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  1. B

    "something went wrong while trying to turn on spatial sound" Dolby Atmos

    Hello, I have a dolby atmos setup at my pc. I got a yahama rx-v583 with 2 front speakers, 2 surround speakers and 2 height speakers. I have this connected to my pc with windows 10 1809 over hdmi. I have installed the Dolby Acces driver. When I try to enable the dolby atmos for home theater...
  2. 1

    How to test new build for performance?

    Just did a re-build after a few years and I'm not sure how to go about finding out if everything is performing as it should. Here is the build: Strix Z370-E Gaming Intel i5-8600K Strix 1070ti A8 Gaming 2 x 8gb Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro Samsung 850 evo Windows 10 64 bit home Corsair H100i RGB...
  3. A

    Remove linux mint

    I am using single booted linux mint in my laptop but now i want to delete that OS and want to remove linux mint and completely install windows in my laptop. How can i do it because linux doesn't boot up my pendrive which has bootable windows 8.1 ? I'm still helpless to install windows platform.
  4. B

    Clean old files

    Clean old files for my windows 10 pc for free program.
  5. K

    If I powered my motherboard with no cpu but has RAM will it fry the RAM? Or nothing will happen?

    I powered up a motherboard with no cpu but I do have the ram and installed it. I powered the motherboard with the 24 pin and 8 pin and the mobo's rgb did work but the rams rgb didnt is this normal?
  6. Rangan Das

    Inconsistent Temperature reports for AMD FX-8320

    I am running a 4 year old PC with an AMD FX-8320 (stock settings, No OC) on a ASUS M5A97 R2.0 board. The CPU Core temperature, during idle varies from 20 degC to 35 degC depending on the Windows power plan. When loaded with AMD Overdrive, Prime95 small FFT or AIDA64, it does not cross 60degG...
  7. L

    ASRock Fatal1ty X99M Killer & NVMe SSD

    Hi Everyone, Having a little trouble with a newly purchased Samsung 960 EVO NVMe M.2 SSD plugged into my ASRock X99m Fatal1ty motherboard. Specs: i7 5820K ASRock Fatal1ty X99M Killer Motherboard (latest bios 3.30) 16GBx4 AData DDR4-2400 RAM Gigabyte GTX970 Generic 500w PSU Intel 180GB SSD...
  8. G

    Printable Case Fan sticker for modding?

    I've been looking anywhere on google but no good results. I want to replace the 120mm Case fan's brand name sticker with a customized sticker and i can't find any store here that sell case fan sticker. (online stores don't deliver on my area )I'm planning to maybe just print my own using paper...
  9. J

    Turntable with built-in phono and TV to powered speakers that don’t have a remote, help!

    Hi guys, I need help figuring out what I need to connect Denon dp-300f turntable (includes a built-in phono equalizer), and a TV to a pair of Pioneer SDJ50X powered/active speakers. I can connect the turntable to speakers currently but also want to hook up the TV to these same speakers while...
  10. C

    Can't Change Resolution Back To Default

    So me being dumb, I changed my school computer resolution to 100x100 pixels in Nvidia Control panel. My friend then pressed accept and now it's stuck. I tried everyway possible and nothing worked. Anyone know a way to fix it?? Like you literally can't do anything and or scroll. Please help.
  11. A

    8th generation or 7 generation ?!

    Hello guys i'm building a pc and have to decide between two choices, first : 7th generation i5-7600k and motherboard msi B250 gaming second: 8th generation i5-8400 and motherboard Z370 A pro both have the nearly same price in my country (second is just 10$high) what should i buy ?! gpu will...
  12. D

    Logitech g430 USB Disconnecting Randomly

    Just picked up a logitech g430 and it works great on my laptop but my desktop PC absolutely HATES it for some reason. It'll work for maybe an hour or so then start disconnecting and reconnecting while lagging my pc to the point where my games crash and I have to unplug the thing. I'll admit I...
  13. C

    Can ASUS H110M hande those below?

    Asus strix gtx 1080ti i7-7700k Corsair vengeance 16gb (2x8gb) 3000mhz WD blue 1tb hdd
  14. J

    A build for the parents

    Hello. I'm building a computer for my mother after her Mac mini died. It's only my second build so I'd appreciate any advice. Thanks in advance! System Usage: 50-tab internet browsing, 1080p streaming, the odd casual game (like iterations of Bejeweled), Bluetooth Apple mouse/keyboard, emails...
  15. G

    Bad performance despite good specs

    Hello, I have an issue with my computer. I have had this PC for about a year now, my sister's boyfriend chose it for me saying it has specs good enough to even run Witcher 3. I don't know much about computers, I just like playing on them, which is why I let him choose. The problem is, this...
  16. C

    can't install windows 10 on my new pc build

    my problem is when i click to install windows from the usb windows logo shoes Then the whole system turns off and turns back on and the process starts over again. if you can help i would be very grateful
  17. S

    Driver power state failure - ntoskrnl.exe

    Hello, this morning I tried installing Oracle VirtualBox to do some virtualization since VMWare asked me to remove credential guard. Twice I tried to run a VM and my computer crashed. After that, Chrome would open and not respond at all, my Ethernet wouldn't work (but the WiFi is ok since I'm...
  18. C

    Which GTX 1060 6GB should I get?

    It is between the Zotac 1060 AMP Edition, the PNY 1060 Gaming Overclocked Edition, and the ASUS Turbo Edition 1060. All of which are around the same price, ~$230. Which has the best or most decent customer service? And which has the best cooling? Need opinions and/or former experiences. If...
  19. B

    BOSD randomly happening on win 10

    Windows gives me memory management bsod at random. It sometimes happens when I try to run a game, sometimes when i'm watching youtube. It happens like once every 3 months. I wouldn't mind so much, if it didn't make steam and battle.net think my games became uninstalled. How can I fix this...
  20. F

    Connecting multiple devices with a set IP

    Hi, I'm not a tech guy, I'm an electrician so I'm not great in computer aspects but I'm ok. I have a device with a static ip that I cannot change, I want to have this device on the same network as my PC and router so I can freely access the device without going into my IP4 settings...