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  1. Dubkiss

    Question is PSU dead ?

    Hello i want ask you if there any possible chance to check how many Watts can my PSU produce after overclocking my Q6600 to around 2.80Ghz and pluging addional fan to cool it my games started crashing after i restarted my PC for scene i cant play CS:GO or ETS2 more than 30 seconds, PC works in...
  2. N

    [SOLVED] Q6600 CPU causes my PC to shut down after Bios screen ?

    I have Installed a Q6600 CPU on Asus P5gc mx motherboard, was working well for two months but now my PC shuts down after BIOS screen ? So I have re-installed my old CPU ( E2160 ) and my PC boots to Windows 10 no problem ? My Rig :- Motherboard:- Asus P5gc mx. Processor :- q6600 ( 3 core and 3...
  3. AlexsvonMüller

    [SOLVED] Which one should i take from these two options or any cheaper PSU i can buy?

    Rigs: Processor: Q6600 Motherboard: P5KPL/1600 RAM: DDR2 2x2 GB Graphics Card: Unitech GT 240 Storage: Any 7200rpm 500 GB HDD Ethernet Card: TP-Link TL-WN781ND Speaker: Any Standard Speaker Monitor: Any LCD 17'' Monitor Mouse and Keyboard: Standard PSU: Armaggeddon 235FX or 1ST PLAYER DK 4.0...
  4. Alfking49

    [SOLVED] Dell Optiplex 780 SFF with a Q6600 Overclocking Question

    Hello, I have a question about overclocking. I have an optiplex 780 and there isn't an overclocking menu in my bios, so I can't overclock it that way. I've heard something called a BSEL mod, but wasn't sure how safe that was. I wanted to know what you recommend I do to overclock my Q6600 on this...
  5. pazarac01

    [SOLVED] Having trouble choosing C2Q Q6600 or Q8200

    Hello people from internet. Yesterday, my friend wanted to buy a new CPU for his old LGA775 build. He asked me If I would come with him to go and see some processor which his neighbour is selling. Long story short, the only LGA 775 processor which he was sellong was Q6600(which he was selling...
  6. T

    Question Help: Overclocking Q6600 on Gigabyte GA-X48-DQ6

    Hi, I am new to overclocking, never needed it up until now. My main system died and I had to go back to my old one. The specs: Power Supply: Tacens 80 Plus Bronze 650W Board: Gigabyte GA-X48-DQ6 Rev. 1 CPU: Intel 2Duo Quad Q6600 G0 stepping B Memory: 8GB DDR2 (4x2GB), clocking at 800MHz OS...
  7. W

    Question FSB Stuck - ASUS IPIBL-LB

    Recently noticed the CPU (Q6600) speed shown during POST changed to 1.8GHz (Suppose 2.4GHz). BIOS also shows CPU Speed: 1.8GHz / 1066MHz. CPU Type: Q6600@2.40GHz. In windows opened CPU-Z and CPUID HWMonitor confirmed the Clocks for all four cores are at 1,800 MHz. However I noticed on CPU-Z...
  8. noshard

    Question Please help wont boot in 4x ram slots

    Specs Q6600 processor Intel D975XBX2 mother board Transcend 2gb x 4 rams ddr2 800 identical ( kit ) Story : PC was working fine 8gbs ram no issues for years . Two weeks ago turned on pc message ( ram not equal to channel A ) PC booted Next day no boot Test all ram sticks 1 by 1 works PC...
  9. S

    Failed BIOS Update

    My laptop computer is DELL VOSTRO 1450...I tried to update BIOS downloaded from the Dell website and it stuck at the beginning of the installation. So I removed the battery and when I turned it on again the screen shows nothing, totally black and frequent BEEP sounds are heard from the...
  10. R

    Black ops 4 locked to 60hz

    I have the weirdest thing when playing black ops 4. For some reason the game locks my game to 60hz when I have both my 144hz and 2nd monitor with 60hz connected. The 144hz monitor is my primary monitor in every setting I am pretty sure. And all my games always launch on it. I have also never had...
  11. S

    HDD on different platform

    I have a HDD with Windows 10 x64 installed with Intel and nvidia driver. So now I want to use that HDD to put in AMD system. What will happen? Will it automatically change update driver? Or what should I do? Since I want to use that for a while before I have some money to buy m.2
  12. M

    I want to sell my old used PC parts, but i have no idea how much i should ask.

