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    Question Should I use my Arctic Liquid Freezer 360 AIO Without the PCB cover?

    I've just collected all the parts for my PC build and it appears there is a Motherboard clearance issue with a portion of the PCB cover on the pump of the arctic liquid freezer ii. They go on to say in the manual that "The function and safety of the Liquid Freezer II is not affected.". Despite...
  2. S

    Question H80i running at 8000rpm/100c - dead?

    Clutching at straws here I think but worth the ask. Cleaned some thick dust off which was sandwiched between the radiator and case side fan, booted back up to CPU hitting 100c even in BIOS. Corsair link showing the pump running at 8000 rpm which is way higher than I'd expect. I assume I've...
  3. revanfan

    Question Is My Radiator High Enough to Prevent Pump Damage?

    I believe my rad is high enough in the case to prevent pump damage, but they're pretty close to level so I wanted to post here to see if you all think it's safe. View: https://i.imgur.com/PI68N2I.jpg
  4. Botanicgore

    Question Cooler pump Does not work unless i reset pc by the powersupply

    for the last 2 days when i woke up and turn my PC on my CPU temp cranks up to 100C> so i turned it off by the power supply so that i could check if the cooler is loose (It wasnt) but i found that upon turning it back on the temp issue was fixed so i suspected it was my pump on my AIO cooler...
  5. brendenmill

    Question Incredibly high CPU temps when idle

    Ryzen 3600 running mid 60s Celsius while idle, 80s when gaming. Running an MSI MAG Coreliquid 240R with 2 fans, and 4 more case fans. I've tried changing bios settings, as well as removing and re-installing my CPU cooler and CPU. I built this PC less than a year ago and I'm not sure what the...
  6. JehadKhmaise

    Question Cpu Temps is not "stable" with a low fps

    Guys i build a pc before 3 months with i7 10700 Cpu And Asus Strix B460-h the cooler is corsair H100i V2 and everything was okay before 2 days my SSD failed and i replaced it with new Evo Plus 970 from Samsung i dont know if this mean anything to my problem ! I reinstalled the windows with the...
  7. brendenmill

    [SOLVED] Ryzen 3600 super high temps, lots of airflow @ AIO.

    I am at a total loss. I built my PC less than a year ago and a couple weeks ago, it starting performing very poorly and restarting every minute or so. Eventually I got a BSOD. Error code was Critical System Failure I believe. After trying system restore and startup repair, nothing worked. I kept...
  8. tek3195

    Question Water pump working with SATA power only ?

    I have an Alphacool Eisbaer that is not getting any power from fan/pump headers. It does however run from sata cable. The sata power it works on is from an external psu used for loop filling and testing, not the psu in the PC. It has a lighted logo on it that also gets no power connected to fan...
  9. S

    [SOLVED] Issues with MSI B560M FDH-Pro

    Hi All, NEED HELP! I just installed a new MSI B560M FDH-Pro motherboard, with an Intel i7 11700KF. I have a brand new m.2 drive (Kingston - SKC2500M8/250G) installed, a 1TB SSD (Samsung 2.5" 860 QVO - from the old PC - wiped) Installed Windows 10 on the m.2 drive and started installing Steam...
  10. L

    Question Masterliquid ML360L really noisy

    Hey guys, so basically I bought this watercooler from Cooler Master, a "Masterliquid ML360L V2 ARGB", but after about 2 or 3 weeks it started making this really loud noise, and I don't know what to do. I've contacted the RMA from Cooler Master, but I'm afraid my cooler stop working, and due the...
  11. V

    [SOLVED] How do I run this water pump without the molex cord that came with my PSU?

    My power supply is the corsair AX1500i and I no longer have all the cords that came with it. AX1500i Digital ATX Power Supply — 1500 Watt Fully-Modular PSU (corsair.com) I'm trying to run a pump but I'm not sure how to connect it without the needed molex cord: Amazon.com: Alphacool VPP655 - PWM...
  12. T

    [SOLVED] Does having a 3pin AIO pump connected to CPU_OPT get full voltage if the CPU_FAN is 4 pin PWM?

