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  1. sioutisdimitris13

    Question 4x4 gb RAM not working

    I have an AMD Ryzen 5 2400g and i had installed 2x4gb ram ripjawsv ddr4 3200mhz,i bought an other pair and my my pc won't read my mouse and hdmi cable.My guess is something wrong with the channeling,how do i fix that?
  2. C

    Question Looking for Ultimate rendering computer 4 cpu (10k budget) maybe quad raytracing gpus too

    So I need a cpu beast of an computer for work, I have multiple clients and i need to be able to make changes in animations photo realistic shots. And rerender them for the client like I have a 9900k/gtx 1080 but images takes about 4hrs for one photo so imagine 1000 frame video( i lower res now...
  3. K

    Question MB and case/chassis for 4 Intel Xeon E5-4650 v2 and 2 Geforce 2080 Ti

    So, at my university's research lab we got our hands on 4 cpus Intel Xeon E5-4659 v2 and on 2 top-notch gpus Nvidia GeForce 2080 Ti. Nonetheless, it has proven hard to find a proper motherboard and server/workstation chassis/case/tower to fit all that. That is my question to you all experts...
  4. OcTavian12

    Question Lenovo Legion Y740 Vs Aero 15 x9

    Im really struggling picking between these two. Ive read both reviews serveral times. The Y740 seems to run cooler, the Aero 15 x9 has better battery.... benchmarks look the same making the decision more difficult Who owns these and what do you suggest?
  5. H

    Question Is this the GPU artifacting ?

    Hi I just bought this PC about a month ago. Since last week, while playing game, i got flicking random color pixels as shown in below links. View: https://i.imgur.com/zsG0Tlx.png View: https://i.imgur.com/3kR1MRd.png Is this GPU artifacting? How can I know whether this caused by bad GPU...
  6. J

    [SOLVED] Asus A320m Ex vs Asrock B450M HDV

    Greetings, I just want to ask which will perform well together with 2200g and Viper elite 2x4gb 2666 for an APU set up for a home pc. I don't plan on overclocking and I only play LoL, CS Go, Fortnite etc. during weekends for like 6 hrs or less. I'm on a tight budget that's why I'm considering...
  7. N

    Question Memory upgrade black screen boot loop

    Hi guys! I tried installing new ram today 2x8 3200mhz and the pc after powering it on showed black screen and was boot looping. I tried reinstalling old stick of ram and the same thing happened. Be noted that the old stick of ram worked prior to upgrading. Can anybody please help me ?
  8. R

    [SOLVED] Cougar QBX build question

    Hi guys, im gonna build a pc for the first time ever. I dont know much but a couple of friends help me pick out component for my mini itx build. Here are the list https://pcpartpicker.com/list/hbZ6fH A lot of people having trouble picking the psu and i want to know if it will fit. And is the...
  9. W

    Question R9 580 vs gtx. 560 ti

    Ok I'm building a buget gamer for my boys. I already have a fx 8350 black edition and gtx 560 ti 2gb gpu. Would a r9 580 4gb gpu be a better or worse choice. Thanks
  10. S

    Question Nvidia Control Panel not installed on my PC

    I just got a new motherboard yesterday called the Asrock Z370 pro4 and I got an i5 8600k. I installed my drivers from Geforce experience because the manual drivers said it "wasn't compatible with this version of windows." So I tried to update windows, turns out I have the newest version. I have...
  11. I

    Question PC keep random boot in Game

    Hello, Recently my gaming pc have this problem - it keeps randomly reboot when I run games for 5-15 minutes. I tried remove my rams, boot my pc, motherboard speaker long beep 3 times. I tried change my PSU and downgrade my GPU driver, same problem still occurs. Game Tested: Dota 2, CS:GO, PUBG...
  12. F

    Question Metro Exodus hardware question

    Should I be able to play Metro Exodus on 1920x1080 on ultra spec (minus ray tracing) with the following hardware? *Core i7 8700K *16GB DDR4 3200MHz RAM *2-way SLI GTX 1080 8GB
  13. M

    How to enable AMD V in BIOS Legacy

    I am unable to enable AMD V in BIOS legacy in my Toshiba laptop
  14. G

    Adobe Considers Manufacturing Custom Processors

    Adobe's CTO says the company has considered making its own processors. Adobe Considers Manufacturing Custom Processors : Read more
  15. P

    Can only use 2gb of my 4gb Rx480 when playing games.

    can only use 2gb of my Rx480 gb when playing games such as rainbow six siege and overwatch. I have had this card for a while (almost a year) and use it with an fx 8350. I don't think that its getting bottlenecked because my cpu doesnt seem to be working too hard. Anyone know whats wrong?
  16. A

    [SOLVED] Windows Defender BIG PROBLEM

    I wanted to open windows defender but when i did it i had to go to search bar and type windows security. When it opened it showed nothing in left side i cant do anything please help.
  17. R

    Is it worth upgrading i5-4460 to i7-4790? Or better upgrading to i3-8100?

