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  1. NoahF98

    Question Cpu LED Light No Display Please Help

    I’ve had a pc I had built years ago Specs/Hardware: Motherboard-Msi Z170a Krait Gaming 3x, Ram-Corsair Vengeance LED 2x8gb 3200mhz, CPU- Intel i7 6700k, GPU-MSI Gtx 1080 8gb. I’ve had issues of certain games crashing or not running at all so I was recommended to switch the mobo because swapping...
  2. TheMailonG

    Question Ryzen budget build: A320 + 2600X or B450 + 1600?

    Hi, it has been long since I last posted a thread in here, feels good to be back. Anyway, I'm undecided between these two build options: Gigabyte GA-A320M-S2H with Ryzen 5 2600X (R$ 1,344.23, shipping included) and MSI B450M PRO-VDH with Ryzen 5 1600 (R$ 1,303.96, shipping included). Is the...
  3. C

    Question i5 3470s fit on this motherboard

    I have a motherboard asus P8H61-M LX3 PLUS R2.0 (LGA1155) does the i5-3470s fit? I already have i3-3220 and will buy i5-3470s in a few days
  4. H

    Question CPU Upgrade question

    Hello guys :) . I am thinking of an upgrade for my system. My pc is old has an i5 2400 processor but i have an rx 480 4gb with 12 gb of ram. I am not earning so i have some budget. i was thinking of upgrading to i7 3770 but it is too pricey for me at £70 (UK). I am not going for the K versions...
  5. J

    Question i want to know wich processor is better for gaming and running programs like rhino

    hi, i want to buy the AMD ryzen 5 1600 and i also want to know if it is compatible with the motherboard gigabyte b450M DDR4
  6. serjj

    Question Black Screen after BIOS Splash

    Hey everyone, I just had this problem once I updated Adrenalin Drivers of my GPU so I went and update my Processor next but when I switched to my Processor, when I was logging in, it just became frozen so I restarted it by clicking the restart button on my case but after that it just wont go...
  7. J

    Question Is 16gb better for an i3 8145u processor or should I just get 8gb?

    I have a laptop that has 1x4gb 2400 of ram and is running really bad and slow, it has two slots. I can either go for dual channel now and get another 4gb stick making it 8gb or get a single 8gb stick (12gb single channel for now) and replace the 4gb later to achieve 16gb. Is it recommended...
  8. W

    [SOLVED] Windows Freezing on Startup

    I'm working on a PC and I'm kind of stumped at this point as to whats going on. My guess is either CPU or Motherboard but I'm seeking ways to diagnose or narrow down the problem as I don't have replacements. When I first started working on it I thought it would need a Windows reinstall. Windows...
  9. G

    Question Is AMD using glue as a thermal compound?

    I've been using my Ryzen 7 1700 with the stock cooler and stock thermal compound for 6 months. I decided to replace the thermal compound today. I loosened the 4 screws completely but the cooler wasn't letting go. I ended up ripping the CPU from the socket and I had to use a knife to pry the...
  10. J

    Question How to remove bottlenecking

    I think there is bottlenecking in my PC. i am using Ryzen 7 2700 with RTX 2060 and 16GB of Ram. But in games my GPU usage is like 40-50% and gpu usage is like 60% but when i start streaming or atl;east open OBS my ingame FPS decreases but GPU and CPU usage remains the same. help me please
  11. N

    Question What CPU should I upgrade to? (Please read carefully)

    Hi everyone. To start off this thread, I have a Pentium G4400 as my CPU, it only has 2 Cores and 2 Threads, no hyperthreading, so I'm in a precarious situation as you can see. Right now, where I live, inflation is a thing, is a HUGE thing. I'm not 18 years old yet, I'm about to finish high...
  12. ALEX0264

    Question Need some quick opinions - i3-6100U vs A9-9400

    I have the choice between two 2017 laptops, one containing the i3-6100U and the other with an A9-9400 APU. On paper the AMD wins several times as follows: Higher standard clock speed Higher turbo speed (the i3 doesn't have a turbo speed) Higher GPU frequency 10w TDP (5w less than the i3)...
  13. AdemKAyser

    Question i5 7400 is beeing slow help!

    hello guys i got some problems with my i5 7400 i guess? my i5 is beeing really slow when opening google and multitasking, moslikely when starting things up in game my i5 7400 runs perfectly but my problems is on windows 10 itself my specs are: i5 7400 8 gb ddr4 2400mhz (1x8) 1060 6gb msi 2tb...
  14. duraszess

    Question What would be a good PC build for digital artists?

    What would be a good (insert list of computer component/software/peripheral that will be listed below) for a digital artist working for a video game company and if you can, please explain why it would be suitable. List: -processor -ram -hard drive -graphics card -monitor/screen -printer...
  15. J

    [SOLVED] Can any processor use any type of RAM as long as the motherboard supports it?

    Can any processor use any type of RAM (DDR, DDR2, DDR3, DDR4, DDR5) as long as the motherboard has the correct socket for the type of RAM? Or is it dependent on the memory controller in the CPU?
  16. G

    Question Win10 running slow even after formatting

    Hi everyone! I'm by no means a computer expert, so here I am asking your help. My laptop was running pretty slow, not fluid, so I tried formatting it (following the Step-by-Step option in "Settings"). It got better, but STILL feels like a fresh clean Win10 laptop should run better. It's a...
  17. T

    [SOLVED] i7 87000 (non k) stuck at 4.3GHz

    I have an i7 8700 and a gigabyte z370 aurous gaming 5 motherboard and for some reason the CPU frequency is always stuck at 4.3GHz. Normally, unless I am using an overclocked CPU, the CPU frequency is very low when I am using the computer for basic tasks and only turbos when I am gaming, but...
  18. BlackTalonCEO

    Question New PC build, never built one before

    Hello everyone! I'm currently making a list of components for a desktop to replace my old laptop. Itll be used primarily for editing HD video on programs like: Adobe Premiere Pro Light works Red Giant Adobe After Effects Davinci Resolve So far I have the following components: AMD Radeon Rx 580...
  19. A

    Question Amd Ryzen 5 2500u or i7 7500u

    I don't know is this question worth it. But I am completely noob in this field that's why asking, Can you point out which one is better, amd ryzen 5 2500u or intel core i7 7500u?
  20. W

    Question why my pc shut down randomly

    hi , i have a problem with my dell optiplex 3020 with the specs : i5 4570 / 6 gb of ram ( 14 - 12 ) / msi gtx 1050 ti oc / 290w psu ( max ) , motherboard dell .. my pc shut down randomly , some times he take a few hours to shut down and restart again and some times he take a few minutes , the...