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  1. iKumud

    Question How to Enable PXE Boot

    I have AIS Industrial PC. I want to convert them to ThinClients via PXE Boot. Its BIOS is APTIO – 2019 American Megatrends . I changed the following but I get a shell prompt instead of it trying to connect to DHCP server. Under Advanced tab -> CMS Configuration. Changed the Boot Option filter...
  2. M

    Question [Solved] Problem with a Lan installation: PXE-E53 No boot file name received

    Hi guys, I'm trying to install Windows 7 on an old laptop via LAN (the laptop does not support boot from USB and the DVD player gives problems) I followed these 2 guides: to configure the free version of Serva. to configure TFTPboot. At this point I connect the laptop to my router, I chose...
  3. BlackMamba23

    PC turns on but monitor and peripherals do not

    I'm experiencing a problem with my custom built PC after 3 years running time. It started to occur a few week(s) after moving house. At first it was the PC turning on (fans, gpu, lights) but the monitor and all usb-powered peripherals weren't responding, after a few restarts, it would begin to...