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  1. M

    Question Can't Connect to Modem After Factory Reset

    I had been having problems with slow internet on my connection for awhile now and a support member at Arris instructed me to factory reset my Arris Surfboard 8200. After performing this, no matter what device I directly plug into it, I can not get any internet. My PC tells me that it can not...
  2. A

    Question Inputting a manual proxy on iOS 9.3.5

    Bit of a throwback but I'm trying to update some old iPads which are running iOS 9.3.5. I need to put in a manual proxy address & port so that they can connect to the internet and bypass authentication, but I can't see where to do it. The box that appears on newer iOS's when you tap on a wifi...
  3. Farisfreiz

    Question Windows 10 update cannot connect internet

    After update windows 10 latest version, my laptop didn't have any internet connection i don't know why, i tried anything i found by googling but it didn't work
  4. S

    What should i do ? either i5 4690k or an i7

    I can trade in some games at best buy, and get around 80 to 90 dollars from them. So just wondering should i save money and get an i5 or spend pretty much what i was going to spend on an i5 and get an i7. Beginning to look into buying the parts for the gaming pc i want to build , that will...