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  1. kenzy9

    Question ASRock B450/m Pro4 vs Steel Legend variations

    Hi, B450 Pro4 or Steel Legend, B450M Pro4 vs B450M Steel Legend. And why? Which variants are better? To pair with either Ryzen 2600/3600+ for OC close to X versions Thanx!
  2. georgealt767

    Question Slow Boot

    Helllo, I recently purchased a new motherboard (Asrock Z370 Pro4) and I have noticed that when I power on my PC it takes a long time to leave the Asrock Screen during boot, but when I restart the computer it is really fast, like it should be. When I enter the Task Manager it says that the Last...
  3. D

    Credit Card Phone Case That Can Hold 4+ Cards For Galaxy Note 5

    Hey guys, I have been searching for the past few hours in order to try to find a phone case for my Samsung Galaxy Note 5. In particular, I am trying to find a case that will fit 4 or more cards such as this case for the LG K7 which holds 5 cards. My searching has turned up many results for...
  4. F

    How hard is it to build a pc?

    I'm thinking of buying parts for a pc but i am undecided on whether to try and build it my self or pay someone to. How hard are they to build?
  5. J

    Power Supply CX600

    When I installed my 600, I found that there was only the Sata cord and not the other small cord that is also supposed to connect to the hard drive... what should I do?