    So as the title says, i kinda need help on what i should ask ish, Im from belgium as well and im the first owner of all the parts. None of them ever got overclocked :) i3-4160 3,6 GHz + stock cooler Asus AMD Radeon R7 260x 2GB 2GD5 (http://) Crucial Ballistix Sport 8gb-1600 MSI H81M-E34
  13. Y

    looking for a compatible motherboard

    Currently im looking for a new motherboard in order to use my ZOTAC gtx 1060 and my current motherboard is too ancient to run it, as it needs a UEFI BIOS motherboard.(current motherboard:IPISB-CH2) so i want to use the leftover components on the old motherboard on a new motherboard that is...
  14. A

    Ryzen 2600x stock Vcore too high

    Hello. I got 2600x today with MSI X470 Gaming Pro. Maximum VCore is 1.456V. Even at Idle I get near 1.4V. SoC Voltage is 1.13V seems to be high too. Is that ok? Actually It cause idle temps be near 45C even with True Spirit 140. I think better to overclock it with stable voltage (also I changed...
  15. D

    New Build Ryzen Threadripper Terrible Performance??

    Hi, I have searched all over the internet for answers and am coming up empty handed. I just built a new system that I would expect to be lightning fast across the board with everything. I have found the opposite with very sluggish performance with simple tasks such as navigating through...
  16. J

    Looking to build a 1080p 60 fps gaming pc

    Hello I would appreciate any help with building a gaming pc from Pc part picker. In my goal to be able to play games, any game in 1080p at about 30 to 60 fps,though I would like something closer to 60 fps if possible, even if that means lowering the video setting to something like medium, for...
  17. S

    Pairing 2666mhz with 2400mhz?

    I wish to pair ADATA XPG Z1 8GB RAM STICKS. The one that I have currently is 8GB @ 2666. But I am forced to buy 2400mhz same model due to non availability of the former in my region. So I want to know whether this combo will work perfectly or not? Also, will both my RAMs now run at 2400?
  18. FlashGuard

    PC Freezing and crashing randomly

    So this issue was random. First let me say the only OVERCLOCK ive done is my GPU. A while back i was on my PC and it just froze. This was a month or so after i built it. Now when i built it i used a clean area, static strap, rubber insole shoes as well as hard floors. I did not want anything to...
  19. Mohan_27

    Which RAM is better?

    Hello, I am getting a Ryzen 7 and want to know which is better: 16 GB of DDR3 ram or 8GB of DDR4? Thanks!
  20. K

    80+ GOLD PSU for low end system?

    I will build a low end-system using a Celeron G9300, the pc will be used to watch movies in Netflix. This PC will be a gift to someone. I need this power supply to: - the most reliable/durable possible over years of use - lower the electricty bill the most possible (regardless if it's MUCH...
  21. G

    Sapphire R7 260X OC 2Gb max temps?

    What is the max temp for the Sapphire R7 260x OC 2Gb edition, because when I'm browsing Reddit and programming my card is at 70-75c and while playing games my card goes up to around 90-100c, Is it normal for this card? I recently cleaned the cooler and the heatsink from alot of dust, but the...
  22. DominionV

    Old guy needs opinions of my first build

    It's been a while since I built a machine but It is up and running no issues *pat on the back*. I can return anything for 30 days so I would like to get some input on my configuration. If there is anything not paired up optimally like maybe my video card is overkill compared to the MoBo and APU...
  23. T

    Need Motherboard+RAM for my build

    I would like to get a new pc as my current laptop can only run games on the lowest of settings. I Have made a build and was wondering what motherboard and ram I should use for it. The budget for them is around £120. Also feel free to make improvements to my build if there is anything to be...
  24. mjslakeridge

    Will this PSU be overkill?

    Here is my current system (except for the PSU, which I am considering buying). My current PSU is a Thermal Master 500W, and I assume it is of very low quality, and I have been using it for about 4 years. https://pcpartpicker.com/user/mjslakeridge/saved/BqsnQ7 I wanted to get a quality PSU...
  25. S

    how to transfer

    how can i transfer video on my tv
  26. H

    Unpredictable crashes on desktop

    This is my first post and so I hope it is in the right section and if not hopefully a moderator can move it. I have been having some issues with my desktop since I initially built it last july, while most have been insignificant I have had one glaring issue. At times when gaming the computer...
  27. R

    Stupid question but what does it mean when a MOBO says this?

