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  1. Renoskar

    Question Disks are not displayed and almost everything is blocked

    Hello, I have Windows 10 Pro on a pc that I have it almost a year now. Yesterday I did some update to windows and after that, I couldn't gain access to control panels, other options like changing the language of windows, don't let me see the external disks that I am plugging, and also I cant...
  2. T

    [SOLVED] Can't boot without a reset after 1909 update

    Hi, I am getting a really strange problem with my laptop. First of all I would like to clarify that I have researched. I am a very experienced windows user. I have done my research but I can not this this issue. A few months ago when 1903 update came up. I tried to do the update. But my pc...
  3. drn8

    Question PC wont boot, case fans not spinning

    Hi guys, My PC wont boot today, it was working fine yesterday. The case fans and psu fan wont spin, but the mobo lights up without any indications of error. CPU and g Everything seems to be in good condition. Ive checked my mobo, psu, cpu and ram. Everything works. This happend once before...
  4. H

    [SOLVED] Wireless to ethernet stopped working "Ethernet Doesn't Have A Valid IP Configuration"

    Hi! im dumbfounded by my current problem. Im for the moment using a laptop which recieves wifi from my router, and i share it to my pc via ethernet from this said laptop. And it has worked like a charm. Bu all in a sudden my laptop shut off for a scheduled windows 10 update, and i think it...