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    [SOLVED] Source mask doesn't match source IP address

    Hello I was trying to set up QOS on my router but i keep getting a message that says Source mask doesn't match source IP address although i think i did all the steps right and i fixed my device IP address to here is a picture of my settings and a picture of the error message I...
  2. V

    [SOLVED] QoS Configuration for Huawei HG8145v5 router

    Hello! This is my first time posting in this forum but I am a long time lurker here already. I would just like to seek help in configuring my router's QoS for gaming. I am not familiar with most of the items needed.. All I need is to lessen delays/lags when gaming.. I usually game on my phone...
  3. B

    [SOLVED] Ping and router issues

    Hello everyone.A few months ago i upgraded my connection to 50 mpbs from 24.Since then my isp provided me with their own router-modem which was performing just fine.One or two months later i had disconnects all over the place multiple times per day which lead to a replacement of the router with...
  4. S

    [SOLVED] Would 2 routers provide higher bandwidth/reduce bandwidth-related problems?

    Hi guys. I currently have rather poor internet speeds (7Mbps down, 1Mbps up), and due to the mostly large number of devices connected to our router (+ bandwidth-hogging devices, e.g. streaming devices), the internet becomes essentially unusable besides general internet browsing. I am currently...
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    [SOLVED] Wifi Router With Easy QoS Recommendations Please!!!

    Hello, I am rather illiterate with my knowledge on routers, so I hope the following makes sense. I have temporarily moved in with parents while waiting for my new house to be ready in 3 months, so my budget is maximum £100, but the lower the better as I will only need it for this limited time...
  6. E

    [SOLVED] VOIP and Switches and QOS?

    I have a router (Peplink Balance 20) with QOS capabilities connected to a Network switch (Ubiquiti US-24 Unifi Switch) that does not have QOS capabilities. The switch is then connected to some VoIP phones as well as some workstations. If I configure QOS on the router will it be effective for the...
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    Question Arris Surfboard 6580 QoS/WMM help

    My house uses an Arris Surfboard 6580. I am the only computer which uses an ethernet connection. Unfortunately, whenever someone streams over the wifi any game I am playing online becomes immediately unplayable due to the 300 ping that I get. I have tried messing with the router's QoS, but have...
  8. teqq

    [SOLVED] Sites not loading while downloading

    Websites just won't load if i put something on download. changed the router 2 times and it does the same on wi-fi and phone, what can it be? it's like some QoS stuff not working(not leaving bandwidth for web) but same on different routers, so wtf?
  9. G

    Question Setting up QOS for gaming Edgerouter X

    Hey guys, I've been having very bad bufferbloat as of late. I'm trying to setup QOS to prioritize gaming but so far I've had no real improvements. I'm using an Ubiquiti Edgerouter X and I've tried SQM but it doesn't seem to work. My speeds are 5/0.5. Can someone guide me through a basic QOS setup?
  10. A

    Air cooling i7 8700k

    Hey all, I am debating building a new system for gaming (DCS World 2.0) and VR (Oculus Rift) very soon, but I need to make sure that 1) My system can be safely OC'd on air to 4.8ghz or so. And 2) That my case can fit the mobo and chosen air cooler without smacking ram or the case side panel. I...
  11. G

    Input Club’s Hako True, Clear Switches Available Via Group Buy

    Invented by Input Club members Jacob Alexander and Brandon Muzzin, the Hako switches are a variation on Kaihua’s Box switches and feature a vented, self-cleaning mechanism and a more stable slider. Input Club’s Hako True, Clear Switches Available Via Group Buy : Read more
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    FPS drop after GeForce 680 SLI installment

    Hola! I've recently bought myself a second GPU, but after I installed it I'm getting huge FPS drops in CS GO as well as the game is not running smooth anymore. Same with Fallout 4, very laggy.. I've tried swopping drivers - didn't work. Tried one card at a time, every game runs great. But when...
  13. M

    Budget(-ish) PC build for UE4

    Hi guys!! I want to get my hands dirty with UE4(so I dont need high-end pc, for now) and thought it would be great to build a pc by myself.. I did a homework and put together what IMO would be good, but I'm new to this, so would like to hear/see your thoughts.. budget is limited to £900...
  14. F

    HDMI to VGA

    Hi, i've got a Zotac GTX960 AMP! and a monitor connected via vga to dvi adapter, on my card there's remaining 3 ports; 2x display port and 1x hdmi 2.0. so i want to connect an addditional monitor which have only vga output, so here's the question: if i get any hdmi to vga adapter (can be hdmi...
  15. T

    Laptop stops when moved

    I am using Dell Inspiron laptop with Ubuntu installed. It started giving me problems when I turn it on or move it if it boots fine. Sometimes when I turn it on it doesn't show anything and after a few fading beeps, it turns off. Even if after some shaking it starts, it stops and gives a fuzzy...
  16. D

    Failed boot PC

    So, one night my street had a power cut as I was playing a game, it was already late so I decided to head to bed and the next morning the PC wouldn't work. The problem is obviously with the PCU as it gave absolutely 0 power and did not work with the paper clip test. I had one other PCU laying...
  17. A

    Which GTX 970 should I buy ?

    Um thinking to buy an gtx 970 but which one is better EVGA, Gigabyte or any other brand ??? and gaming ram which supports my old s****y mobo H61m-S2PV
  18. D

    475-500 euro gaming pc

    Can Anyone build a 475 to 500 euro gaming pc to play minecraft on My parents Will buy the monitor. And i live in the Netherlands. Thank you very much
  19. May2ko

    GTX 560 Ti Compatibility

    Is the Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3P motherboard and the GTX 560 Ti GPU compatible? From the research I've done, I believe it is; but I am wanting to double check before I buy.
  20. R

    New Motherboard - Fool Me Once

    Ello So after basically a month trying to sort out my new build, I'm finally able to return the motherboard ! With only the RAM,CPU & 1 SSD, Windows explorer continued to crash, so with the other components tested independently the motherboard is going back! :pfff: The next question is Do I...
  21. R

    best Gpu for video editing

    so i am a media uni student building a computer mainly for video editing but also gaming so what's the best Graphics card? my budget is around £200-£250 i was thinking about the r9 290
  22. exfileme

    How to Use Chrome Remote Desktop on Android

    Now you can access your desktop or laptop using a mobile Android device. How to Use Chrome Remote Desktop on Android : Read more
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    how to install nvdia driver it says windows cannot find compatible hardware

    how to install nvdia driver it says windows cannot find compatible hardware