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  1. M

    Question Intel Core i7-6600U, intel speedstep enabled, slows the performance, getting lags

    Hi, i'm having Dell Latittude E5470 with specs of Intel Core i7-6600U, memory of 16GB and with integrated graphics AMD R7 M360. I'm doing testing such as open a browser, let say with 8 - 10 tabs, with youtube was opened, it seems the video lagging, and the performance of windows also getting...
  2. msani

    Question My PC keeps restarting after CPU upgrade ?

    This is my second time buying i7-3770 but my pc still has the same problem from when i bought the first one, which is my pc successfully boot to windows but it is always keeps restarting randomly. It might be after 5 mins (if i do nothing it last longer but my PC hangs and there's blue colour in...
  3. M

    Build Advice PC build under 60k (India) for video-editing and coding ?

    want to build a editing pc; budget around 55k to 60k Indian Rs. (INR) I need - processor (intel/amd), motherboard, graphic card, psu, m.2 nvme ssd (250/500gb)ram (8gb x 2), cpu cooler (If you suggest me amd processor),Monitor (24 or 27 inch) please suggest me high productivity/performance...
  4. P

    Question Best configuring BIOS settings ASUS PRIME B550-PLUS

    Hy guys! I would like your help, because for some reason the game is not smooth(CSGO,CS1.6, and whatever fps) and I have a G-sync 240hz monitor, and I think something needs to be set in the bios, but I don't know, Windows was installed today. I attached the rest below. Thank you for the help...
  5. SatsumaSegment

    Question PC issues, turns on but does not display, beeps 5 times.

    I've been having an issue with my PC for a little while now. Every now and then I'll turn it on and the debug speaker will beep five times and it won't display anything. I've read that 5 beeps are a processor issue, however, I've managed to log in without the display just fine, I know this...
  6. jnjnilson6

    Discussion Windows 12 - CPU Requirements

    Where would the dividing tab be placed when Windows 12 arrives on the scene? Would it be 10th or 11th gen? Or would CPUs further up too be ineligible for the OS? This notion duly regards AMD processors and their particular architectures too. Would more than 2 cores be required and at what...
  7. H

    Question Should I buy Intel "F" series Processor or the simple one will work

    I am on budget is it worth buying "F" one as i already have a graphics card so display is not an issue As for specifics i am looking between Intel Core i5-11400 AND Intel Core i5-11400F For anyone entrusted i am buying from here
  8. S

    Question Smoke from GPU after RGB LED header was connected?

    Hello everyone, thank you in advance for reading this, and i hope you can help me! So I upgraded my pc build recently, cause my old one was having trouble running anything but windows. To start off I got a good deal on a 1 and a half year used GPU (ASROCK amd RX 6700 xt Phantom gaming), and...
  9. L

    i5 11300h+ gtx 1650 or i5 1240p + iGPU

    Hello please help , i5 11300h+ gtx 1650 or i5 1240p + iGPU which is better option for using flutter and a little gaming. I'm very confused. i5 12th gen with no discreet gpu or 11th with it. Thanks in advance.🙂
  10. jnjnilson6

    Discussion Working With Power

    What do you use your CPU for? Gaming / Programming / Reading / Writing - the list goes on indefinitely. Write up! What CPU percentage is usually being filled up while working on your computer? Happy with your components? If not - which would be the components you would like to retain? How old is...
  11. Zuber Khan12

    Question Which one should i go for AMD RYZEN 5 3600 OR Intel Core i5-10400F?

    Hello Community, :) Hope you are all well. I need your suggestions, and views on this issue, i was having eyes on these 2 processors from long time but because of budget i waited. Now things seems in my favour and i am getting AMD RYZEN 5 3600 - 122.99 $ or 9999 INR. and Intel Core i5...
  12. Tharu#

    Question How to Fix Low Power Consumption Processor?

    My Processor is i5 4570 (4th gen).It's TDP is 84W. I Stress My PC with Blender and OCCT Tool...But My PC maximumly get 60W...Lower Power At Full Load.........How to Fix this issue...
  13. A

    Question Turbo Boost works.......just in reverse.

    Hi, I have been having a very weird problem with my laptop lately. Laptop is an HP Pavillion 15 ab249ne. The thing is that whenever I try to play any games on it, the turbo boost kicks in and every 2 or 3 seconds the game stutters and lags like hell then goes back to normal for a split second...
  14. jnjnilson6

    Discussion What Are Your System Specs?

    I would be delighted if you should share the system specifications of your current machine or a favorite machine from the past. We're not aiming to outdistance other users by making this a performance competition. It is just about the hardware you love and the system you're most fond of. In the...
  15. T

    Question Rtx 3060 or i5-12400?

