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  1. V

    To upgrade or not? Dont want to clean install, dont want to mess up games

    Just got the windows 10 notification....what to do? i like games, I want to be able to use directx 12, what advantages will windows 10 offer me? I also dont want to be an early adopter. thanks!
  2. P

    Do most games support 3 way SLI

    Do most games support 3 way SLI?
  3. J

    Help with R9 270X and 4590 please!

    Hi i just built the following gaming computer, everthing is running fine except im getting low fps and screen stuttering when watch 1080p videos and playing LoL. Installed all drivers correctly, would there be anything obvious i've messed up? thank you for any replys Sapphire Radeon R9 270X 2GB...
  4. G

    Pre-built vs. Building your own

    Hi everyone, I am wanting a new computer, my budget is around $600-700, I found this computer (see below) online and it seems like a good price for it's components, but I was wondering if I could build my own but with a better GPU and CPU? I would like to play the new Star Wars Battlefront on at...
  5. C

    BLACK SCREEN after OS loads

    hi, so basicaly my problem is, after i installed my graphic card drivers it started to give me a black screen with the pointer after windows loads, before that everything was working fine im using some old parts atm: *mobo* G41T-M7 (V1.0) *cpu* pentium dual core e5500 2.8ghz and my gpu...
  6. N

    how to identify motherboard

    how to identify which motherboard i am using????
  7. N

    7ms response time?

    I bought a Dell S2240L which has a 7ms response time, used it for over a week but I could see quite a bit of blurring whenever players started to run, or the gk kicked the ball etc(FIFA 15), basically whenever quick movements happen. This was quite evident so I had to return mine and I was...
  8. N

    How CPU intensive is mortal kombat x?

    I have an a8 5500 and I will upgrade my graphics card soon. I am wondering if my CPU will playable fps. If not, will a 860k be good enough?
  9. N

    Why is my my screen faintly blue?

    You see this just happened happened when I was in csgo and my screen turned blue like this and this please help me revert this and thanks in advance.
  10. R

    Budget CPU Cooler Battle

    Which is better for price-performance ratio. Be quiet! Pure Rock vs Cooler Master Hypo 212 EVO vs CRYORIG H7
  11. K

    Help me build a good programmer's pc build..

    I wanna build a system with mostly programming usage such us web apps, simulators, mobile development, and play mid graphics games.. I think cpu and ram are the most important components.. I wanna hear some proposals cause i am in confuse.. Budget 800-850$
  12. V

    Asus X99 Rampage V Error b2

    PC Specs: Asus Rampage V I7 5930K 16GB TeamGroup DDR4 3x MSI gtx 980 G4 Gaming Evga p2 1000w Corsair 750D Added a speaker for beep codes. The code was one short beep. Only had this error when I took out my 980 which had died ( down to 2) I have tried putting it back- didn't work Updating...
  13. fuchs

    how to install new graphic card

    -Intel Core i3-3220 processor -Gigabyte B75m-D3V motherboard -Kingston 4 GB DDR3 ram -Western Digital 500GB Hard Disk Drive -Trendsonic Casing with standard PSU i wan to install new Sapphire HD 7770 GHz Edition OC 1GB GDDR5 VAPOR-X graphic card what i did,i put graphic card to slot i wan to...
  14. B

    Clean install of Windows 8.1 on new hdd

    My mom's laptop was corrupted, so I opted for putting in a new hdd with a clean install of Win 8.1. I wanted to know if I can install it via extrenal connection or should I install the hdd in the laptop 1st and then use a usb flash drive to install the OS if possible.
  15. Diamond-HP

    i5-4690k vs Athlon II X4 651K question

    I just started my new build (in my sig) which is an upgrade from an AMD Athlon II X4 651K set up I had up until yesterday. Before I dismantled it I took some final benches to compare and I am using the same GPU. So lets just say my i5 is currently on stock but at the current comparisons I...
  16. R

    Desktop build issues

    So I'm having ALOT of issues with my desktop build my USBs are no longer working the desktop powers on SOMETIMES I've gotten bios error screens and all kinds of problems but i don't understand why all my parts are new save for the old laptop parts and my temp graphics card till i can afford...
  17. TwistedFury

    How much can I sell my PC for?

    How much can I sell my PC for? It has the following: AMD FX-6300 Black Edition 6GB DDR3-1600 MSI 990FXA-GD65 Motherboard Sapphire R9 280X Dual-X OC Sentey ERP 650w NZXT Guardian 921RB WD Caviar 1TB + 250 GB Hitachi Desktar I spent overall around $800 for this PC, how much is it worth used?
  18. S

    Pink Screen When White

    I have a W1907 that shows pink on anything that is white. Like on this page for example, it will look pink dots. Does anyone know what and why this happens and possibly if it can be fixed
  19. Z

    GPU and CPU throttling at the same time?!?

    While playing WoW, my gpu load drops drastically as well as my cpu load. What could be causing this? All temps seem to be pretty great. 60c on gpu 43c on cpu. Whats the problem?
  20. A


    The problem was everytime I'm using my laptop it always turns off automatically(not shutting down!) then it will automatically restart.... I decided to reformat it but then when i tried to reformat it and install WIn7 again..... I format the primary drive first then I start the installation...