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  1. B

    Question Astro MixAmp Pro With Elgato And PS4

    Hello! I have an Elgato HD60 and have been using the chatlink(s) for quite some time now. I’ve been through three of them. I’m sick of it breaking so easily so I decided to order the Astro MixAmp. Though, I may have ordered the wrong one. My budget is tight so I went with a cheaper one: The...
  2. S

    Question Copy PS4 games to a new BluRay

    I have 3 games that I got from PS Store to an extrenal HDD Can I copy these games from the HDD to a new Bluray Disc?
  3. W

    Question HDMI to Component Convert For PS4 on a Hitachi Ultravision Plasma HDTV. Need help!

    Hello Tom's Hardware Community , About 4 weeks ago, I received an Hitachi UltraVision (model 53UWX10BA V2F040533). It has a 53 inch display with the highest possible resolution being 1080I. For a 2002 model television set, it's really great in terms of sound ,picture quality, video in/out...
  4. Z


    So, all my devices. PC and PS4 have not been getting an ethernet signal for 8 days now. I tried virtually everything and I think the problem is with my router. Some information is: The lights for ethernet on router and PC are turning on. The WiFi works, ethernet does not. I've recently bought...
  5. B

    Question Is there way for Trophies alway show up on Twitch Broadcast via Elgato Game Capture HD and using HDMI Splitter?

    Yes or No, if no give up using HDMI Splitter, I likes Trophy showing on my Twitch's Broadcast so know which Trophy go for next with Games have More then 2 Endings
  6. Influx91

    Question Headphone cable replacment

    Hey, I have a pair of razor headphones that use an aux cable. The cable is damaged and no longer works, I'm looking to replace the entirety of the cable but instead of 3.5mm aux I want it to connect via USB. Is this possible? Would need to be able to have functionality of headphones and...
  7. H

    Question Ps4 monitor

    Hi I am buying a monitor soon and wondering wich monitor i should buy. I play on a ps4 slim and want a good monitor. I have been looking for 144hz monitor with 1 ms responstime. I am aware that the ps4 slim only provide 60 hz / fps. If I buy a monitor with 75 hz insted with 1 ms responstime...
  8. O


    ok so i want to know if i should just play fortnite on ps4 instead of pc because i have a 60hz monitor and either way my pc only gets 100-120fps but it isnt consistent, like i get occasional hitches and stuff when im playing. im thinking i should play on ps4 because its more smooth/stable until...
  9. Question Will an HDMI switcher solve my issue?

    Red hdmi is my current setup. Blue is my theoretical setup. Right now my PC has surround and so does my PS4, I just have to switch the input on the av receiver. Now that I use headphones for gaming, I don't need the surround sound. Currently when playing PS4, I can still use my other...
  10. B

    Question PS4 On Monitor No Audio

    I just plugged my PS4 into my Samsung u-e590d monitor. I have 2 monitors, and they're both the same. However, on the monitor with the PS4, I have no sound. Any help regarding how to fix this would be great.
  11. H

    Question Ps4 to monitor problem

    Hi guys, I am playing on the ps4 slim and i now want to buy a monitor to get better quality. I would like to play with a 144Hz monitor 1080 HD. I have read, that using HDMI from ps4 to a 144 Hz monitor only provides 120 HZ, becuase of the HDMI cable. I am not sure what to use to solve this...
  12. Dylan1999

    [SOLVED] How would I go about modding a PS4?

    Hey guys, Posting this is systems cuz i couldnt really find anywhere else to put it :sweatsmile: But does anyone know from maybe experience or just knowing how to go about modding/jailbreaking/exploiting a ps4? Couldnt find any particularly clear guides online on how abouts to do it, closest I...
  13. A

    Question DualShock4 Problem

    Both my dualshock4 are charging but it seems that both my PC and ps4 not recognizing the controllers... tried resetting the controllers through the back with a pin didn't work, i tried go to Device manager but i cant seem to find it there either... im out of option, and the problem occurred...
  14. P

    Question BENQ RL2755HM no display output when connected to the PS4 through HDMI Cable.

    Hello Guys, I am having this issue where I am not able to get any output on my Benq Rl2755hm monitor when connecting to the PS4 via HDMI. The PS4 is working fine with no issues and I have tested the HDMi cable too. I tried all possible steps that I found online including reset the PS4 and...
  15. R

    Question Help me understanding Port Forwarding

    I need help understanding what i'm doing. I just wanted to port forward Black Ops 3 PS4 but I couldn't figure out what to do when online tutorials would mention port fowarding the PS4 itself and also giving the PS4 a Static IP which has been confusing me if any of this is related or even needed...
  16. tehadop

    Question Pc not detecting dualshock 4 controller

    So I have connected my ps4 controller to my pc via micro USB. It does not show up in devices and printers, there is no controller option at all. It does not detect in steam or ds4 windows. I cannot connect with bluetooh, as for some reason my pc has no bluetooth option to turn on. I have tried...
  17. I

    Question Recording PS4 with AVerMedia Live Gaming Portable 2 Plus: Audio without Mic output

    Hi guys, To make things a bit clearer, I am recording my PS4 with the AVerMedia Gaming Live Portable 2 Plus into OBS on my 2016 MacBook Pro. Because I am recording my own audio with a ZOOM H1 recorder, I do not want my voice from my mic to be captured in-game as well (By the way, I need my mic...
  18. C

    ATI HD 7770 3 monitor set-up: running a 3rd monitor at a low resolution only

    I also have a Sapphire HD7770 (ports: 2 dvi, 1 displaypot, 1 HDMI) - I have 3 monitors working - but the 3rd one will only run @ 480x640, I want it to run at 1200x1600. Can anyone help? I have the following set-up: 1: 30" HP @ 2560x1600 : DVI --> DVI 2: 20" HP @ 1200x1600: DVI --> DVI 3: 20" HP...
  19. G

    PC won't turn on after shutting it down last night.

    Hi everyone. Turned my computer of two nights ago and it was working fine no obvious defects then I tried to turn it on yesterday but it would boot. All I hear is a single tick from the PSU. If it helps the motherboard power switch is on so I am not sure what is wrong with it. At first I thought...
  20. nkhaira

    Laptop HDD Question

    Hello I recently bought a MSi GT70 Laptop I see that there are 2 drives in the "My PC" window One is called "OS_install" which is my c drive I guess everything i download goes on here as well One is called "Data" which is my D drive which i used to back up a few games can I combine both these...