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  1. L

    [SOLVED] Can I connect to my printer

    So my printer is wireless and if I connect to our modem with a laptop I can print with it, however my pc is connected to a router by ethernet that is then in turn connected to the modem (ethernet), I'm wondering if there is any way I can make that PC->router->modem->printer bridge work?
  2. riley7

    Question can someone help me with adding a thermal epson printer to a local network

    guys i have this software i installed for a facility, when i connect this epson tm thermal printer to the server machine via usb, it prints perfectly but then i want to use the printer at the cashier point and so the usb must be connected at the cashiers end, and doesn't print, i know i have to...
  3. Quantickzz

    Question Connecting to Samsung printer

    Hey everyone! I'm trying to connect to a Samsung ProXpress SL-C2680FX printer via TCP/IP in Windows 10, i don't remember the ID/password of the printer so i checked it's ip on a second computer that was already connected but Windows tells me he can't find the printer. I can browse to the...
  4. duraszess

    Question What would be a good PC build for digital artists?

    What would be a good (insert list of computer component/software/peripheral that will be listed below) for a digital artist working for a video game company and if you can, please explain why it would be suitable. List: -processor -ram -hard drive -graphics card -monitor/screen -printer...
  5. Max_Pare

    Question Can't setup network printer (Canon MG2550S)

    I'm trying to setup this new printer so that everyone in the house can use it from their device without having to toss it around and plug it in their PC when they need to use it, but i can't. I did the first setup on my pc where the printer does all that good stuff that it has to do to work, and...
  6. E

    Question Printer for text, laser of inkjet.

    Looking to buy a printer for my kid who will need to print a lot of black and white text (exercises, graphs etc.). This pinter is supposed to do a temporary (4-5 months) but intensive job (2000 pages). Most cheap inkjet printers used to cause me trouble in the past. The heads clogged (Canon)...
  7. D

    [SOLVED] Can i use a USB to Eithernet adapter to connect a printer to a router?

    The question is in the title. Can I use something like this to connect my usb printer to my router. > Or, do I just have to buy a print server?
  8. S

    [SOLVED] user only able to print when disconnected from VPN Why?

    Hey so we have a remote salesmen that works out of his house his home printer is installed normally through windows (On Windows 10 through add a printer auto discovery) when he is connected to VPN he cannot print when he disconnects he can If i bring up ipconfig it shows both network adapters...
  9. N

    Question Printer issue after cloning SSD

    I recently upgraded my SSD (to 1TB 860 Evo) so i decided to copy/clone my old one on my new ssd everything works perfectly fine except my printer. My pc can’t find the printer (but other PCs do). I can’t reinstall my drivers because the HP software says that it can’t connect to the printer...
  10. I

    Question Printer network issue???

    Hi. I have a printer that I know works as an old computer can print off of it currently. I bought a new computer recently and set up the printer with the newest drivers and my computer can detect it. Whenever I print something, it sends it to the printer, but when I look at the print job status...
  11. Q

    Question Multiple problems with print quality from Brother laserjet printer

    I have a Brother HL-3140CW printer. It's always worked fine, but I'm suddenly having multiple problems with the quality of the printouts. When I print in color, there's vertical banding on the page. There's more of it on the left side. The colors on the left side of the page are also lighter...
  12. F

    Question Windows 10 is blocking my printer IP

    Somehow and im not sure where windows 10 is blocking my printer IP. i can boot fedora on the same system and goto the printer's web control host but when i try in windows its blocked. This is really driving me up the wall. Please someone smarter than I pop a solution into my box.