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  1. Efu8

    Question Asus Prime H510M-A vs ASRock b560m-hdv ?

    +$20 on the b560m. Assuming im getting an i5 11400f, will the h510m suffice with power limits off? Or this b560m is worth extra. ill be using 3200mhz cl16 ram btw.
  2. stitch_fluffy

    Question Purchasing a graphics card with Bitcoin ?

    Hello, I would like to buy a graphic card, but paying with Bitcoin. Has anyone also purchased from Bitcogames.com? I've only bought few games. But for hardware, do they ship to everywhere? Thank you.
  3. L

    Question Help picking HDD used for storing all my data

    For the past weeks I've been looking at many different drives to purchase for a raid 1 usage. The drives will be used to store ALL my data. That includes: Pictures, Videos, Movies, Music collection, and other important data. I will mainly use the drive for playing a lot of music and watching...
  4. C

    Question RTX 2070 Super or RX 5700XT?

    Looking to upgrade my graphics card with a budget of ~$500. Will be used mostly for gaming in games such as Destiny 2, Valorant, Risk of Rain 2, and games like Cyberpunk when that comes out. Will also be used for VR whenever Valve gets things going. Currently running a GTX 1060 6Gb with with an...
  5. C

    [SOLVED] Which of these GPU's would be the best choice for an upgrade.

    I am looking to upgrade my GPU and have narrowed it down to a few choices. I am looking at either a RTX 2070 Super, RX 5700 XT, or possibly a used GTX 1080 Ti. I know that they all preform fairly similarly when it comes to fps and what not so I want to know which would be the best in regards to...
  6. AtotehZ

    [SOLVED] New ~$2000 system for Gaming+Streaming

    Hey, I'm looking for a build for a guy I know and decided to just go with the template suggested in the sticky. If you need any more info don't hesitate to ask. Approximate Purchase Date: Within 2 months, possibly a few weeks. Budget Range: $2000 (more if necessary) System Usage from Most to...
  7. W

    Question Switching to workstation desktop. What are top recommendations?

    Hello all - I am looking to purchase a new, pre-built workstation desktop pc to replace my Dell XPS 15 (2018) laptop. My budget is flexible, but I'm targeting ~$3k. I plan to use the computer for data analysis, heavy office use and photo editing. I am somewhat limited in physical desk space...
  8. Linastra

    [SOLVED] Can you please advise me if I should I purchase a new PC or upgrade my current system. Thanks

    Hi, my current system is 5 years old and I know I need a better graphics card (regular gaming) and better ram (minecraft). I am not sure what the life expectancy is of my computer parts, so I'm not sure if I should keep my PSU, CPU and HDs - or if I am better off replacing them all now instead...
  9. Banjer_HD

    Question 1080p 75Hz vs 1440p 60Hz

    Hey there, I'm looking for a monitor for browsing, programming and also some gaming, I found two great ones. Lenovo L24p-10 (1440p 60Hz) and Acer Nitro VG240Y (1080p 75Hz FreeSync). Which one would be better? Which one is more futureproof? Is 15Hz more really that more smoother as people say? I...
  10. Boyling460

    Which apu do i choose.

    I am making a budget gaming computer and I am stuck between 3 apu's. The A8-7850K, A10-7700K or A10-7850K. Eventually I will be getting a graphics card but i'm going to save for a really high end one later. Thanks to anybody who answers