    Hi everyone, I want upgrade my i5-4460 to i7-4790 is it worth? Or better change to i3 8100 and change the whole mainboard and RAM in my current system? I mainly use for gaming purpose. My current System: - Mobo: Asrock H81M DGS R2.0 - CPU: i5-4460 - GPU: IGame GTX 1060 6gb Vulcan - RAM...
  18. M

    how can i write the at sign on my asus c202 chrome

    cant write the at button. its on the same button as 2 and " which i can write but not the at.... Mod edit: Please don't post your email.
  19. J

    Hp laptop bc414nq freez/lag on windows10 intel uhd620 and nvidia gtx 1050 4gb

    This system has an intel uhd 620 and nvidia gtx 1050 4gb and ssd hard. The big problem is when i set DUPLICATE/CLONE display of laptop (1920x1080 60hz full hd) to tv(1920x1080 60 hz full hd): in that moment when i try play videos from computer or youtube it starts lag/freez for 1s at 10-20s and...
  20. S

    [SOLVED] ASUS 390-a white VGA LED persisting, no boot/video out put

    New build: Mobo: Asus - PRIME Z390-A ATX LGA1151 Processor: Intel - Core i5-9600K 3.7 GHz 6-Core RAM: G.Skill - Trident Z RGB 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3200 GPU: Gigabyte - GeForce RTX 2070 8 GB WINDFORCE Video Card First boot attempt: no video out put, gave RAM LED I checked ideal RAM slot...
  21. Pcstarter

    Mb maybe bricked

    So i'm first day on my lan, suddenly, without damepring my computer, the fan leds work, the fans work, the gpus leds and fans work even if they should only work in high loads, and the front i/o power and hdd leds doesent work, but the hdd works, i tried swapping ram and that also made no...
  22. N

    [SOLVED] Need help with upgrades

    Hey everyone, Looking to upgrade my HP tower and have no idea how to know what I should get and what’s even compatible with my motherboard. I have an HP p7-1154 (64bit) AMD A6-3600 APU with Radeon (tm) HD graphics 2.10 GHz. 14GB of ram (just added two 4gb sticks to my one 6gb) I...
  23. K

    [SOLVED] How to Choose the best USB hub for me

    So I am in need of a USB hub. I need at least 3 USB ports and 1 Ethernet port. I have already found one that has those things, the UGREEN USB hub, it has 3 USB ports and 1 gigabit Ethernet port. It uses USB 3.0 Can it support all of my 3 usb devices because my headset and mouse has rgb and i...
  24. S

    [SOLVED] What windows 10 update version is the best (performance and gaming)

    So first time i started to use windows 10 i had aniversary update (1067 version). After that it upgraded automaticaly to creators update. After the update I noticed lags and slower system boot , also ram usage of the applications increased 2x times. So I was very upset and installed back...
  25. T

    Looking for help

    Good evening, im having a problem in installing windows 7, its saying windows cannot install requires
  26. D

    [SOLVED] Is there a device that can relay/extend a Bluetooth signal?

    Hi all. Is there a device that can relay/extend a Bluetooth signal? This device could be either powered or unpowered. I have Bluetooth devices such as Bluetooth headphones, but their range is limited. A device that could relay/extend a Bluetooth signal would allow me to use Bluetooth...
  27. make_me_bad27

    Disabled services still auto run

    I've disabled some services in services.msc and they still run everytime I boot my pc. Most of them are nvidia and intel graphics related.
  28. C

    No shutdown at 0% battery

    Hello! I recently changed my laptop battery for my ASUS X550JX because I managed to fry the old one. I now face the following problem: after I fully charge my batter (the little led that says the battery is charging turns green) and I turn on the laptop the battery indicator acts all funny and...
  29. C

    [SOLVED] Lian Li pc-O11 Dynamic with a Kraken G12 placement question.

