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  1. EAC_Is_Killing_Me

    [SOLVED] Easy Anti Cheat "insufficient privileges" error after installing game via Xbox app?

    Hello, I've spent the last 4 hours trying to figure out how to fix this issue, but nothing's helped so far. Two days ago, I downloaded the Xbox app on PC, and through that Xbox app I downloaded a game - Sniper Elite 5. After the game was installed, I tried running it, but ran into an issue with...
  2. H

    i5 7300hq 1060 3gb vs i7 7700hq 1050 Ti

    These are links to the notebooks I'm eyeing. I'm from Malaysia, so the market is kinda weird because budget gaming laptops are equipped with only 4gb ram, obviously they're trying to make more profit by offering ram upgrades...