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  1. aden.anderson2001

    [SOLVED] Making an app without proxy settings use system proxy on windows 11

    Hello. I'm hosting a connection from my phone to my router using an app called everyproxy. Therefor with whatever device i connect to that router i get that IP and port. I have set my windows settings on my PC to use that proxy, through windows settings. My phone-hosted IP is detected on my...
  2. C

    Question Turn a laptop with VPN on it into a proxy ?

    Machine A: is a laptop running Windows 10 Enterprise and a locked down version of Pulse Secure VPN client - all it can do is connect/disconnect. Machine B: is a desktop running Ubuntu 22.04 They are both connected to the same local broadband router. I do have admin access for both machines and...
  3. R

    Question Which Software/Extension For Stealth eBay Account?

    Wanting to create an eBay account that isnt linked to me, so I can have a store for a specific niche' instead of 1 store that sales any and everything. I know how eBay links accounts (IP - Browser Cookies - Personal Details) and I know some of the options I have, but since all of them except 1...
  4. psychobacter

    Question How to get applications using UDP to work when college network blocks all UDP traffic.

    My college's network has all the UDP ports blocked which makes me unable to use a lot of services like WhatsApp, GeForce experience, steam, BitTorrent etc. Even pip doesn't work, which I need in order to download python packages for my classwork. Is there any way to convert UDP traffic to...
  5. DecentDumplingDan

    [SOLVED] Only Firefox connects to internet and nothing else in my machine

    **Right now i managed to make some programs to connect by forcing them to run on TCP ports. Quick description of problem: At first nothing but firefox was connecting. Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Zoom, programs and apps in my system wouldnt connect to internet this also included to apps on...
  6. D

    [SOLVED] Looking for simple internet kill program on IP change

    I am looking for a simple program that detects when IP address on your computer is changed and it disables your entire computer connection to the internet. I find these kind of method to be the best prevention of exposing your real IP address when using proxy.
  7. M

    [SOLVED] How can i change my browser's proxy through my paid vpn?

    Hello, I am from australia and i just got vpn to access american netflix. i am using vpn but is there any way to integrate my vpn's proxy onto my browser? i don't want vpn to take all over on my pc.
  8. J

    [SOLVED] Creating a proxy server

    Hi, I have a list of 1000 proxies that are IP authenticated however I can only use it on one IP at a time. Would it be possible to setup a proxy server on a service such as Google cloud so that I could use user:pass authentication? Maybe it'd be possible to use a Google cloud server, proxy as...
  9. Chris Meli

    Question Accessing work server from home

    Hello to all! I am currently trying to access my office network as if my laptop was connected in that network. I am using hamachi and an office computer as a gateway. In order to access the work webpages i need to use specific dns servers, Although i set it up and it does connect to the work...
  10. K

    [SOLVED] Problem with a Proxy server or a virus

    Hello there, I have been suffering from a problem with my proxy server settings in about a month. When I go to the web browser and try to reach a some sittes that aren't so popular, they open a page with a Bad Request or with This site can't be reached error. But I have watched a few videos...
  11. T

    Question How to decrease latency with Satellite (Xplornet) Internet?

    I am in the country working and I have noticed that the Satellite Internet is extremely slow. It works for FB and Youtube, but not for gaming (which I average 600-1,200 Ping). Below is the information about my connection speed and type: says the following: min: 614 ms avg: 699.6 ms...
  12. N

    Question Upgrading Graphics Card

    Hi guys, I have i5 2500k OC on 4.2 16gb ram P67 pro3 se mobo Corsair VS650 PSU My amd 6870 dirt3 edition got fried on another setup, so now I have amd 6770 Gigabyte 1gb edition. I want to upgrade the graphics to MSI rx570 armor 8gb OC and I am now wondering will my CPU bottleneck it? Also...
  13. G

    Truely Wireless Earphones Recomendation

    Good morning forum, :D I'm on the hunt for true wireless headphones / earphones / earbuds, without much luck. Apart from the cheap ones (in amazon), cant find any that suit my preferences. What I'm Looking for: NOT in-ear design (Bose ones still no good), Long battery life (4+ hours), android...
  14. rcald2000

