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  1. S

    CPU Running at 100% on Idle

    This problem began yesterday around 1PM EST, I was just gaming at smooth frame rates when all of a sudden my computer gets cripplingly slow for no apparent reason. Before I could check task manager my computer freezes and I'm forced to force shutdown. When I turn it back on my CPU is at 100%...
  2. W

    I am a noob pc builder pls help

    i am going to build a pc and i just want to see what everyone thinks any ideas my cap was 3,000 im slightly over... CPU Intel - Core i5-8600k $399.00 PCCG CPU Cooler be quiet! Dark Rock 4 CPU Cooler $99.00 PCCG MotherBoard Asus - Prime Z370-A ATX LGA1151 Motherboard $239.00 PCCG Memory...
  3. A

    is my PC recommendation for new graphic card?

    Hi all, I want upgrade my graphic card for playing Pro Evolution Soccer 2019, this game have recommendation graphic card with GeForce GTX 760, my graphic card is Nvidia GeForce GT 720, what kind of graphic for compatible my PC? I attach you detail my PC. Thank you.
  4. H

    Bottleneck i5 8600k and gtx 1060 6GB

    Does a grx 1060 6GB bottleneck a i5 8600k? I am looking to build a pc with those components. Ram: 8GB DDR4 2666MH Storage: 1TB HDD 10K RPM 240GB SSD
  5. U

    How's your luck with technology?

    I seem to have either great luck or none. I either get something perfect first time or need multiple replacements to get a working product. Then either it lives forever (some of these products that have a bad reputation for reliability) whereas others have a case of anything that can go wrong...
  6. jacobweaver800

    Locked or Dead PCI-E Slot?

    I recently got a new computer, I have had it for about 5 months now. I got it for free so i'm not too worried but I'm wondering if its the top slot on my motherboard or its BIOS locked. I'm using an A8-5500 Quad-core with 8 gb's of DDR3 1600mhz and an OEM board. I have an HP Pavilion p7-1534...
  7. C

    Laptop says I'm using the wrong charger? But it was supplied with the laptop

    Hey guys, I'm not sure who to contact about this. I have a new HP laptop (2 months old) and today when I plugged the charger in it, it said it was wrong for the laptop. The message said: 'HP offers a wide range of Smart AC Adapter for your convenience, replacement, and travel needs. Find these...
  8. G

    Looking for details/experiences/reviews of the LeEco Pro 3

    Hello all, Recently, I had a Samsung Galaxy S5. I have owned this phone since its release, and I loved it. It was in great condition, until, one day, it just refused to charge, and it started smoking. (literally!) Anyways, I cannot afford an iPhone, nor do I really want one. I was looking at...
  9. H

    Wait for a few weeks or buy the coffee lake processor on the 5th Oct?

    Hi all, I am in process of upgrading my PC, and waiting for the Coffee Lake processor. Will most of the folks here wait and watch or wait until an upgraded coffee lake processor or will go ahead and order the cpu on the 5th Oct?
  10. R

    Premiere Pro Freezes On Saving

    I have FX 8350 RX 580 OC and latest Premiere Pro 2017 freezes when I "Save As" or Save a Copy". Normal save button works fine. When it freezes premiere stops responding for usually 2-3 hours before the save window coming up. Meanwhile, everything else on the computer is fine. I can work in after...
  11. S

    Cut fan cable.

    I bought a cyberpower pc with the professional wiring, one of my fans stopped working and I bought the replacement. Now, I can't take out the bad fan because I have to disconnect something I don't really understand. My question is if I can cut the cable directly connected to the fan then tape it...
  12. X

    New Build, No video, is the motherboard broken?

    Hello, first of all thank you for taking the time to help me. This new pc is a combination of old parts with new parts. The old parts are confirmed to have worked 1 day prior to building the machine. Motherboard : PCB : ASUS B150M PRO GAMING (µATX, 1151) CPU : Intel Core i7-7700K PSU : OCZ...
  13. A

    Can toshiba satellite l40 run without battery

    I was playing game and suddenly my toshiba satellite l40 turned off due to battery issue can i run it without battery
  14. hfxmike

    Help - How much to charge for laptop repair work - specific weird job

    I've been doing light repairs and computer work on the side for over 5 years with excellent results. I've been able to speed up/fix everything....until now. Guy gave me two laptops: 1) spilled milk on a $700 HP. No boot. I told him it is probably fried, but would take a look, and do data...
  15. B

    gtx 1070 oc, can my psu handle it?

    I have a Pure Power L8 600w 80+ bronze tier. And i was wondering if it is enough power for my gpu.
  16. H

    Good place to get old games free

    hey guys so i just finished my old games pc ( i have plenty of pc's capable of running old games but i wanted an early 2000's gaming pc. Specs: Northwood Pentium 4 2gb ddr 7600gs agp Gigabyte 8564fxp-rz i was hoping to get the doom games because i love them but their rather high priced for what...
  17. Mike Andronico

    Lenovo IdeaCentre AIO Y910: Gaming All-in-One Greatness

    The Lenovo IdeaCentre AIO Y910 is a fantastic gaming all-in-one that offers VR-ready performance, a RealSense camera and an upgradable design. Lenovo IdeaCentre AIO Y910: Gaming All-in-One Greatness : Read more
  18. L

    What is a good but cheap ($90-$110) motherboard?

    I need this motherboard to work for an Intel i5 and NVIDIA GT 730 with a 500w power supply and 1TB of hard drive and 8gbs of RAM.
  19. D

    Will my Radeon R7 360 GPU fit into my Micro-ATX motherboard mounted on a Mid-Tower ATX Cabinet?

    Hello! I recently purchased components for my PC build. But I'm concerned about whether my GPU will fit into the Cabinet and the micro-ATX motherboard. The Cabinet is Cooler Master K380. Can you guys please guide me into this? Thanks!
  20. T

    computer crashing while gaming

    My computer about 3 days ago has been crashing to a black screen and then reboots automatically when playing a game, there is no bsod at all when this happens. At first I only played h1z1. While in the battle royale lobby i would crash most frequently. The first crash happened while normally...