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  1. AlmostDone

    Question Do i need to upgrade my PSU?

    At the moment i have i5 6500 + GTX 980 , 16 GB Ram OC 3200mhz, M.2 and adding one more ! The psu that i have is a seasonic 520W M12|| 80 plus bronze I want to upgrade for x570 with Ryzen 3700x+Cooler will be enough this psu? If not what you reccomend , thanks
  2. I

    Question PCI-E Cable Doesn't Fit GPU

    I've been gaming with my 2400g inegrated graphics for a few months, I recently bought the https://pcpartpicker.com/product/xH448d/msi-radeon-rx-580-8gb-armor-mk2-oc-video-card-rx-580-armor-mk2-8g-oc and when I go to put my pci-e cable into it, it just outright wont fit. I tried for about half...
  3. Niska

    Question what you think about this build

    this not my own build its a company build and i was wondering if this build good for gaming its much cheap iam going to use it's like 2/3 months then i will change the psu and gpu dose the 350w psu work for me or i have to change it when i just buy the pc (can its handel for 2/3 months) (iam...
  4. dafikri566

    Question About my rig & PSU Corsair VS 550

    I just bought my new pc. Is it okay to use VS 550 80 Plus with my rig: Intel Core i3 -8100 GALAX GTX 1650 CORSAIR Vengeance LPX 8 GB RAM CPU COOLER: DEEPCOOL Gammaxx 400 or should i change my PSU to Corsair CX 500 80+ Bronze. There's no Bronze on VS550, only 80+. I need a help pls :D
  5. G

    Question Will this work?

    I'm planning to upgrade an Acer Veriton m4620g with a g645 by installing a rx 470 and a i5 3570. The questions are: Is the stock 300w power supply ENOUGH? Does it's power supply have a 8 pin connector, if not, what adapter should I buy?
  6. P

    [SOLVED] New builder here. What PSU do I need? +interesting theoretical questions.

    Hello all, So I bought a x470 gaming pro mobo and a ryzen 2700x and a Radeon 460 4gb My main concern here is getting a psu that provides me with an 8 pin cpu connecter, as well as a four pin. I want to be able to boot without PSU cord modification... As a side note, i have a 430watt dell...
  7. Abood199o

    Question Ryzen 5 2400g with singel 4 pin connector

    Hi all. I buy new pc with ryzen 5 2400g and msi b450gaming plus ,But i understand that psu just has a single cpu 4 pin connector, so its enough to power it on ?