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    Question CPU clockspeed queries

    hello everyone, I am planning to build a PC and i have been into CPU more. And i have got more doubts about the clockspeed . I am a noob so please answer me and let me join the pcmr. 1. If the base clock speed is 3.4GHZ, does it imply that all individual core run at 3.4GHZ or is it the total...
  2. OrdJk

    [SOLVED] Will this power supply be able to reliably power these components ? CPU : ryzen 7 2700x GPU: rtx 2060 super
  3. G

    Question Is processor still good and will it affect my laptop if not?

    Hello people. I'm a total newbie to these things, I'm wondering if I could use a processor from a laptop that haven't been used for years. So here the case. I have an old laptop with a core i7 processor that I have stopped using for approximately 4-5 years, 'cause the screen was broken and the...
  4. pegaz0011

    [SOLVED] Upgrade from Q6600 to Q9650

    Hey guys i have Intel Core Quad 6600 2,4ghz with very high temperature i really dont know why 6gb ddr2 ram nvidia gt 740 gddr5 2gb grapichs card and asus p5b mainboard So i need an advice what to do upgrade to Q9650 processor ( 20 $ ) or buy 8gb ddr2 ram or mybe something else.Thank you!
  5. N

    Question No stuttering/input lag when GPU usage is low. How is this possible?

    Started playing Dying Light and Dishonored 2 today which I can run on High graphical settings and get around 100 FPS. When I play these two games the CPU usage usually sits at around 90-100% and GPU usage at 95-100% which gives me horrible stuttering and input lag. But as soon as I turn all the...
  6. M

    Question Advice? Changing from Intel to AMD (CPU + MOBO?)

    Decided to upgrade my 8 year old pc. I'm changing my CPU from Intel to AMD, i think this is also true of the motherboard? I'm also changing my RAM if that affects anything. What preparations should i take before the big swap. I've read that i should link my windows account which i have, I've...
  7. T

    Question My first build in years

    Hello everyone, hope everyone is doing well these days! I am finally planning a computer build (It has been years since I last built one). I am pretty far removed from researching hardware (my last GPU i bought was an Nvidia 600 series) so I am pretty out of the loop with what is awesome these...
  8. abdullah.ahmed9003

    Question Laptop turns off under heavy use and it's not a cooling problem

    My laptop works fine when using adobe premiere or emulating ps2 games but whenever I try to play gta v it just turns itself off when the cutscene starts... I thought at first it was the fan so I put an ice pack over it to test that theory and despite the laptop being ice cold it shutdown.. I...
  9. TwinDenis

    Question PC Freezes when Hearing CPU Fan Heatsink Sound

    Hi, I would like some advice/help with this issue, basically the problem is that sometimes I hear that water-like metallic sound (which I assume is the heatsink of the cpu fan) and then a very small freeze is happening on my pc (for example I cant move my mouse while on desktop) I also play...
  10. G

    Build Advice Going to need to build something new ASAP

    There's never a good time for a pc to fail but when you're pretty much stuck at working at home and not getting out much for the foreseeable future it's doubly bad. I'm going to need to throw something decent together ASAP. I've got an old laptop I can sort of do work stuff on but it's going to...
  11. Rupert_Aqua

    Question Why is my fps stuttering in most games with these specs?

    Hey these are my pc's specs, pretty low end but ive seen alot of videos of games running extremely well on them, when i play i get a large amount of fps stuttering and lowering the graphics in most games dosent seem to help. Are there any upgrades i can make to this to stop my fps stuttering and...
  12. Cyber_Cow

    Question Ryzen 2700 Temps

    Hi I'm bad at forums, sorry if this has already been posted. But my questions should be easy ones. Okay so I've set up a new Ryzen 2700 build and used the motherboard's OC Genie 4 to give myself a basic overclock. I know it's a "dirty" overclock but I really don't care to do it manually, I just...
  13. S

    Question Overclocking AMD x3 415e?

    Hello guys! I have this processor : AMD x3 415e 2.5ghz and a motherboard : GA-M720-US3 (updated BIOS and chipsets) (8 GB ram ddr2, amd r7 240 2gb ddr3, win 10 64bit) I tried using AMD overdrive, but it says that it can not find the AMD chipset.. I don't know how to overclock it in the BIOS, I...
  14. L

    Question AMD gen 2 chip in a gen 3 motherboard?

    I have a B450 motherboard with updated bios to run my Ryzen 7 3700x just fine. However, I was thinking of giving the board to a friend for his Ryzen 7 2700x CPU so I can upgrade. Will the gen 3-updated BIOS work fine on his gen 2 processor? Thanks!!
  15. S

    [SOLVED] Need help to decide build

    Hi guys, I'm currently using Core i5 4440 and GTX 960. Since I have budget constraint, I would like to have an advice whether to upgrade CPU,MOBO and RAM at first or the GPU. I am considering to have an i5 9400f or AMD Ryzen 5 3500x with 1x 8GB RAM(want to go for 16GB RAM) for first step. But...
  16. msrsuvo

    Question Which processor will be best for better performanceand long-term use?

    I want to build a new pc for long-term use. My choices are Ryzen 7 or intel i7 latest processor. And which mobo will be better for this processor for long-term use. What I do with my pc- I do web development work, Simple Graphics design related works (Photoshop & illustrator), others regular...
  17. D

    Question Laptop CPU hitting usually high temperatures

    Hey folks, It's been like 3 days since my laptop's processor decided to turn into an inferno xD. It's an i5-5200U, I'll put a detailed description of my specs below. So basically 3 days ago it shut down when I was working on a project on Adobe Illustrator, it restared on its own and the BIOS...
  18. Z

    Question Flow of electricity fluctuates problem about MSI motherboard

    Hi, I have mother and processor on current configuration, which makes it impossible to run Adobe Premier Pro or even low level software like Camtasia. Do you have any suggest about Intel processor and motherboard compatible for low budget now? The load shedding of electricity in our Bangladesh...
  19. alterrion

    [SOLVED] Maximum processor state ignored in-game

    I set my maximum processor state in power settings below 100% to avoid overheating, because my games started getting FPS drops and I noticed a lot of thermal throttling. Everything worked perfectly, staying constantly at the specified GHz, however, as soon as I opened a game, these settings were...
  20. T

    Question VRAM vs Core OC

    Generally speaking, is it more dangerous to overclock the vram than the core clock?