    Hi! I want to upgrade my pc. I bought my pc in 2018. My build is: i5 8400 and 1070ti with 16gb. My question today is if is worth upgrade my pc with one of this components: change gpu or cpu. In my country (Spain) I find the graphics card and the processor for the same price, taking into account...
  16. F

    Question 3080 vs 4090

    Hello! I want to upgrade but im not sure what to choose and was hoping for some help. My current setup is: I7-7700K 3080 Rog strix OC V2 32 GB Ram 850 Psu Im going to upgrade my processor, its been with me a few years but its starting to get old. i mostly use my pc for gaming and just bought...
  17. Arefin Masuk.

    Question I want to upgrade 4gb ram into 8gb ram. If the motherboard can Support?

    Hey, I am using a 4gb ram pc. To speed up the pc performance I want to upgrade it into 8gb ram. Can you please tell me if the system would support it or not? ------------------------------------------------------------------------- CPU-Z version 2.03.0.x64 Processors...
  18. mumumurr

    Question Actual CPU speed is higher than stock speed & it’s causing issues.

    Hi. So i have intel i7 8750h. After some time playing games i got bsod, and then my system started acting really weird, like i had a weird flickering in the interface, discord for example started to flick a lot and then crushed, same with some games. Reinstalling windows, updating drivers and...
  19. M

    Build Advice UPGRADE

    Hello! I am in need of an upgrade, i currently have: i5 3470, 16 gb DDR3 1600 Mhz 1060 3gb 500 watt 80 plus PSU i already know what i want to buy so i want to know what professionals think so let me know. new MOBO: ASUS Prime H610M-E D4 CPU: i5 12400F. RAM: DDR4 16 GB (2X8 3200 MHZ) CORSAIR...
  20. Nikhilniks

    Question What OEM wants to say by mentioning power limit as PL1=PL2 with higher value in high performance laptop and lower value in low performance laptop.

    Suppose there are two laptop having specs: Laptop A: Alienware x15 rtx 3070 & 11800H processor having PL1=PL2=140watt (Specs) Laptop B: Alienware x17 rtx 3080 & 11800H processor having PL1=PL2=165watt Default TDP@base for 11800H is 45W. I know that when PL2=PL1 with having infinite Tau then...
  21. jnjnilson6

    Discussion Have You Ever Owned a Pentium 4?

    I've owned a Pentium 4 520J (clocked at 2.8 GHz, HT enabled, 1MB L2 Cache, NX bit), a large number of Pentium 4 520s and a P4 @ 2.66 GHz. The wonderful futuristic startup screen with the brassy logo, the high amount of MHz for the time which'd always seemed futuristic and exhilarating, the fast...
  22. A

    Question Optimal intel build for 4k/5.3k video editing?

    I am planning on buying intel i9 12900k. I am primarily going to be using it for editing high resolution videos (4k or 5.3k) in adobe premiere. I thinking of : i9 12900k MSI PRO Z690-A WiFi DDR4 Motherboard Crucial RAM 32GB DDR4 3200MHz CL22 x1 (could add another 32 GB later if needed) 1TB SSD...
  23. M

    Is AMD Ryzen XXX processor a good option for an Asus Zenbook laptop?

    Hello friends About the Laptop available by ASUS, it for the Zenbook category, exists 3 sub-categories Zenbook Pro Zenbook S Zenbook For these 3 branches, the processors available are based on: Intel® Core™ iX for 10 or 12 generation AMD Ryzen XXX Normally all my laptops and PCs are based...
  24. T

    Question Motherboard compatibility.

    Hey, I have got an ACER G3-710 motherboard which I’m looking to do some upgrades on. I’m looking to upgrade the standard Intel I5 6600k CPU to an Intel I5 10400F CPU. I am also looking to upgrade my GTX 1060 3GB to a GTX 1660Ti. Im writing a thread purely because to see if these upgrades will...
  25. jnjnilson6

    Discussion What Were the CPU and Specs of Your First PC?

    Specs of my first computer (year 2001): CPU: Intel Celeron Tualatin @ 1.3 GHz (overclockable to 1.5 GHz) GPU: GeForce2 MX 400 w/ 64 MB memory RAM: 256 MB HDD: 40 GB Operating Systems: Windows 98 SE, Windows 2000 and RedHat Linux 7.3 You may write about your current system specs and CPU, the...
  26. D

    Question Is it okay to put both processor chip and motherboard in the same antistatic bag

    Can i put the motherboard (after attaching the chip to it) in the same antistatic bag? Will it cause any problem or damage?
  27. R

    Question PC Reboots on some games

    Hi Guys, So, bit of back story. Sometime around 6 months ago my GPU decided to Artifact and was no longer usable. Fairly straight forward. Then i borrowed a friends 6600XT. All is well again. However, randomly 6 months on, when playing any game more demanding than say, rocket league and...
  28. blackness

    Question Are all components faulty or am I missing something?

