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  1. X

    Question PC shutdown + fans going crazy + no temp problems

    Can someone help me. I've been looking forward to this Diablo IV release for so long, and not being able to play it [bad] Whenever I play for a short duration my screen turns black (I assume it shuts down) but I hear some of my fans just go crazy. I can still hear the pc working, but nothing...
  2. Krasch13

    Question PSU makes clicking noise, Motherboard lights up, but computer doesn’t boot

    Howdy! So I just finished upgrading my PC (First build, first time upgrading) and I ran into a slight problem. Whenever I go to power on my rig, my motherboard will light up when I flick on the PSU, but when I press the power button my PSU will click and none of my components turn on. I’ve tried...
  3. Ayan Shahed

    [SOLVED] ** PC Shutdown Only When I Play Games & Not Overheating !!**

    ** PC Shutdown Only When I Play Games & Not Overheating !!** Hello Everyone, I'm facing this issue in late 2021 when everyone has known the basics of PCs. At first lemme tell you all my components. PC Specs: CPU: Ryzen 3 2200g Mobo: Gigabyte b450m Gaming Ram: Corsair vengeance lpx 4gb...
  4. Taiskeez

    Question PC won't power on but GPU light on when plugged in

    First of all my specs are: CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 GPU: GeForce GTX 1060 RAM: DDR4-3200MHz 16GB (2x8GB)...
  5. K

    Question Motherboard lights on, GPU lights on, but PC not starting even after jump short start ?

    Hi folks, Let me lay down my specs first- Intel core i5 9400f processor Asus GTX 1650 super GPU - Corsair TX550M Gold rated semi modular PSU -...
  6. alif.ashf

    [SOLVED] Mild shock from case and PSU of my first build. What could be the reason?

    After my first build, My PC case gives me a mild shock when I touch. I tried using a UPS, plugging the PC to a different wall socket and, taking the PSU out of the case, but nothing seemed to resolve the issue. I have noticed that touching the MoBo also gives me the shock. So what could be the...
  7. T

    [SOLVED] PC Restarts while gaming without any reason.

    Hello, I have been having this issue for a week or two where my PC restarts mid gaming, Sometimes it restarts as soon as I start a game, sometimes after 2-3 hours. I already tried various things such as swapping my PSU, GPU I also tried Updating my GPU Drivers, Chipset Drivers and resetting my...
  8. Baatop

    Question Pc powers on then shuts off right way.

    My other post I just made I just bought a different PSU and it didn’t work. Like I said before the EZ-DEBUG ones on only for the CPU and it doesn’t go past that. It’s does boot all the way. Just lights up and shuts down after 4 seconds. Need help
  9. V

    [SOLVED] WEIRD - Power outtage when playing a game

    My setup: -GTX970 -i5-4590k -Samsung SDD -Evga bronze 600W TLDR; Playing CoD makes my computer cause a power outtage (flipped breaker) for my room and floor of the house. Tried things, keeps happening. Thoughts on what the cause is or how I can stop this? A recent weird thing has been...
  10. OMGSam

    [SOLVED] Power Supply or Motherboard Issue

    Hello, Recently my PC started having weird issue where it would turn off unexpectedly, with variation of time duration in turning off. For example, sometimes, it would turn on my PC and I would hear the fans spin for a second, and then it would turn off, then start again, and then off again...
  11. B

    [SOLVED] Computer Randomly Shuts Off Under GPU Stress

    Hello all, I recently purchased an RTX 2080 Super, a big upgrade from my 1070. Ever since I originally purchased it, my computer would randomly shut off and turn back on under any form of stress (from gaming or clock testing). Initially I thought this was a temperature issue, so I...
  12. B

    Question Games Crash and Shown as ''not Responding'' in TaskManager

    Lately my PC has became very annoying, almost everytime i play any game on it, it crashes (but i can access task manager and can force shut the game to remove it from the screen). it often crashes without any error while rarely it gives me errors like "DGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED The video card has...
  13. K

    Question New Mob, RAM, & CPU. Computer hard freezes and other things. Help!

    I'm going to say this in order of time. Time span is less than a week. Started last Tuesday. I download parsec software so I can use my computer when I'm at work. Next day I install new motherboard, CPU, and RAM On the same day as the new hardware my computer starts to stop audio playback for...
  14. K

    Question PSU Blew up

    Hello guys, I'm in a litte problem here. Yesterday I put my new PC build together with EVGA 750 B3 power supply. Everything nice and tidy, pretty sure everything plugged in correctly (it's not my first rodeo). Then when I was going to plug the pc in and start the PSU up, sparks came out and...
  15. J

    my new tv doesnt have scart option but my harddrive only has scart connection how do i get round this please

    require solution to enable continued recording of programmes
  16. A

    Cheapest place to get Windows 7 OS

    I need to buy a windows 7 quick. But I dont want to spend £70 on one. Is there a cheaper way of getting one?