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  1. Iver Hicarte

    [SOLVED] Can you use Thermal Paste instead of Liquid Metal when delidding a CPU?

    Greetings! I just wanted to know, when it comes to CPU delidding, do you really need to strictly use liquid metal or can you use regular thermal paste like the Arctic MX-4, or both? If both can be used, what's the difference? Is there a huge difference in temperatures when you use liquid metal...
  2. Iver Hicarte

    [SOLVED] Can having a Crossfire or SLI setup improve video-editing performance?

    I currently have an i7-7700k Intel CPU and an RX 480 from MSI, I have been video-editing for quite some time now, and I have been using more and more of hardware tasking effects, like the questioned in this thread's title, does a dual GPU setup improve video editing performance GREATLY or is...
  3. P

    Question Will I have any incompatibility problems with these upgrades?

    So, for the past 3 or 4 years, I've been rocking the MOBO: MSI H110M PRO-VH (MS-7996) PROC: Intel Pentium G4560 @ 3.50ghz GPU: GTX 1050 Ti 4GB VRAM DUAL FAN RAM: BLS8G4D240FSB.16FARG Crucial Ballistix Sport LT 8GB PC4-19200 DDR4-2400MHz non-ECC Unbuffered CL16 (16-16-16-39) 288-Pin DIMM 1.2V...
  4. E

    [SOLVED] Confused about my cpu

    Hi.. I recently busted my i5 4570 processor, so i will be buying a new one..and this time i thought of going with an amd build... I am thinking of buying AMD Ryzen 5 3500 with MoBo MSI B450m VDH PRO MAX and a new ddr4 Corsair vengeance 3000 pro 8gb x1.... But i am bit confused that my old GPU...
  5. Pijmzhchus

    [SOLVED] Is my B350 VRMs enough for 3900X?

    I have a MSI B350 Gaming Pro Carbon. Right now I have R5 1600 installed, but I wanna upgrade to R7 3900X. Is this board and it's VRMs good enough for 3900X? Possibly 3900XT? Thank you for feedback!
  6. Pijmzhchus

    [SOLVED] Quick qestion: Will (my) B350 motherboard support Zen2 refresh?

    Hey. I wanted to know if my board, MSI B350 Gaming Pro Carbon, will support Zen2 (Matisse) refresh. I was kinda disappointed when they said that B350 boards will not support Zen3, so this will be a nice goodbye for B350. I´m assuming that it´s the same chip, just overclocked. Can someone...
  7. Pijmzhchus

    [SOLVED] Will my B350 board support Zen 3?

    I´ve read that B450 and X470 boards will get Zen 3 support. I just wanna know if my board will support it. It´s MSI Gaming Pro Carbon B350. Right now I have R5 1600 (not AF) and it´s fine, but in the future I will upgrade it for sure. Since it seems I can´t upgrade to Zen 3 (please tell me of...
  8. T

    Question I have 8 Logical Processors but in Task Manager, It shows that I have 4

    In my device Manager It says I have 8 Intel processors, but, in Task Manager I have 4.
  9. Senortortilla829

    Question My cooler will not fit into my motherboard.

    My case is an InWin 703 Mid tower. I am using an evga closed loop cpu cooler which is 120mm. My motherboard is the ROG STRIX X570-F Gaming motherboard. I am having trouble putting the cooler in because it will not lock onto the backplate. The cooler will fit perfectly onto the motherboard screws...
  10. F

    Question i5 4690 What temperature is normal? in full load?

    Hello, greetings to all. I have an i5 4690 (Fan Stock). Is it normal for the temperatures in the games to be between 65/75? Particularly in PUBG does not happen to me of 67 degrees and among others, but in the new dawn 70/73 degrees, in BIOS eh left the CPU fixed to 3.5 since if I leave it in...
  11. H

    Games minimizing and/or crashing.

    My games are getting minimized while I'm playing and I'm not sure why. A command window pops up for a split second and goes away after taking me out of my game. I have scanned both drives for malware and viruses. All the solutions I have found online haven't worked for me so I'm hoping someone...