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  1. yani14

    Question My PC won't recognise my controller as a controller

    Last night, i was just playing Brawhalla in PC just fine with the controller. Later that day, i connected my ps4 controller to the pc and it wont recognize that it is a wireless controller. When i look to the Devices and Printers option, it only says "upgrade by USB" i do not know what to do...
  2. E

    Question HyperX QuadCast (PS4 + PC)

    Hi internet! Few questions. 1. Anyone know if it's possible to use HyperX QuadCast as my Mic on PS4 and ignore my Astro A50 Gen 3's mic? 2. Is it possible to connect HyperX QuadCast to two devices at once (before i buy it)? i.e to PS4 and PC (Discord)? As when i stream direct from PS4 it...
  3. M

    Question Is my PC performance equal to PS4 Pro or beyond it?

    CPU: Xeon E3-1230v2 (3.3Ghz, 4Cores/8 Threads) RAM: Kingston HyperX 16GB DDR3 1333Mhz (2x8GB) GPU: Nvidia GTX 1650 4GB (1485 MHz Clock / Memory Clock 2000Mhz; 3Tflops; Bandwidth128.0 GB/s )
  4. StarBlazer457

    PS4 not loading past PS logo

    Hey, my cousin's PS4 will not load past the PS logo on startup. He said his PS4 would start to freeze while playing and required "forceful" power off. Every time you'd try to start it, it would check "system storage status", so I figured some files got corrupted that was preventing it. I booted...
  5. Theoderic321

    Question Ps4 slim made a very short very high pitched sound

    About a week ago I bought myself a ps4 slim with 500 GB of storage, I also used the Crash bandicoot trilogy disk that I played from my og playstation. When I played this game for about 15 minutes on my new ps4 slim, I could hear a very short but high pitched sound kind of like a slice type...
  6. Aza78

    Question Ps4 crackling when plugging in

    So my ps4 when I bought it had a little crackle sound when I plugged the power cable in it it was short and only lasted till I put the cable in fully. I doubt its harmful but i want to be sure, thanks in advance!
  7. O

    Question Ps4 Pro Fan Working on Extra ordinary speed

    Hello Guys, I dont know if im putting question on right place.. After i did my regular fan cleaning and thermal paste replacing maintenance on my ps4 pro, 1 minute after i launch games its fan works so fast that you cant even hear my voice if you would sit next to me..... anyone has a clue...
  8. r.vartanyanov

    Question DualShock 4 Controller Yellow Light on PC

    Im trying for 2 days now to make the DS4 work properly on my PC, but seem to fail. The controller is detected in windows but when I plug in the USB it starts giving off yellow light (supposed to be blue) which I think means it's charging? Anyhow, I installed DS4 Windows and the gamepad works...
  9. M

    Question Samsung 144HZ Random Distortion

    Good evening PC Enthusiasts, First off, some information: I brought my monitor from Argos, this is the page for it: I use this monitor for gaming at 144HZ and to watch Netflix on my PS4 at 60HZ. My GPU's drivers are up to date. Monitor drivers (On my PC)...
  10. Question Due to COVID19 I can’t MOD PLEASE HELP!!

    I want to MOD RDR2 game files from the PS4 non jail broken. I can save the game save to a USB & transfer it to my Laptop. There is a program at That I can decrypt the file & edit adding mods/cheats on that program but I can’t encrypt the file back. I need to visit...
  11. E

    Question PS4 Slim/base gameplay screenshots

    Anybody with a PS4 Slim/base and any of the following games? RDR2 HZD Spiderman UC4 It's rare to find PNG(lossless) screenshots of base PS4(or PS4 Slim) gameplay without them being cinematics or captured in photo mode. I was wondering if someone could take some screenshots of gameplay (of...
  12. Influx91

    Question WiFi speed issues (PS4)

    Hello, I hope some one is able to help. I've recently moved house, had fiber installed and currently using the vodaphone WiFi hub. I have speeds around 75 mbs (verified on multiple devices) When it comes to my PS4 I have around 13mbs and intermittent extream lag. I have tested my other devices...
  13. R

    Question I NEED HELP WITH MY PS4|not powering up :(

    Hello everyone, hope you’re all finding yourselves through this whole quarantine. My ps4 runs very loud so I figured I’d follow a video on cleaning the dust out. I did everything perfectly fine and treated everything carefully making sure not to break anything on accident. However, after putting...
  14. T

    Question QoS slowing down LAN speeds (R7000P)

    I am having an issue with QoS. I have a generally slow internet plan due to location. It is DSL with 10 down 1 up. Given the slow speeds, I use QoS since there are two of us in the house with multiple devices, and I find QoS works well to prevent buffering issues for our TV streaming devices. I...
  15. A

    Question PS4 not displaying to PC Monitor through HDMI splitter

    I just bought an HDMI splitter for my PS4 so that I can have the display going into my gaming monitor and capture card card simultaneously. The streaming PC will display the PS4 video just fine, but the gaming monitor does not detect and HDMI input. When I disconnect the pc input into the gaming...
  16. ToxicMoofin

    Question PS4 (First Gen) Eject button not working.

    Hello, so i take my system appart every few months just to clean the dust out and re-apply paste to the CPU and heat sink; well one time while doing this i did something to break/disable the eject button and i have no idea what it could be. Its not important to have or anything due to the...
  17. P

    [SOLVED] Can I change the speed of an ethernet cable?

    I bought a 1gbps ethernet cable and I’m afraid that if I connect it to my ps4 it will consume all my internet speed. Because my internet is also 1gbps. I have a Nighthawk M1 router. Iwanted to ask if there is a way I can change the ethernet speed on the router or ps4?
  18. RedScope

    [SOLVED] PS4 Controller Axis off Center

    For some reason when the controller isn't being used the left axis is off center, it's centered physically so I think it's a software issue but I'm not sure. I've had my PS4 controller for quite a while and I've only noticed this now on a tester although I definitely felt it while using the...
  19. E

    Question Which ps4 should I choose

    Hi I want to buy ps4 for my brother but I really dont know which one? Should I buy pro or normal version? His birthday is in december so I have some time, theese are the options for me. I think the best time to buy it will be around...
  20. H

    Question USB Ports RESTARTING only when Gaming and trying to use a CONTROLLER

    Okay! So I don't know what's going on but suddenly 3 days ago as I was trying to play CONTROL for the first time, I was in the game with my PS4 Controller (emulating a XBOX Gamepad via DS4 WINDOWS) and suddenly about 5 minutes into the game my PS4 Controller got disconnected but also all the USB...