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  1. KevNaja

    [SOLVED] How do you remove these scratches?

    So I was trying to clean off this part of the motherboard and accidentally scratched it with my nail. Are there any solutions or products I could buy to fix this? Any suggestions would be appreciated 😊
  2. S

    Question Psu pins for gpu

    Hey! So I bought a 2070 from Gainward the other day and a non modular psu to go with it. I'm assembling the pc right now and see there is a 8 and 6 pin connection on the gpu. But the psu has an 8 and 8 cable. Can I use it but since the cables are kinda modular as a 8 and 6 pin even tho the...
  3. Z

    Question Need some help with fans.

    So as the title says I am getting an Strix Z390-E Mobo. I am also buying 6 Corsair RGB fans. The mobo will not be able to fit all six fans along with my cooler. So my question is how would I get all the 6 fans to work without plugging all 6 directly into mobo? Would I have to get like a...
  4. J

    Question New to AM4/M.2

    Good morning all. I'm going to build a new pc with a Ryzen5 2600 cpu. Im an Intel guy but decided to try amd and im researching AMDs stuff. I'm scaling down my build for a mATX setup. I just purchased a Samsung SSD 860 EVO M.2 SATA 500GB MZ-N6E500BW to use as a bootable drive for Win10. In my...
  5. J

    [SOLVED] Please help

    I am trying to figure out the best build for me but as budgeted as possible. I have some spare parts I can throw into the build as I have an older FX system and desperately need an upgrade. I have a couple stock fans, 1TB HDD, Disk drive (which is an important aspect to me) a 500W power supply...
  6. S

    Using RGB devices with ARGB header with WS2811 board

    Like so many fresh builders out there, I am tackling the problem of two different types of RGB platforms (RGB and ARGB), and I only have an ARGB header on my motherboard, the Asus ROG strix H370-I. However I believe I found a solution! I was looking on ebay for ARGB lighting devices and I came...
  7. M

    power surge happening

    why power surge happens on keyboard and mice? and how to fix it?
  8. T

    Fifa 19 i5 2400 gtx 1050

    Hi guys, recently i've ordered an i5 2400 gtx 1050 8gb ram Can i play fifa 19?
  9. X

    [SOLVED] Samsung 860 Evo SSD not performing well?

    I just made a SSD my main/boot drive last night. I didn't feel comfortable doing a fresh install, so I cloned my main drive to it. It seemed to be successful, I checked the disk beforehand and made sure there was enough room and everything. Computer is definitely booting much faster. However...
  10. I

    [SOLVED] TV Says No Signal When Connected to PC

    I connected my Windows 10 PC to Sony smart tv using HDMI cable.But the display says no signal when the Nvidia graphics driver is installed.But it works when the PC is in Safe Mode or when the graphics driver is not installed. I am using the TV as the only monitor as my Graphics card(GT 1030) has...
  11. I

    Issue with my Gigabyte B350 board

    I have a Gigabyte AB350M GAMING 3 board.Since I brought it I am experiencing a strange issue with usage of my Ryzen 3 1200 in selective games.I play fallout 4 on my system and I got 40 frames on high settings at 1920x1080.My GPU is an RX 460.When I try playing the game at ultra,the CPU...
  12. F

    should i buy new CPU or cheap cpu + gpu ?

    I'm want to upgrade my current pc, but i don't have enough money to buy both great cpu + great gpu. I'm alredy have gtx750ti, it can't run new games on high graphics, but at least it can run games with pretty good framerate. So i was wondering, should i buy cheap ryzen 3 1200, and gtx1050ti, or...
  13. A

    [SOLVED] Upgraded PC won't start up

    I upgraded my CPU, GPU and Motherboard and the motherboard LED flickers on when I flick the power supply switch but the PC doesn't start up. When I press the case power button the GPU fan briefly spins and the case LEDs flicker but both turn off again just like the motherboard. I've checked the...
  14. G

    Freeview Play: The Ultimate Guide to the UK's Catch-Up Contender

    Freeview Play gives a lot of potential entertainment for a low one-off payment. Freeview Play: The Ultimate Guide to the UK's Catch-Up Contender : Read more
  15. T

    Supported memory for Gigabyte H61M- D2H-USB3 motherboard

    Hi all, I have a Gigabyte H61M- D2H-USB3 motherboard currently with 2 ram modules of Kingston model KHX1333C9D3B1/4G and are working fine. I recently bought 2 ram modules with 8 GB each, (Kingston KHX1333C9D3B1K278GB), the problem is when I try to use this modules in my computer, the...
  16. G

    Will this prevent CPU working? Bent pins!

