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  1. T

    Is this PSU any good

    This is going to be my first pc build and i was wandering if this psu was any good for this build it's my first pc build so i just want to make sure everuthing is going to be working fine. Here's my build...
  2. N

    which is the best case

    both the zalman r1 and the corsair 200r have the same price but what I really want to know is what case would be better,this case is mainly for the r9 290 meaning that I need good airflow and if you could can you specify why you choose one case over the other,Thank you.
  3. C

    third core 100%!!!

    I have a quad core i5 3470 paired with a gtx 760 I been having some issues with gaming a lot of tearing and flickering so i downloaded msi afterburner to monitor my pc found out my third core is at 100% while the other cores at 30 percent why is this please help I know if the first core runs at...
  4. N

    Acer v3- HM77 motherboard memory

    I have an acer aspire v3-571g 53218g75MAKK - Acer says i can only install 8gb ram but it has a HM77 chipset, which should allow for 16gb?
  5. V

    Please Help Me With My First Gaming PC Build!

    Hello! I'm building my first gaming PC! All I would be doing on my PC is streaming on Twitch with OBS and playing lots of games like Minecraft (Modded), Counter Strike: Global Offensive, H1Z1, Garry's Mod, etc. So if someone could help me and tell me if the specs that I'm putting into my PC...
  6. R

    Is this Nvidia Geforce GTX 970 reference card any good?

    I'm not really familiar with reference cards (I'm not even sure that's what they're called tbh, but I'm talking about the non-standard GPUs that were made by Nvidia or AMD and were then altered by a different company). But I ordered a PC with the standard Nvidia GTX 970 4GB, and instead it...
  7. M

    Getting rid of extra drive from hard drive

    I just plugged in a old hard drive and it is split into two drives. Drive E and F. I was wondering how I could delete one of them so I only have one drive so i dont get confused with my other hard drive
  8. xVanquiisher

    Gaming PC (Specifically for Certain Games)

    Hello, I've chosen the parts for a PC I'm going to build, but I was wondering if I could play these games at 30+ fps, on max settings. Here are the games I'm going to be playing. Flight Simulator X, Euro Truck Simulator 2, Farming Simulator '15, World of Subways 4 (When Released), rFactor 2...
  9. B

    Can you put a Case Fan into a CPU Fan slot?

    Seen as my motherboard only has 1 CPU fan (4-pin) and 1 chassis fan (3-pin). Would it be possible to use a fan splitter to put a case fan into the 4-pin, along side with the CPU fan? By doing this would it cause problems or would it be ok?
  10. K

    Long time Storage on external Hard drives

    Hello Folks just wondering if I store movies on a hard drive,How long will they last if that drive is rarely used? Ken
  11. M

    Is 750w enough?

    Is 750w enough for an EVGA overclocked GTX 970 with a 4790k on a ASUS sabertooth Mark II mobo with 1 SSD (120g) and 1 HDD (1TB)?
  12. T

    How much power supply do I need for computer build

    Hey guys, I'm planning to build my first PC, and I'm unsure of how much power my PSU should have (I don't want to have too less or else I might fry my system): Here is my current build: Intel i5 4690K asus h97 plus motherboard Samsung 840 EVO series 240 gb ssd MSI NVIDIA N760 TF 2GD5/OC...
  13. B

    I cannot "save as" pix all of a sudden. Was told to change permisiions in temp files. HOW?

    i can no longer click on a pic I want to download, right click and SAVE AS pops up? Nothing pops up now. Anoither group told me it was a Chrome thing, that i need to give EVERYONE permission as admin., in temp files and prob. will be corrected. They didn't tell me how to get there. I have no...
  14. B

    Is upgradeing my Cpu worth it.

    Hello everyone so made a quick buy on a killer deal on an r9 280 which was 90$ off and cheaper than r9 270's in my country (Canada) I currently own a gateway desktop not a gaming machine I know. My friend got a 750ti so I decided to purchase a graphic's card to play battlefield four with him...
  15. P

    How can i get Windows 7 for free

    How can i get the Windows 7 for free.Because i am building a budget gaming pc.
  16. man5000000

    Need Help Installing MSI GTX 760

    Hi! I just got a GTX 760 and was not sure how to correctly install it. I replaced the card I previously had with it, but when I plug it in I get a error message regarding a PCI express power cable. It came with another 8-6 pin adaptor cable, but I am not sure where to plug it in, as there is no...