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  1. Alt231

    i7-7700k Safe Temperatures

    I was wondering if my i7-7700k's temperatures were safe. Idle (7-14%): 38-45 C usually hugging the higher end. Gaming: 50-60 C Prime95 (100%): 75-85 C usually at 80C Rig: • i7-7700k at 1.296 V and 4.45 GHz using ASUS mobo's auto clock feature with high performance power option. • G.Skill 32GB...
  2. W

    Can Somebody Tell Me Where I Can Find This?

    Another option is to try turning off “AGP Fast Writes”, “AGP Read” and “AGP Write” as this may have a positive impact on stability and performance i wasnt able to find “AGP Fast Writes”, “AGP Read” and “AGP Write” can anyone tell me where i can find it? and is anybody able to tell me if...
  3. N

    Software Development On The Go

    Hi, I am looking into buying a Windows Surface 2 or Windows Surface Pro 2. I am currently in college with a Software Development major. Would the Surface Pro 2 do what I need in terms of my career path? And can I get away with using the cheaper Surface 2 RT?
  4. D

    Gamestop pre-order no soulstone

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Hi, Anyone else from europa ordered at Gamestop ? I've received my pre-ordered UO:SE But no soulstone code !! I've mailed them about it, but nothing yet. Really hope i get it.
  5. L

    External Hard drive not showing up

    Why my external hard drive not showing up on my computer?
  6. I

    Best photo editing monitor

    I have looked at many monitors but none of them claim to be good for photo editing. the only answer i get is that i need a monitor calibration device. I currently have a 22" samsung and cannot get the color right for portrait editing. please help
  7. G

    Playerstats broken?

    Archived from groups: (More info?) I don't look at it that regularly but it seems has a serious problem (again). Also my own stats have been reduced to zero (0). Oh well, Ursa..
  8. M

    How to make a headphone cord extension?

    Please excuse my lack of knowlege of the correct terms, I will try to describe things as best I can. I am trying to make a 15metre extension cord for my PC speakers (logitech ls21 speakers + subwoofer) so that I can listen to music at the other end of the house, and I am running into some...
  9. F

    Toshiba TV

    Hello, I bought toshiba 32 inch TV, and I would like to hook up external speakers to it. I cant find RCA female plugs to plug in speakers, any help would be appreciate
  10. V

    HP monitor, Ever heard of this happening

    I have an HP s70 17 inch monitor (d7740). It came wiht the packaged system that i bought about 2 years ago. Now, i left the system on over night playing MP3s (with winamp, which i have done very often) and when i woke up in the morning the screen was all screwed up. Meaning the Horizontal...
  11. G

    Op stash found in Chicago

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Got a call this morning in response to an ad I have in a local paper. Op is cleaning out a small warehouse and wanted me to come take a look. I rushed over thinking it was finally my turn to find some massive hidden stash...
  12. J

    Apology for arab mistreatment

    Archived from groups: (More info?) This is about sums it all up - but feel free to add your own apology and pass it along Yes, I know the saying goes, "Much Ado About Nothing" and unlike that Shakespearean play the Iraqi prisoner abuse is no comedy but it does...
  13. B

    Tech: Judge Dredd Planet

    Archived from groups: (More info?) When I got my JD, the planet seemed to be shot. When I would run the test mode, the motor would run but the planet would not move. I was told by a few kind people here that i would need to get the gearbox rebuilt. A kind member here, Steve...
  14. G

    White Weeney - adding a little money

    Archived from groups: (More info?) Hello, All! A while ago I posted here a question about how to build a White Weenie equipped deck. Well, I decided to go forward and trade/buy a few rares and uncommons for this deck. So, in addition to all common stuff...
  15. giotec1993

    CiT Vantage

    hey guys i have ordered a CiT Vantage from amazon i need to know if
  16. G


    Archived from groups: (More info?) I found my first one today... Fire Fact, 5/3 .. it's a when u die one.. Are these worth much? USWSC Ladder -- Jake Mysterio - The Mysterious One of Nothingness.
  17. XSR

    I5 3450 - 8 cores?

    - i5 3450 - Windows 8 Why is that?
  18. C

    PSU or Case

    Hello everyone at Tom's hardware. I have recently bought a power supply and case from micro center, for a new build, only to find out that they do not work together. The two parts are the Antec Three Hundred Two Mid Tower case and the OCZ ModXStream Pro 600W power supply. I found out that when...
  19. K

    Double checking wattage help.

    Hello im buying a new psu and GFX card next week and i need to double check if I am buying the correct wattage i did the calculator thing but i feel like I am still unsure so here are the links any help is thanked :D : My Pc...
  20. P

    Is my PSU causing my display driver to crash all the time?

    Just a few days ago, I got my pre-built computer in and the display adapter constantly crashes. I load up a live stream video and the driver crashes. I play any game, the driver crashes and I get blue squares going diagonal across my screen. I get on Skype for 5 minutes and everything...