    Hi I am just putting together a new PC. I was just about to install an i7 6700k processor and noticed some of the pins on the motherboard (used Asus Z170 pro gaming) are bent. My question is there probability that the PC wont start and boot properly...
  17. L

    [SOLVED] PC random freezing

    Hi All, I have an issue that is noticed 99% of the time when playing games (Fortnite, CSGO, LoL etc). My PC (Windows 10) will randomly freeze and i will have to force restart. I have run hardware tests and dont seem to be able to put a finger on it. My PC specs are: PC Specs: CPU - Intel Core...
  18. K

    Keyboard Not Working

    Need help, my Sammsung R428 laptop keyboard is totally not working, ive formatted many times but when the os asking for pc name, i cant use my keyboard even using on screen keyboard???...what to do people?..thnks
  19. A

    I have 4gb ram and I set my ram to 4096

    I change the amount of ram to 4096 in msconfig And know my window is not booting It is stucked at the windows 10 booting proceed And it shows SrtTrail.txt like Plzzzz help Sorry for my English
  20. S

    80+ temp gpu

    I have this issue , i would like to ask why my gpu temp goes 80+ when i play farcry 5 My rig Techware vision 4 orbis fan Ryzen 5 2600 Deepcool siedon 240p Palit gtx 1070ti dual(putted a rgb backblate on it) Aerocool 750 80+ gold 16gb 8x2 sk hybix/ corsair 120gb wd ssd 2 hdd 1x2tb 1x3tb Is it...
  21. S

    I set my "Maximum Processor State" to 99%/100% but my CPU is only running at 2.47Ghz/3.30Ghz. Why?

    I currently have a AMD 1100t CPU. The processor was running hot so I set the "Maximum Processor State" to 99% in the Power Options. According to my math, 99% of a 3.3Ghz base clock speed is 3.267Ghz So my CPU should be running at 3.267Ghz after the change to 99%, however, it is only running at...
  22. S

    Aorus Gaming 5 Motherboard No Power

    I recently decided to do a partial upgrade and got my hands on a new motherboard,processor, and ram. My current specs are: (NEW) Motherboard: Gigabyte Aorus Gaming 5 CPU: Intel i7-8700k CPU Cooler: Noctua NH-D15 Memory: Corsair LPX 32GB (2x16GB) 3200MHz (Kept from previous build) Case...
  23. G

    Giant lag spikes whenever installing anything on SSD.

    Hi guys, I have a new system for a couple of months now, but I noticed that whenever I'm installing/unzipping ANYTHING the computer has massive lag spikes, like the screen will freeze for about 5 seconds and become completely unresponsive for a while and then go back to working normally, then...
  24. V

    How to Connecting 5.1 speakers to lepy 2 channel audio amplifier?

    Hi, I have a pioneer home theatre system who's av receiver is totally dead and now i am figuring out how do i reuse the speakers which the system consist. So i saw the lepy mini amplifier which has 2 channel output and i want to connect my speakers to it is that possible how can i achieve this...
  25. K

    What is the best 12GB/128GB 2.5" SSD ?

    I am trying to buy a 2.5" SSD for my netbook...I want a really nice performing 120/128 GB 2.5" SSD .... I am looking at the Crucial 120GB BX500 it any good ? Please make some recommendations.
  26. G

    [SOLVED] Video Card Driver Update Issues & Subsequent BSOD

    So, a couple days ago my computer randomly crashed under normal use after a couple blackouts of the screen with the message that the video card driver had failed and then, subsequently, had recovered. After the crash, it rebooted and was seemingly back to normal for a few minutes until it...
  27. A

    How would you set up the data storage

    Hi all. I'm building a beefy computer for rendering and will have Virtual Box as well. I'll have a 1 terabyte SSD and two 3 terabyte 7200 rpm drives connected with SATA. I was wondering how others would set up the data storage. I'm going to try to keep the host OS as clean as possible. I...
  28. D

    Need help buying a new graphics card.