    Hi, I have a 4pin PWM noctua F12 as a radiator fan in the CPU_FAN header and the corsair H60 AIO (3 pin) pump in the CPU_OPT headerm my motherboard is asus z87-pro. My CPU_FAN RPM is controlled by the CPU temps detected on my motherboard (using Fan Xpert). Does the pump AIO receive full voltage...
  13. dmk007dmk007

    Question weird pump noise when passing 2k rpm

    Hello guys, I need help, when the pump passes around 2k rpm its starts to make noise inside (PWM normal mode how it was always) but when I put it in DC mode in bios the noise goes away bcs the rpm stay at 1k-1.7k in PWM mode it always stays MAX rpm. Can anyone tell me how to keep it at 80% power...
  14. NoLongerHuman

    [SOLVED] 5900x going all the way up to 90c with ek aio 360 don’t know why

    Here’s my parts: - MSI Meg ace mobo -5900x Ryzen 9 evga ftw3 3090 1000w evga psu tridentz royal 4000 32gb I just turn it on and it starts to rise. I can finish windows install because of it. I go into the bios and put all the fans on max and it sits at 83c. Idk what to do I’m new to building...
  15. M

    Question 1080ti 90c when idle (Update)

    I have a MSI GTX 1080ti Seahawk (not overclocked). Today I turned the computer on and the GPU fan was running loud (3800rpm) constantly. I checked corsair link and the temperature was 90.0c. I was also getting artifacting on both my monitors. Clock speeds were all over the place constantly...
  16. Deansy136

    [SOLVED] Be Quiet! Pure Loop Pump Positioning

    I recently bought the Be Quiet Pure Loop 280mm. I bought it due to its significant price difference compared to other AIO's in its size range. The cooler works perfectly well and is delivering great temperatures. I watched the Gamers Nexus video about AIO positioning within a case, and how the...
  17. zentenon

    [SOLVED] dont have CPU_OPT, PUMP or AIO_PUMP

    hey i order a nzxt kraken m22, and i dont have CPU_OPT, PUMP or AIO_PUMP on my motherboard. my motherboard is a Gigabyte h310 m ds2 2.0, this mother only has cpu fan and sys fan please help and answer me where i can put my pump header into.
  18. H

    [SOLVED] Which AIO is better CoolerMaster ML240L v2 vs Corsair H100i Platinum (2020)

    Hello, I am building a new PC with i7 10700k Processor, I am confused between two AIOs, CoolerMaster ML240L v2 and Corsair H100i Platinum. CoolerMaster ML240L v2 is a budget AIO and newer improved pumped has installed in it Corsair H100i Platinum was released an almost a year ago, but i...
  19. P33r

    [SOLVED] AIO parts

    Hi There Was a leaking hose on my "Deepcool Gamer Storm Captain 240" Took the hose away and was left with a pump and a radiator. Can i sell them or use them custom? Regards Sry för my english
  20. us.ez.pc

    [SOLVED] Parallel loop with Y-splitters?

    Hi! I'll start with specs: XSPC Raystorm Pro CPU block EK-FC1080 GTX TF6 GPU block Alphacool D5 Pump running at 3000 RPM HW Labs GTX 480 + HW Labs GTS 420 Radiators. So, after a lot of testing, I noticed that GPU reacts very well on increased flow, while the CPU doesn't care much. In the case...
  21. 1

    [SOLVED] Is this AIO pump noise normal?

    Hi all, I am new in the water cooling world. I have read people saying water pumps are noisy and others say are inaudible. In charts they are very quiet, with idle noise under 10db.... I have the Corsair H115i PRO RGB, and with the fans off, the pump makes around 30db noise(IDLE). The sound is...
  22. J

    Question DDC 3.1 Pump

    Hey all, I got the https://www.ekwb.com/shop/ek-xres-100-ddc-mx-3-1-pwm-incl-pump (6w ddc 3.1 pump) and I was wondering the comfortable limits of it. Currently, the loop only consists of one block and a rad, and the pump is sufficient. If I were to add another block and another rad, would the...
  23. EddyPC

    Question How much ARGB fans can I connect to SATA power supply output?

    good evening to everyone, I have a cable that has 4 SATA with a single 6 pin output from the power supply. I have 8 ARGB 2300 rpm PWM fans, 1 PWM splitter (SATA power), 1 ARGB splitter (SATA power), HDD (SATA power) and the AIO pump (SATA power). Can I connect everything with that cable...
  24. L

    [SOLVED] AIO Watercooling - Is this sound normal ?

    Hello, I have builted my new personnal computer. Everything working fine but i have a weird sound coming from the watercooling that's harrassing me. It appears randomly and it's loud. My cooler is an Artic Liquid Freezer II 280. You can hear the sound here: View: https://youtu.be/Qh6qvae0tjA...
  25. K

    Question Dual D5 watercooling build question

    Hello. Im thinking about puttong together a system with 4x 360mm radiators, one gpu and one cpu. The rad space might be overkill but ill be able to set the fan speed very low. I also want low noise from the pump, so, i want to use 2x D5 pumps working together on a dual D5 pump top, the alphacool...
  26. DrakosVz

    [SOLVED] Really high pump speeds

    Hi guys, I install Hwmonitor and when I start looking for the fans i just noticed that my pump it's doing 4891 rpm, any ideas about what can be the problem in that? I've a corsair h75 aio https://ibb.co/NC9Xk7q
  27. C

