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  1. SimplyAurallz

    Is there any way to replace the ps3 hdd with an m.2 ssd?

    The title pretty much says it all. I just want to know if I can put like 8tbs of ssd in a ps3.
  2. C

    Question How to make USB Bluetooth dongle work with PS3 Controller ?

    Hello fellas, here cuz I need some help with my low budget gaming experience. I have this generic Bluetooth dongle (I'll put the link here since I dont find a way to put the image here) ( <- This is the dongle. I have tried most ways they post online on how to...
  3. THRobinson

    Question Playstation 2 - Best Model

    Hey guys, my nephew recently mentioned how he'd like a PS2 for playing some older game. I know there were a few versions made... and I think a PS3 that had a cip that allowed PS2 game play? I don't own console systems so, only some basic knowledge of them. I'm good with electronics though so...
  4. PowPowp

    [SOLVED] I want to get the PS3/PS4/PS5 startup bios beep but on my pc

    I have a Dell OptiPlex 390MT, and I have the PS3 XMB WALLPAPER, the 2009/2013 slim OS startup sound, but I would also like to have the startup beep. IDK if i could code it using some method on the bios, but I do have another motherboard that i could practice flashing to do so. I also want to...
  5. O

    Ps 3 cechg04 faulty bluray

    Hello ! i don t know if this is the right type category for this problem but i ll keep it short . My ps3 bluray takes discs , tries to read them (the small cd in the right corner ) but the bluray not vibrating or making any sound / not spinning . Is something i can fix by opening the bluray or i...
  6. H

    [SOLVED] Using Old PS3 as Streaming Device, need Audio Help

    Hello all, Just got a new Hisense TV, and I hooked up a fat PS3 with HDMI to use as a streaming device. I had zero issues with this on my old TV, but now I get no audio. I get perfect video, but no audio on either the menus or the streaming apps. I logically assume that this is due to the...
  7. Quite-ripoff

    Question PS3 heat spreader came out. Am i done?

    So i disassembled the ps3 i just bought today to replace thermal paste of it. When i tried to take the mobo out, it wouldn't so i searched web for it. Found a forum about it and the comments were saying wiggle more it will come out so did i. But heat spreader of gpu or cpu idk came out and dye...
  8. I

    Question Ps3 Not working with Monitor

    So I have an old Acer v203h monitor and a Ps3 super slim with around 12 gb. My monitor only has a VGA input and the problem is that my ps3 can’t connect with that. So i bought a converter that is from HDMI to VGA. And i hooked it up on my ps3 and it said “Input not supported”. I tried to change...
  9. G

    Question I can't create a HPA (Host protected area) or set a LBA on my Hard Drive

    Hi i'm tryign to create a Host Protected Area or set a max LBA on my 2TB Seagate st2000lm007 to make it compatible with the PS3, the problem is that everytime i try to do that i can't find the option to do it (HDAT2) "Flashing to 4.46 OFW and reducing 2Tb hard drive to 3633537126 sectors via...
  10. G

    PS3 IHS removal attempt lead to YLOD

    Hello, Why I did it (you can skip it if you want!): My brother had a PS3 Fat that overheated almost upon playing a game. Its summer but it would overheat even with the air conditioner on or in mildly hot days. I already had replaced the thermal paste once 3 years ago and 6 months ago, at those...
  11. NekOtoko

    Question How to get my PS3 to display using an HDMI to VGA converter?

    The monitor I'm using is pretty old and only has VGA input so I got a HDMI to VGA converter as I saw other people using it online. My issue is that the monitor doesn't seem to detect the PS3 when connected, or rather the PS3 is refusing to give any output at all. I connected the HDMI end to my...