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  1. Greedy_dubs

    Question currupted files

    A corruption was found in a file system index structure. The file reference number is 0x30000000212ea. The name of the file is "\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\WinRAR". The corrupted index attribute is ":$I30:$INDEX_ALLOCATION". Im having this error code on my window logs I...
  2. Jominique

    Question Permanent performance issues when game is left open for too long ?

    Whenever I boot up a game and leave it open for long (like 15-to 20 minutes) without issuing any commands, games stutter regardless of the game's system requirements and maximum FPS I can get from the said game starts to lag . (for example If I'm getting maximum of 75 FPS in a game and go AFK...
  3. W

    Question How to find out what server a software accesses while using it?

    Is there a kind of program that would allow me to see what servers a particular software connects to, for instance an activation server or something similar?
  4. A

    Question What is this program running while my computer idles?

    I’m having trouble identifying this app that keeps running when my screen sleeps. I thought it might have something to do with halo infinity since I seem to notice if after installing halo and icon looks like a spartan helmet with a key. When I wake up my screen, it is running for half a second...
  5. M

    [SOLVED] After moving OS to SSD, can I use two partitions to install programs?

    I currently have a 1TB HDD that is near full, and I am looking to do a clean install of Windows 10 onto my 500GB SSD (WD Blue SATA SSD), and have no issue reinstalling any programs. I plan to use my 1TB HDD to store personal documents (Desktop, Documents, Pictures, Videos folders etc) along...
  6. Y

    [SOLVED] how to disable / remove unnecessary programs in windows 7

    hey, as seen in the title, and additional to that how do i know if a program is important or not in the task manager?
  7. Sparklingtube

    [SOLVED] Ram eating program

    So, if i play a game such as roblox and i look at my task manager is see that i am using like 90% of all my ram, i have 8 gb of ram and the program using the most ram is roblox but its only using 1gb and theres nothing else open that uses more than 500mb ram, how can i fix this because my game...
  8. M

    Question Processess close after opening right away

    So 2 days a go i was playing league of legends when it suddenly crashed and did not open again. So the next day i try to start it and it just opens and closes almost immidiently. I tried to restart my pc nothing works. This also happens on other process type of things like updates,games,virus...
  9. C

    [SOLVED] Win 10 immediately closes programs

    Hi all, i am having an issue with my Win 10, my pc works fine, however as soon as i do a win update every program i open immediately closes without any error, the only program that does not seem to auto close is Discord as well as the native Win stuff like CMD, Services.exe etc. I have looked...
  10. antonis mark

    [SOLVED] transferring my installation to a new PC

    hi, I am building my new PC after many years but I would like to know if I can move my whole installation of windows to this new PC (of course I don't care if windows get deactivated) I also know that I can just do a clean installation but I have a lot of unused software, old games and their...
  11. N

    [SOLVED] Reinstalling Windows on a new SSD - will the programs work?

    Hi! I am planning on upgrading my SSD where is my Win10 installed from 128GB to 512GB, I used my old SSD for mostly Windows (and some drivers), My apps and games are stored on the D drive which I do not intend to take away. My questions is, after reinstalling my Windows, will all the apps that...
  12. blkmlk

    Question programs freeze/hang up when launching

    My current setup: I upgraded from: Mobo: Asus b350-f -> b550 gaming plus Cpu: Ryzen 1600 - > 5600x GPU: gtx1060 -> rtx3060ti Problem: Opening games like Overwatch or even nvidia display settings or geforce causes my computer to freeze and I have to hard...
  13. its_Hati

    [SOLVED] Can't remove unidentified application from my startup in task manager

    Hey! As the title says I, for some reason, just can't seem to remove this program of my task manager. I doesn't show in regedit either... I'll insert a picture underneath. View: Does anybody know what I could do? Thanks in advance :wahoo:
  14. S

    Question When dragging program files, GPU locks at 100% and screen stutters

    As you can see in the video, whenever I drag something on Camtasia (Although this happens with other programs such as Photoshop), the GPU usage goes through the roof and the screen starts to freeze. My specs are intel i7, 16 GB RAM and gtx 1060 so I should be able to do this no problem. Also...
  15. zafttttt

    [SOLVED] Programs tabbing / closing by itself

    So I'm having 2 separated problems. One is programs mostly games tabbing out by itself though I can still go back to the window and then another problem is the program closing by itself. The 2nd problem is happening in every program including google chrome. After the program was closed, the...
  16. aerski

    [SOLVED] Cursor Lag

    My cursor lags on most programs (Photoshop, Blender etc) when i right click on it for about 2 seconds until it "snaps" and the color shifts a bit brighter and the lag goes away. This makes using Photoshop difficult or making models in Blender such a hassle because i have to right click all the...
  17. L

    [SOLVED] How could I run the 2 of the same program under 2 different names?

    I'm trying to use AHK, but while playing the same game on another account. (the AHK script is supposed to work in the background) The problem I'm facing is that because its the same game, it's not working properly in the background as it keeps interfering with the program I'm trying to play on...
  18. Bill3347

    [SOLVED] Color detection bot

    Hello! i have a question if there is some kind of software that when it detects a certain color in a certain area on screen lets say 2x2 pixels area, and when it detects that color it will automaticly click on a certain area on the screen in the matter of milliseconds?
  19. G

    [SOLVED] Can I have a program installed in both my computer and my SSD at the same time?

    Hello all, this is my first post. I hope you are all well. I just bought a 500GB SanDisk Extreme portable SSD. I want to transfer some programs from my Windows 8.1 laptop, which is very low on space, to my SSD. However, I don't want to uninstall from C:/ just yet; I want to be sure that the...
  20. System32_76

    [SOLVED] Are Metro Apps Still Popular?

