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    Question PS/2 mouse with PS/2 -> USB active adapter, polling rate lower than expected ?

    I'm using a PS/2 mouse capable of a polling rate of 125hz over an active PS/2 to USB adapter as i don't have a PS/2 port. However, when i test the actual polling rate of my mouse, it shows up as only 40hz. Is this a limitation of using a PS/2 mouse with an active adapter? Or can i get the...
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    Question Ps/2 to USB Active Adapter NOT working with Compaq Keyboard

    I'm trying to use an old Compaq keyboard that has a PS/2 plug to a USB port on my PC using an active Monoprice adapter. (It has the chip) However, only around 5 keys actually work using the adapter. Rest of the keys do not work. Keyboard traces seem to be in good condition. I tried it with...