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  1. Question Will my chinese 650w psu be enough for hd 7970?

    So i just bought the MSI HD 7970 Twin frozrlll. And I was thinking if my old PSU would work or not.BTW that PSU is from an unknown Chinese brand so do you guys think it would work? My system: Cpu: Core i3 6100 Ram: 2 sticks of 8 gb of ram DDR4 (16gb) SSD: 128 gb 2 HDD: 2tb and 1 tb PSU: arrow...
  2. J

    Old rig still going

    Intel core 2 quad 2.ghz yorkfield 6gb ram gts 450 will it play new games
  3. Jordannn15

    Need help finding a good HDTV

    I need help finding the best television under $400. Things I want it to have: - 1080p or higher resolution - 32" or larger screen size - Atleast 1 hdmi port If I forgot anything let me know or ask me! Thanks in advance and hopefully this thread is in the correct place.