an adapter...
  13. sid_90

    Question NVMe support

    Will ASUS PRIME B360M-A support ADATA XPG SX8200 NVMe SSD?
  14. Z

    [SOLVED] All fans running 100% PC won't start when GPU is connected to PSU

    Hi. I built my new computer yesterday. To begin with, it booted up fine. The first time I powered it on, it turned off and on again a few couple of times. But eventually I got into BIOS where chose to run an XMP. Then i let it boot into windows (I kept the storage from the old setup) and it was...
  15. T

    Noctua fans cooling dipped too low from theoretical max speed

    So I currently have the following system: evga 280 clc with 2 Noctua NF A14 ippc 3000 fans. Another same Noctua fan on top panel for exhaust. One 120mm stock fan on rear exhaust. i7 8700k and msi z370 A-pro motherboard. I find it strange that when I cranked the three Noctua fans up to their...
  16. J

    No audio output from my PC even though no errors are detected.

    Hi, I have an audio problem with my PC. My PC is a 6 year old i7 2600k. It was working perfectly with no issues but suddenly there was no audio output. I have tried running the troubleshooter, I have tried reinstalling drivers, I have tried booting up on Ubuntu and I tried testing the speakers...
  17. N

    JBL Flip 4 paired with laptop won't play audio

    My JBL Flip 4 and laptop are paired, but the audio will not play through the JBL, only thru laptop. What am I missing. It works perfectly through phones.
  18. C


    Hi, I am looking to buy a GTX 980 windforce and it requires two 8 pin connectors. I have an xfx pro550w and it has one 6+2 pin connector and one 6 pin connector. do i need to get a new psu? or can i get an adapter of some sort? I am wondering because im building a new pc with the following...
  19. A

    Recently I started facing a problem, my laptops keyboard stopped working and suddenly random help windows started opening and

    Laptop keyboard removed but still types and random help windows open and wifi goes off
  20. R

    How much ram is sufficient for win 10 32bit?

    pc specs Pentium g2020 H61m-s1 mobo 2gb ram Win 10 pro 32bit 1366×768 monitor How much gb's of ram should i buy? I know for 64bit 8gb is necessary for gaming and other stuffs....but for 32 bit is 4gb sufficient or should i get 8gb. I just want to play gta 5 , that's all.