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  1. NerfStryfe24

    Question PC crashing

    My PC crashes seemingly randomly while i'm using it. When it crashes, my screen goes black and whatever I was hearing plays repeatedly as a buzz, then it restarts my computer. My Ryzen 5 3600 turbos up to 4.0-4.2 Ghz at 60-70 degrees Celsius, but when I'm playing a game it only goes up to 80...
  2. O

    Question CPU or MB faulty does not allow me to use 4 RAM sticks !

    Hello. I have had an issue with my computer for quite some time ago, actually occurred last spring when i was changing fluids on my pc. So back then I changed my fluids, the loop and added an T block so I could change faster next time. So I basically tore off my CPU, GPU, and RAM sticks and...
  3. S

    Question HELP! PC not booting up after American Megatrends Screen.

    My PC all of a sudden refused to boot up after the American Megatrends screen which instructs me to press F1 to enter UEFI BIOS settings, but once i press the button, nothing happens and the screen goes blank but the CPU keeps running. It does not seem to respond at all. Please HELP!!!
  4. B

    Would my CPU bottleneck if I got a new GPU?

    My PC's gaming performance is pretty bad so I'm thinking about getting a new GPU. I was 100% sure that my CPU's gonna bottleneck while playing games with my new GPU, but it's worth a try asking you guys. I currently have an A10 7800 CPU and an R7 370 GPU I'm thinking about getting a GTX 980 PC...