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  1. Question Having a Problem with Graphics Card?

    Hello Mates, Recently I bought, Second Hand Nvidia 730 GT 2gb DDR5, from a friend. It worked for a 1 month but now there is problem. Note: The Video Card having VGA Port Problem, So I decided to use it using HDMI to VGA converter. Problem: Screen Scattering Yellow lines like barcodes...
  2. mobys8899

    Question Strange GPU Issue

    Specs: Ryzen 7 3700x RX 5700 XT Refrence Corsair CX850m 16gb Patriot Viper 4 Ram I am having a strange issue with my graphics card. I tried to hybrid mod it because the base cooler was too loud, now it wont post with my Ryzen 7 in the system. It is detected in the bios, and is receiving power...
  3. G

    Question Xfx rx5700 corner of screen flickering problem

    View: This is a video i took of my screen. I just bought this card and i have reinstalled all the graphic drivers as well. Its only the corner that does this. Please help
  4. JAQ0B

    Question Cached everything and won't give it back:(

    My computer runs fine until I enter a game I here 3 bibs don't know what it is? And when iam in game my cached ram keeps going up? I get that's the point of caching it but when my game needs it it won't give it back and I have to restart the game... If you didn't understand anything of this I...
  5. T

    [SOLVED] PC Not Posting with New Ram

    Recently bought 2x8 Corsair CMD cmd16gx4m2b3200c16 to go with my 2x8 Ballistic Sport BLS8G4D240FSCK all going into my B350-F Gaming Motherboard. The BS RAM runs at 1.2V and the Corsair at 1.35V. The PC only boots with the BS RAM, if the Corsair is in one of the DIMM slots it will not post. My...
  6. MrPace

    [SOLVED] I have this screeching sound when i open and even turn off my computer. I need Help!

    I just bought a 1tb seagate HDD and when i started using it theres this screeching sound for just a few second when i turn on or off the desktop . Its like when i turn off the pc its rushing to stop the HDD same to turning on . I want to know if this is normal or is there something wrong ? :(((...