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  1. L

    Question My pc turns off when under load!

    Hi everyone, I built my pc around a year ago and it was all fine until about a month ago when i was playing Rainbow Six Siege and my pc just turned off without warning. I figured out that because it was a hot day it could be a cooling problem, so I bought 2 new fans (i already had 4) and a cpu...
  2. Rustam_2

    Question I need your help, please!!

    Hello, guys I need a help in one serious issue. Can PSU bring the normal and workable motherboard out in any case? If it can, could you please share in which cases it brings the mobo out. What should be wrong with PSU to do that?
  3. Question Is my psu turning the right way?

    Hey i built a computer a week ago it works fine and all but now i have started wondering maybe my psu is facing the wrong way the fan is taking air from within the case and not outside the case i am not too concerned about it since i have 2 front intakes running at around 1100rpm so plenty of...
  4. T

    Question RX 570 Sapphire Nitro+ 8pin vs 8+6 pin.

    So I got an rx 570 sapphire nitro+ 4gb, and I read on the back of the box that the GPU needs an 8-pin pci-e connector, but you can also plug in another six pin for additional performance. Now, my PSU only has one 8-pin, and i'm wondering if the extra 6-pin is enough of a performance increase to...
  5. J

    Question My pc is not turning on after inserting asus Rx 580 graphic card

    I am looking to buy a Ryzen 5 2600, pair it with my rx 580 8GB, and place it in an msi B450 Gaming pro Carbon Ac mobo. Will i be able to boot the system to windows with the graphics card installed without it's drivers? A.K.A. Can i run windows off an rx 580 without drivers, (until i download them)?
  6. Sachin_94

    Question PC power on; but won't boot at my place (home). But in other places it's working fine

    I have ryzen 3 2200g cpu with onboard vega 8 vga. It worked fine till yesterday. As usual I turned it on; pc starts, but didn't boot. Today I took it to the shop I bought from because it's under warranty period. But it starts normally without any issues. Then I brought it to home and turned on...
  7. 4

    Question PSU cables for xfx 850w

    I bought used xfx 850w psu. It came without some cables: pcie, cpu, peripherals, ide and sata. As this power supply is semi-modular it already have 24 pin, double, each 6+2 pins, pcie and 8 pins processor cable (last one is actually 2x4 pins, do i marked it for cpu correctly?) I need sata cables...
  8. L

    Question No signal from GPU after computer reassembly

    Recently i bought a new case, because i wanted better temperatures. The system: Asrock z77 pro 4-m i5 2320 2x 4gb ddr3 memory chieftec 650 w Psu gtx 1060 6gb 1tb seagate baracuda HDD 256 gb samsung evo SSD The system was running perfectly before I reassembled it. But now i get no display from...
  9. K

    Question Did I short circuit my psu?

    I had a perfectly working pc a few hours ago. I decided to do some cable management, since it got quite messy. I did the thing. Plugged everything back and turned on my pc. Nothing happens. I double checked all the connections outside and inside of the pc, tried multiple power cables and...
  10. E

    Question Upgrading Dell 7010 SFF

    Hey everyone, I know I'm going to catch some heat for attempting this config at all but bear with me, I think there is a solution here that makes sense. I have: a Dell Optiplex SFF 7010 3rd Gen Core i5 - 8GB RAM / 1TB Hard Drive a GeForce GTX 650 Ti Boost 1GB GDDR5 The problem: a 240W stock...
  11. J

    [SOLVED] Reduced SSD performance caused by a damaged PSU SATA cable?

    Okay, so a few days ago I bought a new SSD. In order to be sure that I've properly connected the power supply SATA power cable and the motherboard SATA cable to the SSD, I connected them before inserting the SSD into the case. While I was inserting the SSD into the case, the power supply SATA...
  12. G

    [SOLVED] Perfect psu?

    Hi Just now bought Inno3d RTX 2070 GPU.. FOR this gpu im using "Cooler Master masterwatt lite 700w" smps.. Is this is a good combination?? Kindly help in tiis?
  13. D

    Question Rate My Build.

    I want to now how balanced my build is. I actually have this power supply right now and I'm planing to upgrade to the one on the list...
  14. G

    Question Can this PSU handle my system ?

    Hi all Ryzen 5 2600 ( or 3600 if price is right when it comes to my country ) b450 motherboard ( Mini ATX ) ram 8gb 2933mhz Radeon RX Vega 56 pulse 1 x SSD 250GB Samsung evo 860 Seasonic Power Supply 750W ATX 24 pin Focus Plus Gold SSR-750FX Active-PFC Retail...
  15. P

    Question I did 6 things and my system still restarts. What do I do?

    Okay... So back last summer, for some reason my computer started restarting without any signs and/or payload. After that, I did these things over a span of a year, and it's still restarting sometimes, though it's much less frequent. Buy a new case that improves ventilation Buy a new power...
  16. L

    [SOLVED] Can That 500 Watt PSU Handle GTX 760

    First of all sorry for my bad English. Here is my PSU: CPU: G3260 Ram: 2+4 Gi Ddr III One 7200 RPM Sata HDD
  17. M

    Question What PSU to buy?

    Hello! I want to build a PC, and I'm looking for a PSU. Some cheap options, without going to shitty brands, are the EVGA 650W GD 80+ Gold, EVGA 650W GQ 80+ Gold and EVGA 750W GQ 80+ Gold. (GD is the cheapest and 750 GQ most expensive). My components are, I think: ASRock X370 Killer SLI or a...
  18. G

    [SOLVED] When do PSUs need replacing?

    My current build from March 2015 is still using the same RM650 PSU from Corsair, with no issues such as shutdowns etc. My components are Strix 970 @ 1491MHz, FX 8350 @ 4.0 GHz, 14GB RAM, NH-D15 and 3 x 140mm case fans. I measured power consumption and at idle the system pulls 120-140W and under...
  19. S

    [SOLVED] GTX 1060, RX 580 or RX 590

    Hello, i currently have an I5-7500 CPU, 16gb 2400Mhz ram and a GTX 1050 ti, After recently getting my new I5-7500 and My new 16gb ram i decided that i also need a new GPU, Because my current PSU is very bad and my budget is very low i will upgrade it to a Corsair VS550 or CX550 PSU, so i also...
  20. O

    Question Using Older Power Supply With New Motherboard

    I'm going to be replacing the motherboard-processor-memory in my existing 6.5 year old computer. The power supply is a 500W PC Power & Cooling MkIII(PPCMK3S500) that's ATX v2.3 compliant and the new motherboard will be an ASRock B365 Pro4 with an i5-9400F processor. I know the PSU has enough...