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    Need a mobo for 7870k amd

    I need a cheap and good mobo for amd a10 7870k apu. I dont want to do a BIOS update after my motherboard a68hm-e33 broke by BIOS update
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    Comparison of processors and GPU

    I had seen a laptop with AMD a8 series(7410) APU with amd R7 graphics and another one with intel i3 5th gen with amd r5 series graphics So which one will i prefer i am very confused about this
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    cpu and motherboard for a gaming system

    i am upgrading my system for gaimg on a budget. my budget is 20k inr my current rig psu:corsair vs650 gpu: asus gtx 750 ti Cpu: i5 2400 motherboard: itel dh67vr cabinet: zebronics bijli my cabinet can house only 9.6"X9.6" motherboard i have already thought of buying amd fx 8320 based on the list...
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    GTX 660 getting too hot!

    2 year old gtx 660. It's hitting 90C when I play something like Mean Greens. I want to remove its plate and dust and change its thermal paste. Should I use or avoid any specific type of paste? I haven't done this before so will I have to remove it's thermal pads as well? I don't have any...
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    Upgrading to GTX980TI

    You may think I'm weird or something but here's my PC specs A55MH Biostar Motherboard 4GB DDR3 Thermal Take TR2 500W Sapphire HD 6670 2GB oc AMD A6-3670K APU oc 1080p 32in TV So few weeks ago I managed to gain enough money to upgrade to the MSI Gaming GTX 980 TI. So I want to know only 1...
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    building a new pc for black Friday and cyber monday

    I have been building a pc and this is what I got so far I'm wondering if there are better specs that a can get that cost less. I also need help finding a keyboard for under 50 and a 22"-25" HD monitor for under 100 If u guys can help me find better deals...
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    Fury X Loop Expansion?

    Hi all, I'm thinking about making an ultra-compact gaming PC build. While I'm normally an NVidia guy, the new Fury cards are really a natural choice for an ultra small form factor build. The Fury Nano is the smallest, but I'd also like to do a water loop if possible. Since space is a concern, I...
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    Which motherboard for my build

    I'm looking at getting a new pic for gaming and photo editing. What I have picked so far is a gtx 980 ti , i7 4790k, 16 gb 1800 ram, 1tb hdd , 120 ssd and the h440 case. I have also been looking at the asus ranger but I've noticed it have been discontinued does anyone know any more information...
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    Compatible MSI and Gigabyte? :/

    Hey guys! Last time I'm bothering :P So my motherboard is the MSI B150M MORTAR. Will it be compatible with my Gigabyte GTX 980 4 GIG? Thanks!! :)
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    Netgear C3700 taking forever to load web pages.

    I just recently got a Netgear C3700 router/modem. and it is taking forever to load webpages, i did some research and some said it was the DNS servers so i switched to googles public DNS servers to test and see if that would fix it. it did but now its back to taking forever. I will post the error...
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    Please help! Dell Optiplex 755

    So i am thinking of buying a dell optiplex 755/760 i dont know which tbh, here is the link: (most sold on amazon) is the original graphics card it comes with sufficient for hd 1080p video playback or will i need to upgrade it...
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    Can someone help me find a good monitor?

    I want atleast 120Hz bcuz i want to play FPS games mostly with 1-5 ms respond time. The price is important for me, i want the cheapest( but not the worst) my budget is around 125-150$ is that enough? + 1920*1080 atleast.
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    Corsair H110i GT vs. Cryorig R1 Ultimate

    Hey Guys Which CPU Cooler is better? The Corsair H110i GT or the Cryorig R1 Ultimate? I would take the Corsair with the ASUS Z170 PRO GAMING Mainboard, because it's quite expensive. And I would take the Cryorig R1 Ultimate with an ASUS Z170 MAXIMUS VIII HERO. Thanks in advance.
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    my acer laptop does not recognize cd/dvd drive after installing windows10

    after installing windows 10 update my optical drive and hard drive is not being recognized by my system. How can I reinstall these items and continue with windows 10 update? I have tried going to the registry, but not effective.
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    can i play oblivion high with a lot of mods

    nvidia 740 gt amd-fx 4150 8gb of ram windows 10 64 bit
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    New skylake 4K machine!

    Hello dear friends @ TH, I have an 5 year machine (i7 950; 2x HD5770 CF; 12GB Ram; SSD 180GB, 5TB storage). Starting a gaming machine (4k) from scratch. Gonna buy the parts in NYC by the end of August, presuming skylake will be avaible, and would like some opinions/suggestions: MB: Z170 (wich...
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    How to restore files without OS and drivers?

    So I was trying to move my hard drive onto my new motherboard, but in the process I was forced to wipe my hard drive and reinstall windows. Now, I've updated all my new drivers and have practically made my computer fully functional, except my imaged external drive has all my files. How do I...
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    PC won't start with a new CPU

    Hello, I recently got a new A10 7850K processor. I tried to start my PC, but the monitor stays idle. I switched to my old CPU (A6-5400K), and it works fine. I have an ASRock FM288A Extreme6+ motherboard. It should support FM2+ socket CPUs. The A10 was able to fit in nicely, so I think it's the...
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    Can't get rid of adware (appjoy)

    I've got this adware on my brothers pc but I just can't get rid of it. Symptomps: "ads by appjoy" when I use Google or open a new tab in chrome. What I've done so far: - checked my extensions in chrome, (including developer mode) - run AdwCleaner (twice) - run MBAM - run combofix - run JRT -...
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    G3258 Motherboard opinion

    I'm having a bit of a problem deciding what motherboard to buy for the G3258. Because this is a recently released processor and most motherboards would need a bios update before being able to boot a pc with it. I want to ask you guys what mobos would support this chip out of the box with no bios...