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  1. M

    Question Fan Hub - Power Cable Issue [works after re-plugging]

    All of my case fans and my AIO cooler's radiator fans and CPU block are connected to my ARGB fan hub which came with my case (MSI Mag Forge 112R). There is no issue with the RGB on my components but rather with the power cable for the hub itself. While the PC is running, if I take out the power...
  2. S

    Question Fan spins but is not detected in BIOS, and RPM is not reported ?

    Here is my machine: Case: NZXT S340 White M/B: AsRock Z370 Killer SLI/AC Fan: CoolerMaster SICKLEFLOW 120 ARGB So I replaced one of original chassis fans with SickleFlow 120. After installing the fan I found that its cable was too short to reach the other fan header on MOBO. I...
  3. B

    Question Fans connected directly to the PSU are not running ?

    I just reconfigured my fan setup in my micro atx case, replacing one fan and installing 4 all new ones in a way I've never done it before. Unsurprisingly, the 4 new ones aren't spinning. I have 3 total PWM fan slots on my motherboard; 1 for the cpu fan, 1 for the built in intake fan and 1 for...
  4. 0verzealous

    Question PWM not working.

    I have an Asus prime b560m-a ac motherboard, and the Cooler master masterfan fan hub, I've checked all of my fans and they're PWM compatible. I've tried using various apps and using a different header for the hub, none of it is working.
  5. S

    Question z87 motherboard fans refuse to respond. Anyone have any ideas?

    I have an older motherboard, sabertooth z87. Recently I had to replace my PSU, reinstall windows 10 and ever since my motherboard assist fans have gone whack. The assistant fan 1 is going on full turbo all the time (8000rpm) and the noise of it is driving me crazy. I imagine it's not good for...
  6. N

    Question Unable to control fan speed through bios or speedfan.

    Unable to control fan speed through bios or speedfan. My CPU and Exhaust fan can either run at full speed or at bare minimum. CPU Fan - connected to motherboard's CPU FAN header 4 Pin Exhaust/Rear Fan - connected to motherboard's H AMP FAN header 4 pin Both the fans are 4 pin and I am not...
  7. R

    Question PWM, DC, fan splitter.

    I just added my second PWM splitter. So now I have 1 splitter connected to 2 fans (CHA1) and 1 splitter connected to 2 fans (CHA2).... What I did notice however, when booting into BIOS and going to Qfan control, is that the fans were speeding up to 1400... Not all of them... just the ones...
  8. nerodero

    [SOLVED] Case Fans suddenly very fast, BIOS settings wont slow it down.

    Was playing a game and left my PC on while I napped for an hour. Woke up to my fans spinning really loudly. Restarting PC didnt do anything. MSI Center's fan control didn't do anything. Changing POWER Options to Power Saver etc. didnt do anything, neither did changing the fans speed through BIOS...
  9. F

    Question Bios? MOBO? Cooler? Who's got the issue?

    First off the specs. Mobo-MSI Z490 gaming edge wifi CPU-I7 10700k Cooler-Noctua NH d15 chromax 3000rpm NEW PSU-apex gaming 750w gold Ram 16gb ballistic ddr4 GPU-MSI 3070 ti gaming trio NEW 2 3000rpm noctual fans NEW Other fans etc.... Issue-bios/afterburner not saving/abiding by curves...
  10. Ryflick

    [SOLVED] Is it safe connecting 3 Case Fans to Single PWM Fan Header?

    Heya all, I'd like to ask is it safe to connect 3 case fans to a single SYS_FAN1 Header in my motherboard? My specs : Processor : AMD Ryzen 5 PRO 4650G Motherboard : MSI B450M-A PRO MAX AM4 GPU : MSI Radeon RX 570 ARMOR MK2 8GB OC GDDR5 RAM : Netac 2x8GB SR 3200MHz CL16 DDR4 SSD : ADATA SU650...
  11. I

    Question Combining y cable and pwm extention to hub - Safe?

    I got a Fractal Design - Define 7 XL. In it there's a Nexus+ 2 Fan Hub. It supports 3x 4-pin PWM. Problem is I got 4x PWM fans (Noctua NF-A14) 140mm 3x Front Intake 1x Exhaust I intend to have the exhaust plugged in the hub. Leaving 2x PWM left on the hub. So I was thinking plugging 2 front...
  12. Szabi1850

    Question BIOS reads 0RPM for system fan, they always go 100% speed

    Hello everyone! I have a new case (Genesis Irid 505) and a Gigabyte MB (B450M DS3H). I've connected the Fan HUB, which holds 4 RGB fans to the MB's Sys_fan 1 (PWM) pin's. The cable has only two connection on the left and right side, so the two in the middle are missing. I am not sure if that is...
  13. AceMemphis

    Question Case fan speed stuck under 1000rpm ?

