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  1. SyBom

    [SOLVED] Setting up QoS on a TP-Link TD-W8961N

    I've been trying to setup QoS, Because when my roommate is watching a youtube video and I'm doing something like gaming he takes all the bandwidth even though they video already has something like 30 seconds buffered. I've read some papers and these are the settings I got, My roommate isn't...
  2. V

    [SOLVED] QoS Configuration for Huawei HG8145v5 router

    Hello! This is my first time posting in this forum but I am a long time lurker here already. I would just like to seek help in configuring my router's QoS for gaming. I am not familiar with most of the items needed.. All I need is to lessen delays/lags when gaming.. I usually game on my phone...
  3. R

    motherboard compatability with ssd?

    Hi frnds. Does Asus rog g750jm motherboard compatible with samsung ssd 950 pro? If not compatible which ssd to purchase?
  4. E

    I don't know if this is the right category for this...?

    I have a 8 month gaming computer custom builded by myself and my cousin, and the top fan has recently been making a weird noise/vibrating. I've looked inside the case and see that the top fan has became loose i think. I not sure if it's loose or not cause when I push it up it goes up and let go...
  5. D

    Failed boot PC

    So, one night my street had a power cut as I was playing a game, it was already late so I decided to head to bed and the next morning the PC wouldn't work. The problem is obviously with the PCU as it gave absolutely 0 power and did not work with the paper clip test. I had one other PCU laying...
  6. D

    475-500 euro gaming pc

    Can Anyone build a 475 to 500 euro gaming pc to play minecraft on My parents Will buy the monitor. And i live in the Netherlands. Thank you very much
  7. Z

    weird random shutdown and lockups and PSU 3.3v rail running at 1.5v randomly

    OK so my problem started a n 2 parts first(mind you this is months ago so I might be forgetting a few things) I had built a new PC, specs are : Mobo: Asus m97a5 r2.0 CPU:fx-6360 Ram:6gb Kingston cheapo ram Gpu :his iceq x 7850 And 1 Tb HDD PSU:logisys 550w PSU(from an old build I had laying...
  8. S

    Best place to buy water cooling items

    Hi I wanted to know where I can buy all the parts to make a water cooling setup. I checked newegg and tiger direct but they don't carry the parts anymore.
  9. exfileme

    How to Use Chrome Remote Desktop on Android

    Now you can access your desktop or laptop using a mobile Android device. How to Use Chrome Remote Desktop on Android : Read more