    Current laptop summary: CPU: Intel Core i7 6700HQ @ 2.60GHz (Up to 3.5GHz) RAM: 2x8GB DDR4 @ 1063MHz Motherboard: Acer Usopp_SLS (U3E1) Graphics Cards: 1. Intel HD...
  29. ccoo84

    What to do with extra i7 32gb PC I was given

    Hi I was given a i7 32GB computer but I already have a power house Rig with a Titan XP & ROG Formula IX & a i7 7700k 32GB.. I have already built computers for my family members, So I want to incorporate it into my setup.. I do I've been getting into virtual desktops, but am mostly familiar with...
  30. jaisharma

    Can I use 4GB and 8GB rams from Hynix on MBP mid-2012

    Hello I am planning to upgrade my Macbook Pro mid 2012. I have bought a 4GB stick: Sk Hynix Hmt451S6Afr8A-Pb 4Gb Pc3-12800 Ddr3-1600Mhz Non-Ecc Unbuffered Cl11 204-Pin Sodimm 1.35V Low Voltage Single Rank Memory Module and planning to introduce 8GB stick: Sk Hynix 8gb 2rx8 Pc3l-12800s 1600mhz...
  31. R

    dell studio 1736 webcam driver

    dell studio 1737 intergrated webcam driver download
  32. V

    Headset jack too big for port?

    I just bought a new gaming laptop - the Dell G5. I've been using a pair of Razer Kraken Pro Neon headphones for a couple of years now, and I love them, but with my new laptop, they aren't usable. The headset comes with an extension cord with a mic/headphone split, and my laptop only has one...
  33. F

    i7 5500U vs i7 4700HQ

    Hi!, I found two laptops for the same price. 1-) Asus i7 4700HQ - 16G - 1TB HDD - 1080P - 4GB GTX 850M ( With backlighting ) 2-) Toshiba i7 5500U - 8G - 1TB HDD - 1080P - 4GB GTX 950M I'm playing games like PUBG, Black Desert Online, Elder Scrolls Online, LoL, Overwatch and BF/CS:GO I...
  34. G

    Fps drops suddently

    Hello Recently i bought a new graphic card, GTX Colorful 1050ti mini I've set it in the pc, installed drivers from geforces site and it all went fine for a while when playing rust. At high glrahics i had 60+fps Next day i went to a new map in rust and for the first 10 mins i had na lags and then...
  35. J

    First time building PC

    I’ve been thinking about getting into pc gaming, and figured I’d give building a pc a shot. Thing is, I have no clue about what’s good or capable of running what I want to play. I want to be able to play games like PUBG, smite, WoW, Witcher etc.. would anyone mind telling me what I should be...
  36. not you

    Gtx 1080 ti+i7 6700k 20 fps in a 7 year old game in 1080p

    Hello guys I have been replaying the witcher series this time on PC Got to the witcher 2 and I got kind of disappointing performance I got a 1080p 144hz g-sync monitor and most games (like shadow of war and ac origins) run fine about 80-120 fps As my monitor has g-sync thou and I first...
  37. C

    Hello i need help with my gpu gtx 770

    so when i am playing games for example Gta v pubg csgo it crashes at any momment for pubg when i turn it on instant crash in gta v instant crash in csgo instant crash sometimes i can play for like 5 minutes and crash. so the crashes are like this my gpu fan speed goes up to 100% screen goes...
  38. C

    Unstable CPU Virtualization

    I have a ROG g750js and I notice huge consistent spikes in my cpu usage when running a stress test.. I dont think its getting too hot and iv already turned all power saving options off.. Someone please help. Its effecting my gaming!
  39. E

    Reuse Noctua NHD15 for i7 8700k on z370?

    I want to upgrade my trusty old i7 4790k and was wondering if I could simply reuse my Noctua NHD15. Will the brackets/holes still line up with z370 mobo? Will it be as simple as taking the beastly cooler off one mobo and slapping it on the other?
  40. A

    Can't run 144hz monitor above 100hz when connecting a second 60hz monitor.

    Hello I cannot set my refresh rate above 100hz in nvidia control panel. When I disable the second monitor then I can select 144hz no problem. I have a gtx760 and the latest drivers. The monitor is an ASUS ROG PG278Q. I have a display port cable, and I have tried setting perform scaling onto...