    My mobo is a Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3P. I have tried 2 different 4-pin fans, and I have also tried every configuration in the BIOS auto/silent/manual with .75 to 2.50 PWM value per °C. No matter what setting I choose, the system fan 1 never runs higher than 1000rpm, which is odd because every other...
  14. P

    Question Connecting PWM fan to DC fan connector

    Hello, i just bought 3 phanteks t30. I plan to run them in the 3k rpm mode, at a 0.36A input current. Two intake, one exhaust. Besides the cpu fan, my MSI z490m MAG has a pump fan (pwm) and 3x sys fan (dc) fan headers. I want to know the best way to connect the 3 fans. The sysfan dc headers...
  15. VenXxx

    [SOLVED] Need help with ARGB with 4 pin headers

    Hello, I need help and explanation on how to use this ARGB headers with 4 Pin headers(FANS). my case is MSI FORGE 100R and it comes with 2 argb fans(1 argb header and 4 pin header(the PWM)) and one ordinary 120mm fan(4pin) and a argb controler without 4pin**. (I have seen Tecware Forge M with...
  16. I

    Question Case Fans 100% speed when waking up from sleep mode Phanteks PWM Hub

    Mobo: Gigabyte AB350 Gaming-3 CPU: Ryzen 5 1600 CPU Cooler: Hyper 212 Evo w/ be quiet Pure Wings 2 120mm PSU: EVGA SuperNova 750 G3 GPU: R9 380 4G CASE: Phanteks Enthoo (PH-ES614PTG_BK) Case Fans: 2x stock 140mm Case Fans, 3x ThermalTake Pure 12 120mm ARGB, 2x BeQuiet Pure Wings 2 120mm BIOS...
  17. C

    [SOLVED] Is it safe to connect all case fans to the cpu header of the motherboard through a splitter?

    Right now i have 1 chassis fan and the cpu fan, where the chassis fan is connected to a molex (running always at 100%), and the cpu fan is connected to the cpu fan header. Im looking into moving to a new case and I'll have to add some fans. New setup will be 4 case fans and a cpu fan. Im...
  18. A

    [SOLVED] Hit a wall while building

    Right so i am completely new to building PCs, creating my first one based on a lot of research and some nifty tweaks given by the tom's hardware community Hours later, and many many youtube tutorials in, i have run into a befuddling problem i can't seem to find any tutorial or explaination for...
  19. siam siddique

    Question can I overclock or change mosfet?

    I have gigabyte b450 gaming x containing the worst mosfet of human history for low side 4c06n & for higher side 4c10n....... can I overclock 5800x extremely with direct airflow over the vrm?? & is it possible to replace the mosfet with 4co24n & 4c029n??
  20. ItsMario124

    [SOLVED] Noctua NF-P12 redux-1700 PWM Not recognized as PWM by Motherboard

    This is the fan I have enabled PWM for both chassis, my corsair fan is working with PWM just fine, however in the bios it shows N/A for Noctua fan in chassis 1. With Fan Xpert 2+ I can use it as DC. It is plugged in directly to chassis 1 with...
  21. Jaiff

    [SOLVED] how do i know my motherboard supports argb?

    Recently I bought Antec Prizm 120 ARGB Case Fan from Amazon It comes with three cables I know only one which I plugged on my motherboard Asus Z170 Pro Gaming. These are the connectors of this fan. I plugged only the PWM header only I don't know what the others go for? But the lights not...
  22. N

    [SOLVED] Hybrid vs PWM fan headers ?

    How do you differentiate between a "hybrid" fan header and a "PWM" fan header? I was looking at the MOBOs on gigabyte website where they do not mention the type of fan header. So how do I identify it visually?
  23. T

    [SOLVED] What is the fan threshold setting on Asus Fan Xpert (AI Suite 3)

    Hi, as the questions says I was wondering what happens if I increase the fan threshold in the app. I am hoping this will increase the minimum speed my fans will run at so they do not go below this RPM. Many thanks, Tom
  24. T

    [SOLVED] Does having a 3pin AIO pump connected to CPU_OPT get full voltage if the CPU_FAN is 4 pin PWM?

    Hi, I have a 4pin PWM noctua F12 as a radiator fan in the CPU_FAN header and the corsair H60 AIO (3 pin) pump in the CPU_OPT headerm my motherboard is asus z87-pro. My CPU_FAN RPM is controlled by the CPU temps detected on my motherboard (using Fan Xpert). Does the pump AIO receive full voltage...
  25. TripleYoThreat

    [SOLVED] Different types of Fan / RGB Connectors

    Hi, hope you're doing well! Been building computers for over 13 years now, so you can bet I'm asking after trying to figure it out as best as I could. I got a simple question but its rather particular. I've been doing a lot of builds lately and there have been so many different kinds of...
  26. Cristian Bull

    Question Control GPU fans using case fans control

    I have an Aorus gtx1060 that's been malfunctioning for over a year, and want to know if there is a way to control the GPU fans directly from the pwm of the case fans. I disassembled the GPU and noticed the fans have 4 wires, but the connector is slightly different to that from standard PC fans...
  27. M

    [SOLVED] Can i use PWM cooler in Voltage mode?

