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    Question I can't find an error in the Java code

    I wrote the source code for a new application on IOS, when writing there were no errors, but when I ran the code, an error appeared in this place: var t = readLine()! var s = readLine()! var len_s = s.count var t_lis = Set(t) var c_s = Counter(s) var c_t = Counter(t_lis[len_s]) var c_res =...
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    Question Guide on how to setup ss7

    How can i setup ss7 on my system and what are the component needed? Also if I can get the link to download the needed software. Thanks
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    problem with fps in some games (1060 6gb)

    i have a problem with my new evga 1060 6gb .. some games like assassins creed syndicate had fps between 25 to 35 fps on ultra high settings!! i have core i5-8600k 16 gb ram ddr4 2400 asus z370 G pro gaming evga 1060 6gb ssc
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    cheapest gpu so my I7 4790 doesnt bootleneck?

    cheapest gpu so my I7 4790 doesnt bootleneck?