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  1. DdGyZ

    Question Can broken gpu cause damage to pc

    I got a GTX 1050-Ti from my friend. It doesn't have a cooler, but i'm planning to put the cooler from my GTX 1050 there (both are MSI low-profile models, so they should be compatible). I have no idea if it's broken or anything. Let's assume that it's broken (which i have no idea of) and i put...
  2. DdGyZ

    Question 180w psu enough for 1050-ti, i5-4460s and 16gb of ram?

    I have this lenovo ThinkCentre e73 tower with i5 4460s and 16gb of ram. I'm planning to put a 1050-ti there, but the pc has only 180 watt power supply. Is it enough and what will happen if the system needs more power than the 180w?