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    Question Best All-in-one Printer under 10K (India)

    Need suggestion for printer under 10K (India) Date of purchase: within 1-2 days Purpose: -Lot of Printing (mostly B&W) -looking for speed and number of pages If the performance of only B&W printer surpasses the performance of a coloured printer by a large margin I would go for only B&W.
  2. M

    Question HP laserjet 5L not clearing paper jam

    I have an old hp laserjet 5L printer that I refuse to part ways with because it still work perfectly. recently it got a paper jam, i canceled the print job and i unplugged the printer because it still showed it had a paper jam after the print job was canceled. i tried to print a test print by...
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    Question Creating a virtual print to file printer in a wireless network.

    Hello, I have a wireless Brother printer in a small network (PC, printer, tp-link router+access point). I can print without any problem. But I can't print to file. I have tried all combinations available ports and connections. How can I create a virtual printer capable of printing to file. I am...
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    Question Wifi printer is offline unless I reboot

    Hello, My printer (MG5250) is connected to my Wifi connection, and when I turn the printer on it stays offline in windows (Win 10). The only way to have it appear online and be able to print is to reboot the internet box, or reboot the computer (which is connected to the box through a wire). I...
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    Question multi-functional laser printer that can print decent photographs

    Hi folks, I need to purchase a new multi-functional laser printer for my personal use and I thought I'd go the extra pixels [insert drum roll] and get something that can also print decent photographs. I don't have a particular budget but under $600 would be good, no preferred brand, don't use a...
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    Question Printer Not Working On Windows 10 PC?

    Hi there, I have a Brother HL-3710CDW and have had it hooked up to my PC for a while now and have never had an issue. I went to print something from google chrome under an email account for my school and it wouldn't let me saying something about the file type ( I apologize for forgetting exactly...
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    Question samsung old compact printer ml-1660: rear print disabled

    hello everyone. hope you are fine. as fore mentioned, i have that old but compact printer for my office. it works fine untill i choose duplex printing. if i check through cotrnol panel (win7 sp1) - > devices and printer -> right click on default printer -> general tab -> front-rear printing is...
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    Question A Printer Issue

    Hello everyone, I am trying to connect a PC to a printer that is connected to another PC. Printer does not have Ethernet nor Wi-Fi support so this makes it harder. There is an office environment and people want to access to printer over that PC which is connected to printer without using remote...
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    Question Advice on a printer/printers

    Am looking for a printer that I can scan documents for later printing, printing of normal documents as well as being about to scan images for me enlarged and then printed off. I would prefer to stay away from HP printers as I would like to have individual ink cartridges. The following...
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    Question Need help identifying toner cartridges

    Hello, everyone! This is my first time posting here, so I apologize in advance if I make a mistake, etiquette-wise. I recently won five pallets (~340 units) of sealed, new black toner cartridges at a government auction in California. The only problem is, I don't know what printer they're...
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    Question Windows 10 - Windows 7 Shared Printer Access Denied.

    I have a Windows 10 Computer with two printers, after configuring and changing network sharing settings everything works fine but then when there's a new windows update or something (I'm not really sure) Like after a few days printers stop working, when you try to add them again on the Windows 7...
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    Question Printer appears in control panel but not in settings.

    Alright, so I'm trying to connect an old printer to my Windows 10 PC. I've plugged it in via USB and it appears in the control panel (Hardware and Printers) as 'Canon InkJet'. Great right? No not really, becasue in order to print the printer has to be available in settings. But it isn't. It...
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    [SOLVED] When trying to print a doc, the printer is NOT selected as the DEFAULT printer. How can I change this?

    I had to add a new printer. In the Printer sections under the Control Panel, it is selected as the Default printer. However, when trying to print a document, the default printer is not selected as the true default. How can I change this? FYI, it will print to the right printer but it auto...
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    Question Ecotank ET-2710 Ink

    Hi, I have bought a new printer and after installing it, pages come out with a slight mark in the top right. It looks like a liquid and is grey in color. I also noticed that the color quality is quite bad but the black if fine. Is there something wrong the way I've installed it? I got quite...

    [SOLVED] How to turn a wired USB printer wireless?

    Years ago someone gave me an Epson SX200 free, I've been using it for years and it still works great, it only costs £17 for 120 ink cartridges! I would like to know how print servers work? TP link sell one (wps510u) It turns a wired printer in to a wireless printer. would this work for me? if...
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    [SOLVED] Printing screen error PLZ HELP

    Hello, I keep getting this error screen whenever I try to print by right-clicking the photo > print. The error screen: I can print normally if I load it with the windows 10 photo viewer then click print Print screen: However, if I wanted to do...
  17. yippee ki yay

    [SOLVED] Printer HP LaserJet m130a problem with sharing on network

    Hi, I have a problem with this printer in a very strange situation. The printer is connected with USB on one PC with Windows 10, two other PCs are on the same network, the same subnet, I can see other shares on that computer with printer and also a printer. When I install a driver throw...
  18. Dollas4Eva_SR

    Question Why is my laptop printing in inverted colors?

    When I printed a pdf to my printer from my laptop, the piece of paper had a black background with white letters instead of a white background with black letters. This issue only arose on my personal laptop; every other device I use prints normally to the same printer. Could someone help me with...
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    Question Printer not filling shapes/letters

    Hello, From yesterday i have a problem with my printer - it's not filling shapes/images/letters with black color (only black, other colors works well). When printing images or shapes like rectangle etc I'm getting only borders, and if shape is thin it disappears completely. When printing text I...
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    Best printer for feeding photo paper

    I have an Epson WF-8510 and it has a 20 sheet rear feeder for photo paper but its very poor even from new. can any recommend a better printer for freeding paper and why ?