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  1. radityo_kc

    Question 4070 Ti and Ryzen 7 5800x performing lower than expected

    So my pc spec is as followed : GPU : PNY Verto 4070 Ti CPU : Ryzen 7 5800x MOTHERBOARD : MSI B550M PRO PSU : 750W GOLD 80+ MONTECH RAM : KLEVV 3200MHZ 8 X 2 16GB with a 256 gig ssd and 1tb hdd CPU COOLER : DeepCool AK500 So my performance when playing rdr2 is considerably low only hitting 100...
  2. Heboba

    Question Weird issue with new RX 6600 graphics card ?

    Faced a very strange problem with a PC after buying a new video card, I ask experienced in this area to help. My PC worked stably without any problems until I got a new graphics card. Problems with it did not start immediately, but only after about 10 days, however, I admit that I may simply...
  3. Frodo117

    Question Upgraded DDR3 Memory to 2x8(16)DDR3 sent my pc into a reboot cycle, im not sure what to do

    Hi All that can help Recently i have decided to upgrade my RAM in the second hand pc that i had bought, originally 12 gb 1x8 and 1x4. i got 2 new 8gb at 1600mhz. The motherboard only has 2 slots for ram Specs as follows: motherboard - gigabyte H81M-DS2 Original Ram - 8gb -Adata at 1333mhz and...
  4. X

    Question My computer won’t boot up (nothing display even bios) after i put m.2 nvme into my motherboard

    My computer won’t boot up (nothing display even bios) after i put m.2 nvme into my motherboard I can boot the window up normally if remove the m.2 ssd from my mainboard I also updated latest bios version (3.60) I already try another output from my mainboard and my vga no one is working :(...
  5. H

    [SOLVED] Pc not turning on at all

    So i recently bought a new motherboard on offerup, the msi a320m gaming pro for my budget pc, but when i get it plugged in with everything and try to turn it on, nothing happens. No lights to signify that it is getting power or anything. Ive looked all over and most seem to have a problem with...
  6. Fabrinet232

    [SOLVED] PC acting very weird when gaming after GPU upgrade.

    Hello guys, I have a bit of a problem with my PC at the moment. A week ago, I had a R5 2600X that I changed to a R7 3700X because it was bottlenecking my RTX 2070 Super. So I changed it (without upgrading the MOBO because it's compatible) and for a day or two it ran flawlessly. I bought RDR2...
  7. Erixk14

    [SOLVED] my pc does not turn on when I put the video card

    Hello, I am new here and my English is not very good. I am putting together a pc (my budget is very tight, the motherboard and cpu I have it for a long time, because I do not plan to change pc for a while due to economic issues). Well, a few days ago I was going to buy a rx 580 4gb nitro +, it...
  8. Florinde

    [SOLVED] Cursed case?? PSU?? help.

    So I'll start by Listing current specs: Phantek case b450 tomahawk atx board Ryzen 5 2600 cpu EVGA super nova 650w psu samsung nvme m.2 250gb samsung qvo ssd 1TB 2 x 8GB Corsair vengeance rgb pro 3000mhz Corsair h100i radiator cpu cooler Samsung 49" curved ultra wide so heres the problem, I...
  9. T

    [SOLVED] Cpu and ram installation ruined my life

    Hello, I’ve installed a r5 3600 into my b350 tomahawk along with 8gb more ram. It wouldn’t boot and would do an infinite windows loop, so I deleted everything through the windows install from my media usb. Btw, have updated bios and drivers and all that, and I’m just really really tired and...
  10. N

    Question While Playing Games my computer screen suddenly becomes black and i have to force restart.

    My Specs - Ryzen 7 2700 Gigabyte Vega 64 16 RAM Asus Rog Strix X470-F Gaming Motherboard. Bios updated to the latest version. PSU - Corshair 750 watts
  11. Z

    Question CPU Over Voltage Error!

    Hey, i recently installed a new cooling tower to my rig, after it it's had a series of minor issues, one first with displaying, which Magically fixed itself by unplugging and plugging back again the RAM. But now it's stuck on the CPU over voltage error. From the BIOS it says its constant at...
  12. J

    Question Getting frequent micro stutter in all games. Could it be my ram?

    I'm running a ryzen 7 1700x on an Asus x470-Pro board and have the G.SKILL F4-3200c16d-16GVGB kit. I've tried swapping out my GPU, PSU, re-seating my CPU, re-installed windows,flashed bios, under clocked everything, and messed around with constant drivers and settings. However none of these...
  13. W

    Question Brother printer wont detect ink

    Hello, I have a brother mfc-j6920dw. The problem is that i am using the OEM innobella ink buyed from brother itself. But when I installed it it shows that it cant detect the ink reinstall slowly. This is a new cartridge and opened today. This is happening since I installed the new firmware for...
  14. T

    Lenovo Bantry CRB (P0) work with gtx 1080?

    I was thinking of getting a 1080 gpu and wanted to know if my motherboard would play well with it