    So I'm about to receive my pc011 dynamic and i plan on using a Kraken G12 with a corsair 240 on my MSI GTX 1080 Armor OC. The issue I'm having is where I should place the 240 for the gpu. I was thinking of placing it at the bottom as exhaust for the gpu, and having my 280mm rad for my cpu on the...
  30. B

    [SOLVED] Intel vs amd situation.

    In my current build I have a intel i5-8400 with a msi gaming plus Z370. I am looking to upgrade my processor. I would be either getting an i7-8700k or a 2700x. If I get the 8700k can I keep my board and get a good over clock out of it? Or am I better off switching to Ryzen with a new mobo and...
  31. N

    Question Will a Corsair vs 450 watt power supply be enough for gtx 1050 ti. ???

    Hello So I am building a gaming pc with a very low budget for the first time specifically for fortnite these are my components Ryzen 3 1300x Zotac gtx 1050 ti GIGABYTE B450 DS3H Corsair 8gb ram (2×4) 120 gb SanDisk ssd 500 gb HDD (wd) The question is will a Corsair vs 450 power supply be...
  32. R

    M.2 PCIe NVMe Versus 2.5" SSD6.0GB/s

    In reading thru all the posts I see a lot of issues people are facing when trying to get a M2 PCIe NVMe type HD up & running. There seems to be a lot of changes that have to be done to get the MB to recognize the M2 HD, with a various amount of issues around that before you could get it to...
  33. G

    MSI afterburner showing no info

    Help msi afterburner wont show any info. No gpu clock . memory clock, voltage , temp , nothing. it only shows ram usage and Pagefile usage. It was working properly until i got blue screen , I was playing rise of the tomb raider and game crashed and after game crash i got blue screen and instant...
  34. canadianvice

    Suggestions for Gaming Build 2019? (<=$2000 CAD)

    So, I told my younger brother that if he bought the parts I'd put the system together for him, but I'm having a heck of a time figuring out something that falls within his budget ($2000 Canadian Dollars or less). In terms of general details: Country: Canada Stores: Memory Express or Amazon.ca...
  35. qtyami

    [SOLVED] New Build Freezing at Idle (strange)

    System info ■OS: Win10 64bit (currently most up-to-date) ■Boot Drive: M.2 SSD ■Storage Drive: 1TB HDD ■CPU: Ryzen 5 2600 ■GPU: EVGA GTX 950 SSC ■MotherBoard: Gigabyte B450 AORUS M (rev 1.0) ■RAM: GSKILL Aegis DDR4 16GB 2400hz* (2x8GB) ((* = The packaging, newegg page, etc. Claim this RAM is...
  36. M

    New Build Will not start

    Hello, any help would be greatly appreciated. I recently purchased a X470 Gaming M7 AC motherboard to use in my to PC build. I got it all assembled and go to power it up and nothing. The mobo has a red light that comes on in the bottom right corner but and the CMOS button on the back light up...
  37. D

    [SOLVED] First time building a PC !!!! PLEASE HELP !!!

    Hello everyone ... Im about to build a gaming PC ... and im in low budget ... this is my first time and i need your help ... thank you !! So ... CPU : Ryzen 5 2600 GPU : G1 Gaming GTX 1060 6Gb Power supply : EVGA WHITE 600W Storage : Samsung SSD 860 EVO 500GB RAM : CORSAIR VENGEANCE LPX...
  38. J

    [SOLVED] What should I upgrade? And what about resale value?

    So my current build is as listed, but I was just curious on where it stands for selling value and or what I should upgrade if it's not worth selling as of now. Main specs: Case = Corsair Vengance C70 -Military Green GPU = Gibabyte GTX 1060 6gb CPU = Intel i7 4790k 4.0ghz - 4.4ghz Ram = 8x2...
  39. J

    [SOLVED] CPU-Z and Ryzen Master displaying different voltages.

    So i'm trying to OC my ryzen chip (r5 2600). As im new to it I went to YouTube and looked up on how to do it. I cam across a video in which the guy was using a program called ''Ryzen Master'' and he said he got it stable at 1.425v and 4100MHz. I tried it, applied and stress tested it etc. and...
  40. S

    [SOLVED] Used motherboard CPU now overclocked?

    Hi everyone, New to the forums because I noticed something that I am not sure of. I bought a used ASUS ROG ix Maximus Formula off ebay and swapped out my old motherboard. I cleared CMOS before doing anything. When I was checking the cpu temps, I noticed my i7 7700k is at 4.5 GHz. I havn't...