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  1. [SOLVED] Dynamic CPU fan running high all day

    Hi guys, Up until yesterday or today, my CPU fan has been running at high speed for no apparent reason that I can see. It's a Prism cooler for Ryzen 3700X, and it normally changes speeds dependent on CPU temp. This speed will come on when playing Call of Duty and such, but usually very quiet...
  2. Y

    Question iCUE + Wraith Prism through a USB Hub?

    Hello everyone, Since I built my original PC in 2016, every part has been changed except for my HDD, SSD and my case. Back then, I just bought the cheapest case I could because I really didn't care much as the PC would stand on the floor (even if it did stand on my desk it would be on the left...
  3. jams6

    Question Wraith Prism Behavior

    Hi all, Just installed my AMD CPU (3800x) and included Wraith prism. I'm watching it now, and it spins for a few seconds, stops, then repeats. Is this normal? What do I do? Thanks.
  4. Camfred30

    Question Prism Wraith Cooler RGB Software CRASH

    i just got a ryzen 3700x and i have installed it fine, i only put in the usb cable and not the rgb one due to the software being online so i didnt need it. The software works fine its just that when i change the outerline of my cooler colour to static white the software crashes. i managed to...
  5. Vengeance_

    [SOLVED] How to chainload (boot into) clover from grub2?

    I have a clover bootloader installed (not written to MBR) and I want to know how to load clover from my grub2 bootloader. I've done it successfully with chameleon by installing chameleon and then installing grub2, but that doesn't work with clover, it instead will just lead to an error (one I...