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    Question Corsair H100i Elite Capellix Pump Noise and Whine

    I'd like to know if my pump's noise is normal since I've never owned an AIO before. My CPU cooler used to be a Cryorig H7 which was very quiet when idle, much quieter than my new AIO is. However, since I own a 9700k and wanted to overclock it, the Cryorig H7 was not enough anymore. I can...
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    Question CPU liquid cooler Enermax

    Hello! Last year I bought a new PC with Threadripper 2950W and a liquid cooling system by WAK Enermax TR4 II Threadripper. This year in march it broke down and it was replaced by a new one. And now by the end of this year 2019 the problem with noisy cooling is here again :/ I posted a video on...