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  1. M

    Question Printer queue keeps thinking the printer is offline ?

    I have a Brother laser printer connected to my network via Ethernet. While my computer and printer were on the same network switch, I had no problem printing any time I wanted. I recently moved my PC, and the printer queue shows the printer as offline. If I leave documents sitting in the printer...
  2. weybrew

    Question Win 10 Explorer can't find printers

    I have done a recent re-install of Win 10 and consequently have gone through many updates. I have just noticed that if I use Control Panel or Settings to view my printers they appear just fine. But, if I use Explorer, it only shows the Folders, Devices and Drives (no printers), and Network. None...
  3. ramonrocha

    Question Help me choose the best printer

    Guys, I need to buy a printer to use at home. I am looking for something with the best cost benefit. But it is difficult to decide, as there are always pros and cons for each model. At first, I thought of the Epson XP-7100, but I'm not sure about that, as the printing system, as far as I know...
  4. ReeceF

    [SOLVED] Network printer - Loses connection overnight

    Hi All We have a Zebra ZP 500 connected to a Host PC and shared to a Client PC Via the network. (The printer only has a USB and not an ethernet port) Both Running windows 10 Professional. Whenever the host PC restarts the client PC loses connection and gives us the message "Access Denied"...
  5. N

    Question Looking for the name of an HP Laserjet internal part

    Hi, I have got a question about the good old printer HP Laserjet 4000. Does anyone know the name of the internal part whose reference is RB1-8665? It’s a big black part that integrates nearly all the assemblies (Fusing, Delivery, Printer Drive, Paper Feed Guide, Tray 1 Pickup, Tray 1 for...