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    Question Computer Freezes while running most games

    I have been dealing with an issue for a while now (over a year) where my computer will freeze/BSOD while running most games (crashing during games such as rainbow six: Siege, Hades, and oldschool runescape. Not crashing only during very light games such as Hearthstone, MtG Arena, and The...
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    Windows 7 on my new laptop?

    I've just purchased the Asus ROG G752VM laptop which comes with Windows 10 pre-installed. This is a real shame because I much prefer Windows 7... My question: Is it safe to wipe 10 and install 7 from scratch? I can only see drivers for Windows 10 on the Asus website, will this matter? Thanks...
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    CPU or motherboard not working

    So yesterday i startet up my pc after about 1 minute i heard a zhhsh or something and the fuse of my room broke (i dont know how to say it in english) so i went down the stairs and put it back on after that i saw my mobo wasnt turning on and i checked the PSU and it was broken. The day after i...