    If you look at this mobo Gigabyte LGA1151 Intel H170 Micro ATX DDR4 Motherboard (GA-H170M-D3H) it says 1 Lithium ion batteries required. i thought MOBO used psus to get power? what does this mean do i need to buy some batteries with this MOBO?
  28. M

    my laptop keyboard is broke i somehow turned off the ability to use usb keyboard which was working fine before

    somehow turned off ability to use usb keyboard on laptop was working fine before
  29. D

    Benq XL2730Z 144hz not showing correct

    Good day all! So I just bought a Benq XL2730Z and set it up however when trying the HZ test on ufotest it is showing as 60hz. Display Pilot shows current timing 2560x1440@144hz and so does the monitors menu information. I have also went in to Monitor settings and set to 144hz but each time I...
  30. DrCeeVee

    New Graphics Card on Old Motherboard

    Hi everyone. I have a question about compatibility issues when using a new graphics card on a very old motherboard. What I want to do is to upgrade the graphics card on a very old, buy still very fast, system. I've recently started another thread in the Software --> PC Gaming section, and the...
  31. theRTT

    I want to buy a new case, but I don't know which! Please help me!

    So I am doubting between: Fractal Design Define S Corsair Carbide Clear 400C Cooler Master MasterBox 5 Currently I have the Cooler Master N300. I want a case with a window. But I don't know which one of these is the best. What I find important is that: the window doesn't get scratched...
  32. G

    First Benchmarks: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 Mobile Pascal

    Nvidia claimed that the new mobile Pascal line has the same performance as its desktop counterparts. We took a quick look at the mobile GeForce GTX 1070 to see if that was true. First Benchmarks: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 Mobile Pascal : Read more
  33. Z

    DDR4 vs DDR3 SETUP

    DDR4 ram paired with DDR4 mobo VS. DDR3 ram with DDR3 mobo, which setup you think I should get?
  34. D

    CPU Cooler Fits to...

    Can someone give me good CPU Coolers That will fit into Antec X1-T(the one with the side window)???
  35. S

    Turtle Beach Impact 700 Mechanical Keyboard Review: The Sweet Spot?

    In some ways, for those looking for a fully-featured and fun--but not too fun--mechanical keyboard, the Impact 700 may be the sweet spot. Turtle Beach Impact 700 Mechanical Keyboard Review: The Sweet Spot? : Read more
  36. ghZZ

    Intel Core i3-4005U + 8GB DDR3 RAM | Video Editing capabilities?

    Hello all, I am traveling soon and I am planning to shoot and edit somevideo footage there. To do that, I will need to have a laptop capable of editing some 1080p 30fps video out of my DSLR. I won't be gaming much on it other than some VERY light Counter-Strike or other light games. The specs...
  37. K

    R9 390 only getting 100 or less fps on CSGO

    So i have just bought a new pc which was about 1k specs: Intel Core i5 6500 4x 3.20GHz MSI B150M Night Elf Intel 8192MB MSI Radeon R9 390 Gaming 16GB HyperX FURY black DDR4-2133 DIMM CL14 Dual Kit 250GB Samsung 850 Evo SSD 1000GB WD Blue 700 Watt CoolerMaster B700 And when playing cs go i...
  38. D

    SOLD [CAN] open box at NCIX Acer Predator X34

    All 5 in NCIX Ontario warehouse sold today including the open box unit that was at the Mayfield location, Richmond BC. I'm a little torn, I did get NCIX to price match Software City C$1577.xx yesterday and just now this open box showed up. At C$127X.xx...
  39. S

    dell inspiron 1545 battery and charger problem

    so I have a dell inspiron 1545 and I had to buy a new charger cause the one that came with it stopped charging it. when I plugged it in it didn't work. so I bought a new battery too. and I still have a laptop that only works when plugged in and I can't unplug it. so what's the problem and what...
  40. R

    Connecting an UPC wifi router with a TP-Link wifi router

    I have an UPC Ubee EVW3226 wifi router and i would like to connect a TP-Link TL-WR941ND to it, so the TP-Link should work as an access point, letting peeps to connect to the net via cat5 cable and/or via wifi. I'm not very used with these coax cable fed routers, tho after I set wlan on the...