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  1. M

    Question AMD Ryzen 5 2600 with a quad channel set of RAM

    Hey, I have a AMD Ryzen 5 2600, a ASUS Prime B450M-A and just bought a new quad channel set of RAM. Team T-Force Vulcan TLGD432G3000HC16CQC01 (4x8GB), 3000MHz DDR4, CL16-18-18-38, 1.35V The RAM is fine if I leave it at 2400MHz but if I activate D.C.O.P. to get it to 3000MHz and I've tried...
  2. StevenRogers199

    Question Issues with my DRAM

    Greetings people of Tom's Hardware! I recently updated from 4 sticks of 4gb each (total of 16gb) of Kingston Hyper-x Fury 2133mhz to 2 sticks of 16gb each of Corsair Vengeance LPX (BOTH on DDR4). Ever since i updated i've had extreme stability issues, crashes and performance losses. Crashes...
  3. J

    [SOLVED] Should I add another 2x4

    I have a 2200g( plan on upgrading to at least a 2600) and rx 570 on a b450f. I have a set of 2x4 3000mhz ram and I want to know if I should re buy another set in order to get 16gbs. If I do what should I expect?
  4. I

    Random, mystery PC crashes

    I built my rig about a month ago, and right from the get-go the machine had an issue with random crashes. These crashes usually occur about 2-4 times a day at random times, and sometimes the PC will go a day without crashing at all. These crashes are particularly frustrating because the computer...
  5. D

    Install w7 on unsupported motherboard

    So i buyed today a new pc with the asus prime h310m-a motherboard and just realized it doesnt support w7. I have a clean install for w7 with activation and i thought i would just upgrade it to w10 after install for w7 is complete. So i buyed the pc without a windows. How can i fix it? When it...
  6. G

    Equifax: Hackers Also Compromised Driver's Licenses, Passports

    Equifax told the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that the data breach it revealed in 2017 compromised more data than previously thought. Equifax: Hackers Also Compromised Driver's Licenses, Passports : Read more
  7. T

    How can I convert intel core I3 proseser to a intel core I5 proseser

    I want to convert my intel core I3 proseser to a Intel core I5 proseser of my PC How can I do It?
  8. P

    Acer and Warranty support?

    I have one of their newer predator 15 models (G9 593) and it runs way too hot. I am not really in a position to be able to send the unit back and I'd like to keep this one as it has all of my information along with the fact that, aside from the temperatures, it works very well. Does anybody know...
  9. J

    Gigabyte 1080Ti isn't even stable with 100% voltage & + 95 core

    How are some people overclocking their gpu to 2GHz + I can't even get mine to +95 core clock without GTA V instantly freezing. I know every GPU is different but damn... Some cards function with the core set to +130 and +500 memory. +85 Core + 300 Memory isn't stable either. PC Specs...
  10. G

    Would putting my broken graphics card in the slot under my new working one hurt anything?

    My graphics card recently broke and im not really sure how but I wanted to know if putting it in the slot under the new graphics card for looks would cause any harm?
  11. R

    Reserve ip address from isp

    how can i reserve ip address which is given by isp? because i dont want my ip address change frequently
  12. S

    windows will not autoload

    brand new build, clean install of windows 10. windows will not auto, and when booting comp, goes directly to uefi bios utility. i saved to correct boot order, but nothing seems to work. I can manually select the hard drive with Windows from the bios and Windows will then load correctly. any...
  13. K

    An USB external sound board can resolve problems related to coil whine?

    Hi! I have an GTX 970 with coil whine (pretty common for this one). I can hear the static noise on both video card and headset. The noise is louder when under stress and muting don't change anything (and bla bla bla about this subject). To workaround this I simply connect my headphone on my...
  14. H

    EVGA help needed please!

    Hi everyone just bought the EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 SC GAMING ACX 3.0 Black Edition and im now worrying about the thermal issue surrounding this card, I have done allot of research and every video, report and review i see regarding the thermal issue is coming from the 1080 FTW line not the 1070...
  15. M

    ram with different speeds

    first of all hi :) i have a pentium e5400 oc'ed to 3.5 so the maximum ram speed it works is 1040 my mb supports up to 1333 mhz ram. my friend bought a new pc and he has ddr4 ram so he has ddr3 4g 1333 mhz and wanted to give it to me i know that if i put that ram in my pc that it would work as...
  16. L

    Is the HP Pro 3405 compatible?

    Is the HP pro 3405 series motherboard compatible with the core i3 4130? If not than what is a cheap CPU in which I can get similar performance out of?

    Is Microsoft Edge browser any good?

    Is Microsoft Edge browser any good? for a low end system, just browsing the web checking, email and watching youtube videos.
  18. Z

    Will i be able to run GTA V and Battlefield 4 on GTX 750 Ti 2Gb DDR5?

    My Rig Specs : 6 Gb RAM Gtx 750 Ti 2 GB DDR5 AMD ATHLON || X2 270 3.4 GHz Zebronics 450W PSU I just want ot know if my processor(X2 270) will be able to play GTA V with the above Specification.
  19. M

    PC Suddenly needs restart?

    Well I just built my PC, and everything was going fine..Until last night..I tried to play Watch_Dogs. I tried to plug in my head phones (Using HDMI for sound/video), and so I had to bring my tower closer. As soon as I moved it, my display went out, along with my sound. (I'm using a flat screen...
  20. J

    Civil 3D Laptop $2000-$3000

    We are looking for 2 laptops for AutoCAD Civil 3D we already have 2 24" monitors each. We wanted help picking 2 laptops $2000-3000 ea