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  1. T

    Question i7 4790 and RTX series

    I have a i7 4790 with a WaterCooler, 16gb RAM, 1080p 75hz Monitor, and I had a 5 year old GTX 950 that after a long time of struggling died. (500W PS but I know I need a better one) I was gonna wait till the end of the year to see the prices of the 3000 series and was probably gonna fetch the...
  2. nathriki

    [SOLVED] Graphics card Upgrade

    My pc build is intel pentium G4560 emx-ih110ltx-gaming motherboard Crucial 8gb DIMM ddr4 2133mhz Palit gtx 1050 2gb stormX - I'm planning to upgrade my videocard Palit GTX 1050 2gb to MSI GTX 1050 ti OC 4gb, however when i tried to check it online pcbuilds bottleneck checker, it says theres a...