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  1. G

    Question Motherboard unable to use q flash button

    I am attempting to update the bios of a B550 Gigabyte Aorus pro AC to work with my new Ryzen 5600x. I got a Seasonic Focus GX-750 PSU to plug it into. However, when I turn on the PSU, the motherboard RGB lights flash and disappear. I tried inserting a USB and pressing the Q Flash button, but...
  2. TheUltraMarine

    [SOLVED] Can my friend use Q-Flash Plus on his Gigabyte B550M with the CPU installed?

    Hello again! My friend is currently in process of finishing up his build, however, since I was taking a nap while he was building, I forgot to tell him that he'd most likely need to use BIOS flashback in order for it to be compatible with his 5600X. Would he be able to use Q-Flash Plus on the...
  3. D

    Question No display after BIOS update

    I attempted to update my BIOS from the GIGABYTE website. This update was from the F11 version to the new F32 version using the Q-flash method. I downloaded, unzipped the files, and extracted them to a formatted USB drive in order to flash the new BIOS version. However, after the BIOS update my...