    I have a generic cooler(Dex 9100d) and it has 4-pins, so the bios set it as PWM but it was making a lot of noise so i started trying things, when i choose Voltage as the Control Mode, the noise reduces significantly, i don't think it is caused by RPM because i've tested it with Manual RPM...
  28. A

    [SOLVED] Recommendation for a PWM fan hub?

    So I have the NZXT h440 which has a built-in fan controller. Recently it's been getting funny on me, legit just turning off the fans. It's okay for now as a tap to the back of the pc fixes it and it's happened once 5 months ago and twice this evening so it's not persistent, any recomendations...
  29. czcina

    [SOLVED] Connecting fans into motherboard

    Hi all. Just waiting for new parts to arrive, while doing that wondering if I might need any extra cables, adapters etc. Nothing worse than missing one of those ;) I got: 6x: LIAN LI Bora Digital Series RGB BR DIGITAL-3R S, 120mm Addressable RGB LED PWM Fan - Spec ASUS ROG Strix LC 360 - Spec...
  30. S

    [SOLVED] Confused between PWM and SYS_FAN headers connections

    Hello, I bought a case Gaming Spirit Of Gamer Ghost 5 ARGB Edition, it has two 200 mm and one 120mm case fans, and it is accompanied by an ARGB hub which has cables outputs ( 3pins RGB & VGD, 4pins PWM). Fans are pre-configured in the Hub. (To be honest i could not find the brand of the hub to...
  31. Meep The Changeling

    [SOLVED] New to PWM. How should I set up my case fans and CPU fan?

    In my BIOS I have the ability to set up a fan curve. I want to do it there because using MSI dragon center has made it so if my monitor turns off for power reasons, so does my RBG keyboard... and then even though Dragon Center is set to ignore my keyboard, it wipes the RGB settings of my...
  32. S

    [SOLVED] Can someone help me find a good 280mm PC case fan? (NOT a AIO Cooler)

    Hello all, I am shopping for a 280mm PC fan to put in the back side of my Thermaltake Tower 900: I am NOT looking for a AIO, just looking for a 280mm case fan. I am searching online but all I can find are 240mm case Fans and not...
  33. J

    Question Assistance With Cooler RGB

    After much deliberation, I finally settled on the Lian Li LIANCOOL 2 (in black) as the case I will use, but only if I can come up with a solution to a problem. My chosen cooler, the Corsair h150i Elite Cappelix, comes with a Commander Core. The Commander Core has 6 PWM fan headers and 6 4-pin...
  34. samudoma

    Question Disabling PWM fans (system, not CPU) under specific temperatures

    I have 4 PWM fans installed in my case (PcCooler Halo RGB 120 mm), MSI MPG Z490M Gaming Edge Motherboard, however temperature-wise I have no use for them (and their noise) while doing basic stuff or idling. Is it harmful or not to set them up in BIOS in DC smart fan mode in...
  35. Zoltan Kandi

    [SOLVED] Cooler modding/swap on a Dell PowerEdge 860 / PowerEdge R200 1U server

    Good day to y'all in your favourite timezone :) Complete newbie here asking for some advice on cooler replacement on a PE860 / PE R200 server. I managed to buy two of these beauties in a liquidation sale CHEAP. Both come with a Xeon X3220, 8 GB RAM and 2x 300GB SAS HDD, good enough specs for...
  36. J

    [SOLVED] Can the CPU fan header control LED brightness?

    I'm usually pretty good about Googling solutions but I can't seem to figure this out. From what I understand, the 4 pin CPU has PWM, which lets you control the fan speed and lights. I just can't figure out how to control the LED on my fan. My MOBO is an MSI B450 Gaming Plus Max and I have a...
  37. juampidieguez123

    [SOLVED] Could I use a splitter without knowing amp usage?

    In a couple of days I'll be building a Pc with this mobo and this case. The case has two 4-pin fans but the mobo only has one 4-pin header (there is a 3-pin header but i'll be using that one for the rear fan). I looked up for a splitter, but the thing is that I could not find anywhere the amp...
  38. GogiAS

    [SOLVED] PWM connector on PSU?

    Hi, so why do I have additional 4 pin PWM connector on low-entry level PSU when on official page they say nothing about it? Model is Antec V550. PWM is on same cable with molex connector so I been wondering if that means when I connect PSU to the motherboard, all my case fans connected to the...
  39. C

    Question PC BUILD - £1500

    Hi all. Looking to build a PC for gaming with a £1500 budget for a tower, keyboard and mouse. Part lists please? Thanks!
  40. MadsModsat

    [SOLVED] Recommended software for controlling PWM case fans connected to MB?

    Hello. I'm looking for a piece of software to control my case fans. I only need it every now and again, for when I'm stresstesting / benchmarking and for trying to find the best settings between case fans and the fans on my AiO, and pump RPM of the AiO. It is not something I do too often, but...