    Question Pump started making weird noise

    So I have an EK pump that started making a rather loud annoying noise. I had just finished bending the tubes to add my GPU to my loop, filled it back up, and this is what it was doing. The only think I can think of is I put primochill prep in again since the GPU never had the prep but the rest...
  28. K

    [SOLVED] Installation of water cooler

    Hey wonderful folks. I'm about to install my water cooler into my pc. What I'm unsure about is whether the fan or the pump should be connected to the CPU Fan 4 pin slot on my motherboard. I'm a little confused about this one since I've seen different responses and answers in my searches online...
  29. johnx125

    [SOLVED] Corsair H60 both tubes are hot

    I have a Corsair H60 (2013 version) cooler in my computer and the CPU is an AMD FX8350 running at stock frequency. It's a pretty old rig I built it back in early 2015 and the CPU never overheated so I didn't really worry about temps. However, a few days ago I noticed that both of the cooler's...
  30. briedislauris

    [SOLVED] Where to plug my water pump?

    Hello, guys! So I bought a pre-built custom water loop PC, It's been a year since then and I decided to change the liquid and clean all the tubes etc. When I saw that my water pump has only 1 (4 pin) connector which connects into MB, I was wondering how to connect this connector directly to PSU...
  31. A

    [SOLVED] Where do I plug in my radiator fans and pump?

    Hi, I'm new to water-cooling so excuse me if I sound like a noob cuz I am. Water-cooling Setup: Motherboard - Asus ROG Maximus XI Formula CPU Block - EKWB Velocity D-RGB Pump/Res Combo - Thermaltake Pacific PR33-S Radiator - Thermaltake Pacific CL480 Radiator Fans - 4 x Thermaltake Riing Trio...
  32. A

    Question Watercooling extremely loud

    Hi, About 6 months ago I bought a custom built PC, which was assembled in company and sent to me. About a week ago water cooling system started to get really loud. Noise is similar to vibrating sound. At first I wasn´t so aware of it, but now it´s really annoying. What do you think it is and...
  33. W

    Question Dual Pump's make lot of noise while gaming

    Hi, I recently starting playing black desert online ( which is horrible at game optimazation) thus letting my gpu run overtime at 80-90% usage and processor same. after a little while of playing the pump starts going mayhem and runs overtime to cool them both which in turn makes noise as the...
  34. R

    [SOLVED] Upgrading Components + Unboxed Newegg Question

    I am looking to upgrade my PC and I have a few ideas that I will share. I am looking for some advise in case I have incompatible items. Also has anyone had any experience with buying Open Box items (Mobo) from Newegg? Current PC Specs: Mobo: ASRock Z97 Anniversary LGA 1150 -...
  35. X

    Question Installed 32Gb ram, now bootloop

    Specs are i7700k Ga-z270 gaming 5 1080 ti previously 8gb 4x2 I just now bought used 32 GB 2x16 Dominator Platinum DDR4 2666 mhz First bootup attempt made the computer go into a bootloop, i tried different ram slots this time 2 and 4, but still red light(first bottom right, than all over the...
  36. aphoticstarfield

    Question Computer frequently freezes (sort of) randomly, boots to blinking underscore

    Hi all, First time on Tom's Hardware, made this account after browsing the forums for a solution to my issue, unfortunately to no avail. I am at my wits end, and would appreciate any help that anybody can offer. I keep my computer on just about 24/7, and I am experiencing this frustrating...
  37. C

    AMD + NVIDIA same PC question..

    im looking to buy a used 1070 FTW from someone but i currently use 2 gpus, and am getting rid of them both to get the 1070 FTW.. im mostly using my 2nd gpu (non sli and both Nvidia) for 2 extra monitors cause i have 2 hdmi and 2 dvi monitors, so each gpu has 1 of each hooked to it, and i use my...
  38. dsr07mm

    [SOLVED] default radeon wattman settings have been restored - Only after boot during morning ?

    Is there a fix for this ? I'm gaming during day, there are no issues whatsoever with anything, but every morning when I boot my PC I get this message. It's annoying for some game profiles.. Any solution ? I see threads going years back..
  39. I

    How much should i pay for this PC?

    CPU ................... Intel Core i7-4790 MB ..................... ASUS H97 PRO GAMER RAM ................... 2 x 4GB 1866MHz DDR3 Kingston HDD ................... Seagate 500GB 7200rpm 32MB Cache PSU ........... Cooler Master B600 Ver.2 CASE ............... LC-Power White Arrow
  40. T

    Asus strix 1080ti 11G or O-11G ?

    i know that the O-11G is the factory overclocked card .. but is the only difference at the clock speeds ? the O-11G is 100mhz higher at base and boost and it also costs 140$ more so is it just the clock speed or its better binned or it has better cooling ? .. and witch is better at cooling and...