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  1. Question GT1030 started to show purple lines

    Hello everyone! I hope someone could at least tell me what's going on :( I was just normally on twitch when suddenly ocurred a Power Outage, for some minutes. After my PC boot, started to show Vertical Purple Lines all over the screen. If I uninstall the drives the lines dissapear, if I...
  2. A

    Will a 400 watt psu work?

    My specs are: CPU: FX-8320(currently shipping) GPU: GTX-960 Strix 4GB Mobo: Asus m5a78l PSU: EVGA 400 Watt Hyper T2 Evo If you need any more information please say, thanks in advance!
  3. K

    Windows 10 on my SSD, Installed from my Blu-ray drive, and my Hard Drive isn't showing up:

    As it says, I just finished my new build. I have an SSD with my OS on it and so far two maybe three programs. I would like to put my files and other junk/games on my Hard Drive. When I go to Device Manager it shows both the SSD and the Hard Drive, however in my folders or when installing...