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    Question Win 10 1903 Map Network Drive

    Hi, have a netgear R7800 Router with a 1TB USB 3.0 Drive plugged in, had this working since 2016 On my current windows 10 laptop, I can not map the network drive, however I can see readyshare as a network device, and see the main folder structure just not my files Attempts to fix: Private...
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    Question FTP and NAT Question (Conceptual)

    During my studies I am having a tough time wrapping my head around something. This is my understanding based on the explanation I read, so it is entirely possible that I just have it entirely wrong. My current understanding is that with Active FTP, an FTP client send out to port 21. (So my...
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    Help Choose laptop please

    Hey, I'm a first year computer science student and am looking for a laptop - say for around $500. Size can be no bigger than 14", i want it to be lightweight and portable, and preferably long lasting; at least a couple years. Average battery life would suffice. Maybe you guys have better...