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    Question HP Printer making dark lines on pages

    My printer (HP Color LaserJet Pro M452dw) is making dark lines on the right side of any printed page. It happens with every color, so I don't think its the toners, and I've cleaned the transfer belt. I've also done the clean page diagnostic, which fixes the problem for a while, but the lines...
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    Question How to reset LC426(XL) cartriges of my Brother MFC-J4340DW

    Hello: In the case my Brother MFC-J4340DW printer will display "Replace ink", how I can reset the LC426 and LC426XL cartridges so the printer will display them as full? Thanks.
  3. [SOLVED] How the Brother MFC-J4340DW printer measures the ink in the cartriges?

    I don't know which board is suitable for this topic, so I put it here. Anyway: I asking this question after buying a new Brother MFC-J4340DW, since its ink cartridges which are of model LC426 looks significantly different than my mother Brother multi-function inkjet printer, that I don't...
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    [SOLVED] Want to buy a new printer for my home

    1. What is your printer budget? What is your country of origin? India. Rs. 10,000-12,000 2. Preferred Brand(s) HP but any can work. 4. How many pages do you print per day? 5 pages per week. 5. Do you want your printer to perform other functions (scanning / copying / fax)? Don't need fax but...
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    Question Which one is the best printer?

    Hi, I'm currently trying to buy a cheap printer but I don't know which one to get. Any suggestions? My options - Compact Mono Laser Printer - Brother HL-L2310D. HP Laser 107a. HP LaserJet Pro M15A. HP Laser 107w. HP LaserJet Pro M15w. The cheapest (first option) is 85 euro. The most expensive...
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    [SOLVED] Printer queue keeps thinking the printer is offline ?

    I have a Brother laser printer connected to my network via Ethernet. While my computer and printer were on the same network switch, I had no problem printing any time I wanted. I recently moved my PC, and the printer queue shows the printer as offline. If I leave documents sitting in the printer...
  7. weybrew

    [SOLVED] Win 10 Explorer can't find printers

    I have done a recent re-install of Win 10 and consequently have gone through many updates. I have just noticed that if I use Control Panel or Settings to view my printers they appear just fine. But, if I use Explorer, it only shows the Folders, Devices and Drives (no printers), and Network. None...
  8. ramonrocha

    [SOLVED] Help me choose the best printer

    Guys, I need to buy a printer to use at home. I am looking for something with the best cost benefit. But it is difficult to decide, as there are always pros and cons for each model. At first, I thought of the Epson XP-7100, but I'm not sure about that, as the printing system, as far as I know...
  9. ReeceF

    [SOLVED] Network printer - Loses connection overnight

    Hi All We have a Zebra ZP 500 connected to a Host PC and shared to a Client PC Via the network. (The printer only has a USB and not an ethernet port) Both Running windows 10 Professional. Whenever the host PC restarts the client PC loses connection and gives us the message "Access Denied"...
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    Question Looking for the name of an HP Laserjet internal part

    Hi, I have got a question about the good old printer HP Laserjet 4000. Does anyone know the name of the internal part whose reference is RB1-8665? It’s a big black part that integrates nearly all the assemblies (Fusing, Delivery, Printer Drive, Paper Feed Guide, Tray 1 Pickup, Tray 1 for...