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  1. P4TR1CK

    Question Recently upgraded GPU and need to know what PSU I should get to stop the crashing ?

    Hey all, approx 6 months ago I bought a pre built Acer nitro I5 found here...
  2. N

    [SOLVED] PSU rails question and GPU leds still turned on after pc completely shut down

    Hello everyone, I wanted to ask a technical question about how PSUs work, my question is why my gpu's (vega 56 strix) power LEDs (the ones above the 8pin pcie connectors that tell you if the GPU is powered properly or has no power) keeps shining even after the PC is completely shut down? They...
  3. K

    Sager Gaming Laptop Advice / Help

    Good Morning, I am in the market to buy a gaming laptop to replace my desktop. With the release of the 1060+ graphics cards, I've decided now might be the time to replace my desktop. I know I'd probably get more kick from a desktop graphics card compared to a laptop card, but I have my reasons...