    [SOLVED] Apple iMac (21.5-inch, Mid 2011) - Recommended upgrades?

    specs OS: Sierra RAM: 8 GB (2 GB x 4) storage: 500 GB HDD (5400 RPM I think) Initially I was planning on purchasing a 500 SATA SSD, and simply migrating OS to the drive. But then it occurred to me to enable boot camp and have a 500 GB Apple OS and another 500 GB Windows 10 Pro OS. So now my...
  15. J

    my button 6 on my rival 310 doesn't work

    I have activated the button in the driver (engine 3) yet it doesn't work.
  16. K

    SSD freezing on MB splash screen

    So ive recently bought new parts for my pc, and I wanted to test them with some old parts before everything comes in to make sure everything works. I found out the SSD doesn't want to boot past the splash screen, but it boots just fine onto my laptop, its a 1TB mx500, I have an extra SSD that I...
  17. B

    Dx4850 mb size

    I have a dx4850 with a gtx 1060, 512 gb ssd, 1.5 tb hd and a 750w power supply for mods. I’m wanting to keep the attractive case and mods but upgrade cpu and motherboard. Is it possible for me to use this case as I like the looks of it and would allow me more to put towards a nicer cpu. The...
  18. ThunderBoyDavid

    Attaching the CPU Fan

    i would say that this is a simple question... BUT... And let me say.. i am a Technician.. have been for the past 25 years. My question is about attaching a CPU Fan. Right now my main system is water cooled. i am wanting to build an ITX system... which would require a CPU fan. It seems...
  19. S

    Are These CPU Temps Normal??

    So ive purchased this computer a few weeks ago. It's an older gaming computer but in good condition. However since I have purchased it, I have been monitoring its cpu temperatures and I think they are a bit hotter than they should be. Im thinking it could be due to the hot weather in London...
  20. B

    I have 222 GB of Temporary Files Windows 10

    Hi guys, not a tech savvy here, I need your help, so I was short in storage on my 1 TB HDD and I went to see my Local Storage on Windows but when I entered I saw that I had 222 GB of Temporary Files (223 GB after taking the ss) I was shocked but I clicked on It to clean that up, but then It just...
  21. A

    Looking for some feedback on my PC

    Hey,I have little knowledge of PC hardware but I bought this one about a year ago and looking for some feedback on it. It's been running allright but I have been dissapointed in its performance on some games like Squad where the graphics are very grainy and the fps at round 40. Im looking to...
  22. A

    hyperx fury 4gb ddr3 compatibility

    Hi I am planning to buy the hyperx fury 4gb ddr3 1600Mhz later tonight because i heard it's good for gaming, but im not sure if it is compatible with my spec(plus do i use plug it in or do i have to replace my current ram?) Specs: AMD FX-4100 4.00GB Single-Channel DDR3 @ 535MHz ASRock N68C-GS4...
  23. S

    Is my gpu fried?

    My pc is running fine. LEDs work, fans work, and I hear a beep when I turn it on, but when I turn it on the monitor says no signal. I’ve been using this pc for about a year and it’s the first time this has happened. I plugged my monitor into my laptop and it worked fine so I think my gpu is...
  24. E

    Asus and tp-link PCI express adapters fail to connect

    Not long ago I built PC and decided to connect to home wifi via ASUS PCE-N15 PCI Express adapter. However, internet stability, speed was horrible. It didnt connect to wifi without restarting the PC or the router. As my other adapter (Tp-link tl‑wn722n) works like a charm, I asked the shop to...
  25. C

    Enter Current password

    Guys, I can't open my Acer aspire 4738G laptop because of the bios have an enter current password if you know the 8 digit numbers then send to us.tnx
  26. A

    How much should one pay reasonably for a gtx 950 2gb sc right now?

    Hey thanks in advance for any advice. Heres whats up, My friend is trying to sell his computer and he offered it to me and I said nah I already got a good one but i sold my gtx 1060 back in march for around 150 bucks more then i payed for it due to mining demand and since i was off at school and...
  27. T

    Using combo jack splitter cuts off mic.