    As the title says. Since Windows 10 was released, do the majority of desktop users use these at all?
  21. I

    Question Restore Point leaves program uninstalled but files still there?

    I recently reverted to the most recent restore point on my Windows 7 machine but it uninstalled 1 big big program (15GB) but left the file folders untouched in C/Program FIles. I want to free up space on my SSD and reinstall that same program again. But what do I do now? Do I just delete the...
  22. M Sajid

    Question which programing language

    can anyone tell which programing language is it?
  23. Shavlakadze

    Editing videos on low end PC

    As you can see i am a low end PC video editor And i really have problems with quality and frame rate of videos So after thinking for some time i came to an idea What if we will prolong time of rendering and give pc more time to render specific frame Like : my pc renders 10 minutes of...
  24. 9

    [SOLVED] Program that require internet doesnt work but browser does

    Programs that require internet connection like Steam, Origin and Discord will not work most of the time but when it does, I still DC. My browser works fine along with going on other websites and it say I have internet connection. I have tried putting in commands like: ipconfig /flushdns netsh...
  25. System32_76

    [SOLVED] App For Testing Functionality Of Computer Peripherals?

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if there is an app for Windows which checks to see if every port and jack on the computer's I/O works correctly. Something that is like a diagnostics app, but for the computer's external hardware instead of its internal components.
  26. Steffenbk1

    Question Is there a way to force a program to keep running?

    So i have a program that launches, but it closes after a few seconds. Is there a way to force it to keep on running?
  27. B

    Question overclocking vega 64

    what is a good software to overclock a Vega 64 in 2019. ive seen videos from like 2017 on watt man but it looks completely different now in 2019 than in 2017
  28. K

    Question Using an Android Tablet as a PC Display?

    I have an android tablet with a large 14-inch display (Virgin Media Telly Tablet) that I would like to re-purpose as a computer display. The thing is I need it to work as seamlessly as possible, ideally just like a TV, as I am intending to use it for a relative who has little computer knowledge...
  29. Nova43

    Question How to install secondary software files to non SSD drive?

    I have an internal 240GB SSD Drive and an internal 1TB mechanical drive in my desktop computer. The SSD is where I have the OS installed and the 1TB drive is used for file storage. When I install software, it typically installs the core program files to the Programfiles(x86) folder or the other...
  30. I

    5V on motherboard when in S3 sleep

    Hi guys, I need to get 5V to power something when the computer is on or in s3 sleep. 5V from the PSU is off in sleep, 5VSB is on even if the computer is off. Any idea where I can get this? Thank you in advance.
  31. A

    Ethernet not functioning suddenly.

    Hello there, My ethernet on my dual boot (Sierra, win10) desktop has suddenly stopped working. I have a response in Sierra that there is no network and in win10 that it is an unidentified network and that there is no IP address. However in win10 wifi works but I have no wifi for Sierra so...
  32. K

    Computer does not detect GPU after to MOBO and CPU install. Then won't turn on?

    So I installed a new MOBO (B85M-DS3H-A) and a New CPU (Intel I7 4790) and I turned on the computer it was running a little slow for some reason. So I tried running a game and the game instantly crashed I was looking in the logs and saw it wasn't detecting the GPU for some reason. I checked the...
  33. Virax_101

    i5 6600k or i7 4790k, with gtx 970 or 1050ti

    Hey Guys, It will be my first time building a gaming pc and also I'am just wondering if it could do 1080p60 in games like: - Dark Souls 3 - Doom 3 - No Man's Sky - GTAV At least on minimum settings? This PC is only meant for gaming. Btw. With 8GB of Ram..
  34. L

    Keyboard, touchpad and battery of Dell laptop didn't work unexpectedly.

    Hello all, I have a DELL laptop XPS L502X with all original components except for the battery that has been replaced 3 years ago (with another Dell battery). The OS is Windows 7. After a pause of 10 days without using it, today I decided to use my PC but I suddenly noticed that the keyboard...
  35. P

    [RUST] Laptop getting 30 FPS with recommended specs

    Hey, Recently my friend got a new laptop and we want to play rust together and somehow his FPS is hanging around 30 FPS but it also goes upto 90 60 40 50 it's not consistent Laptop Specs: Windows 10 8GB Ram CPU: i7-4500 CPU @ 1.80 GHz (4CPU's) 2.4GHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M Laptop...
  36. A

    pc build in 50000 - 55000 indian curruncy

    i want to build a gaming pc and i have selected gtx 970 and want help for other hardware like cpu mobo etc.
  37. G

    1080p monitor jagged?! HELP!

    Hello guys! I bought a new monitor the Asus vp228h and I bought a new 2560 x 1600 dvi d cable for it and the monitor is 1920x1080 the picture looks pixelated while gaming and not crisp and smooth the icons on start are jagged and I turned aa on games and still havin the problem.. I have the...
  38. K

    Upgrading my PC (GTX 970 & 450w)??

    Hey guys, i'm realy new to building a custom PC myself. I recently got a PC and now I'm planing to upgrade my graphics card to a GTX 970 Phantom. I just got a few simple questions. I've read that you need a strong pcu to not ruin your PC completely, so at the moment i got a 450w one. I've made a...
  39. G

    Bent capacitor. motherboard won't turn on

    Hey guys, While I was transferring my motherboard to a new case, and accidentally hit and dented capacitor t words the bottom with my Phillips head screw driver, now the computer won't turn on, their is no sign of life at all. It's not the power supply, because it worked on another board. I also...
  40. J

    Best Skylake Motherboard for Gaming?

    I prefer Asus motherboards. I have in Mind the Asus viii Hero motherboard. I'm going to put two graphics Cards (SLI) and four Memory RAM Cards. Intel Core i7 6700k. I really want a high end Pc. Opinions & recomendations please! Thanks ;)