    I have a home server that just gave up the ghost. The motherboard, CPU, memory, and power supply were all ancient, so I figured I might just as well renew everything but the SSDs. I bought the following: Gigabyte B450M S2H AMD Ryzen 5 4500 3.6GHz Thermaltake Smart RGB 500W 80 Plus Corsair...
  29. WaywardSun

    [SOLVED] Can anyone recommend a good gaming motherboard + processor that aren't likely to bottleneck near-future GPU upgrades for a while?

    Issue I'm having some hardware issues with my current motherboard and feel like it's time to upgrade. I'd like to get a replacement that will last a while, and it seems likely I'll need to upgrade my processor along with it. System I'm currently running an i7 8700K with an EVGA 2080 with a 750W...
  30. C

    [SOLVED] My GPU got fried and so did my friends GPU when I borrowed it to test my PC -- how can I stop this happening again ?

    My configuration is Ryzen 5 2600 Gigabyte Aorus elite B450 motherboard Zotac GTX 1060 3GB coolermaster 450W PSU Kingston 2x8GB ram gigabyte 250Gb ssd + 1TB hdd So a few weeks back during a storm my GPU and router stopped working, I think my GPU is fried cause everything turns on except...
  31. XiNHe77

    Question Higher than normal CPU Usage and less GPU usage in some games..How do I fix that?

    So I have a GTX 1650 SUPER paired with an i5 11400, and I'm having this problem for quite a while now that in some highly CPU demanded games like Assassin's Creed Origins or Assassin's Creed Odyssey(this problem is quite prominent in these two games but its also in some other CPU intensive games...
  32. XiNHe77

    Question Thermal Throttling after installing new CPU Cooler

    I have an i5 11400 paired with a GTX 1650 Super, Before,I had a stock intel cooler installed and I noticed that as the summer came, The temperatures of the CPU started to touch 100 degrees C as I live in a hot region.. So I decided to upgrade to an aftermarket cooler and bought the Cooler Master...
  33. Jam Butter

    [SOLVED] Processor utilization limits to 46%

    Guys I have a T430 with 8GB RAM and i5-3320M 2.6Ghz cpu. Battery’s dead and there’s a newer BIOS version but I can’t update it without battery. It was very slow and stuck every time I run a heavy software like visual studio. It is having windows 10 pro and I recently noticed that it limits the...
  34. P

    [SOLVED] Processor Upgrade

    Hello all! I believe I have a simple question that probably many of you can answer easily enough. I have a Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-5820k CPU @ 3.30GHz. Apparently this is not strong enough to handle some of the newer video games coming out such as Deathloop. I do a lot of gaming on my system and...
  35. J

    Question CPU upgrade result blank screen

    My laptop have 988rPGA (idk why listed as 989rPGA in CPU-Z) socket. I already check the HM55 chipset capable to upgrade from i3 350M to i7 640M. I have already upgrade the similar laptop and it's going well. But this time it stuck at blank screen. The BIOS already updated to the last version...
  36. S

    Question Processor upgrade

    I have custom built PC, i3-10100 + Gigabyte b460m dsh3 + hyperx fury 2666 8+16=24 GB Ram + 1TB WD SSD + Nvidia T600 GPU, i want to upgrade my Processor to i7 10700f. It will be compatible with same configuration? Or need other changes. I want to run my pc smooth for 3D Softwares.
  37. TheFlash1300

    [SOLVED] Why can't i install Windows 11, if my device is supported?

    According to Microsoft's PC Health Check app, my low-end laptop supports every requirement, except the CPU. What will happen, if i install Windows 11 on my laptop? Also, i have one more question. The PC Health Check app says this: "The processor clock speed is 1Ghz or faster." At the same...
  38. I

    Question Need Confirmation Before Upgradation of Processor

    Hello, I recently got an old system (Lenovo Thinkcentre M58P Type 7484) from market with these specifications CPU: Intel Core2Duo E4600 SLA94 MALAY 2. GHz/2M/800/06 L829A941 RAM: 4 GB Hard Drive: 320. Actually I have a processor (In good condition) Intel Core2Quad Q6600 SLACR MALAY 2.4...
  39. TheFlash1300

    [SOLVED] How to overlock my CPU?

    Hello. I have a very weak CPU, and i would like to overlock it, so i can gain a little bit more processing power. This is the CPU: AMD A4-9120e RADEON R3, 4 COMPUTE CORES 2C+2G Can someone explain to me how do i overlock it? Is there software that can overlock the CPU automatically, or do i...
  40. TheFlash1300

    [SOLVED] Will Windows 11 ever be available for weak CPUs?

    I have an old laptop i would like to install Windows 11 on. I ran Microsoft's PC Health Check program, and it showed that absolutely every single requirement is met, except the CPU. The CPU is: AMD a4-9120e RADEON R3, 4 COMPUTE CORES 2C+2G So, what do you think? Will this CPU be included in...