    My laptop has single combo jack. I want to add an extension speaker. I bought a splitter adapter which splits the jack into mic and headphone/speaker but of course the laptop mic gets disabled. How can I get audio out without cutting off laptop mic?
  28. D

    connect a display with usb 3.0 input to hdmi output on device

    I have a display that only accepts usb 3.0 input. I want to use it as wall mounted display and stream or cast to it. I can't find anything that converts HDMI to USB 3.0 (I don't think I can anyway). I see lots of HDMI/USB adapters but they seem to imply a direction i.e usb to hdmi not vice...
  29. Y

    Super weird network problem

    Hi so I haven't touched my pc for like 5 days almost as I was in the hospital, now that I got home Iw as planning on joining my friends with some Overwatch. I join the discord server we always use (I usually get 17-25 ms) but instead it said 439 im shocked so I restart rejoin and it still comes...
  30. D

    WD BLUE setup after install

    after installing wd blue internal hard drive in hp15 notebook . what do i do next?
  31. X

    Lenovo Tablet No operating system

    Hi! I have a Lenovo Miix 3 1030 tablet which I upgraded to windows 10 from 8.1. I then melted the previous version of windows to make some room. I had just sold it, then decided to factory reset it. This caused the tablet to completely crash and now there is no operating system on it. I have...
  32. G

    Scythe Grand Kama Cross 3 CPU Cooler Review

    Downdraft cooling is back in the Scythe Grand Kama Cross 3. Will it reign supreme in cooling, noise, or value? Scythe Grand Kama Cross 3 CPU Cooler Review : Read more
  33. M

    BSOD Not Less or Equal -> Driver Verifier -> TeeDriverW8x64.sys

    Good day to all of you. I've ran into a BSOD during gameplay, the BSOD was IRQL_Not_less_or_equal, to troubleshoot, ive checked my ram thru Windows MemTest. No errors there, the Ram is fine. Time to check the drivers then, I've ran Driver verifier with CMD and restarted the computer. Got a blue...
  34. Z

    Need help finding compatible motherboard for the CPU I want to upgrade to

    I currently have an A10 Kaveri APU and it's bottlenecking my 1050Ti. I'm considering upgrading to an i3 and I'm trying to find a compatible motherboard which supports DDR3 RAM and has DualBOIS. Any help is appreciated.
  35. K

    My pendrive transferring speed is 2-3 mbps

    I have an Acer Predator Helios Laptop with 8 GB RAM and i5 7th generation. The speed I am getting is less than 4 Mbps while copying the data. I have another laptop with Windows 7 in it and the pendrive transfers or copies data at 23-24 mbps. Please help!
  36. L

    AMD Starts Issuing Patches For Both Spectre Variants

    AMD admitted that both Spectre variants affects its CPUs as it started issuing patches for the two vulnerabilities. AMD's CPUs remain unaffected by Meltdown, while its GPUs are immune to all three bugs. AMD Starts Issuing Patches For Both Spectre Variants : Read more
  37. F

    CHA2 fan N/A in BIOS

    Hi all, I've recently changed a case and I'm having a slight problem. CHA2 fan in BIOS shows up as N/A while CPUFAN and CHA1FAN are normal. My case (Fractal Design R6) comes with a fan hub and the manual says to connect one of the pins to the CPU_FAN header and the power to the PSU, which I...
  38. T

    My Amd rx 580 is only mining on 12 mh/s

    so i am mining a coin called ZERO but i only have around 12 mh/s sometimes a little more sometimes a little less. but it should be 30 mh/s? yes i recently installed windows 10 and there are no programs running in the background except msi afterburner when mining. also my friend uses a R9 390...
  39. Q

    Windows 7 Blue Screen with Q9400

    Hi, sorry for my bad english. I could use my motherboard with Core2Quad Q9400 but i'm getting blue screen with q9400 for a week. I changed my cpu to DC E5300 and works without problem. I've tried the Q9400 on another motherboard it works. Also i'm getting blue screen while formatting with Q9400...
  40. 2

    Where can I find the front panel connector plug ins on the Asus Prime B250M-A motherboard

    I have the Asus Prime b250m-A motherboard and would like some help finding where to plug in the front panel connectors and also I am familiar with the CPU power connector being an 8 pin, is it a 4 pin on this motherboard?