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  1. Mike353511

    Question Multiple issues with my friends PC

    Symptoms (chronological): BSOD while gaming, PC turned on with no display on screen (happened twice in past 3 weeks), stuck in BIOS loop not showing his SSD (currently his issue). As stated above, my friend would get a BSOD while playing games. He would get one maybe once a week. Then a new...
  2. A

    Question 3080 FE Issues

    I am having several issues with my new 3080 FE. In gpu-z and hwinfo, the only info that is available about it is the temp and memory usage, the rest just says 0. Also, my computer is extremely slow now and is crashing almost every 5 minutes. I tried opening overwatch, and I didn't even hit 30...
  3. LoreSail

    Question New Windows 10 prebuilt gaming PC Bluescreens

    Hello everyone 2 months ago I purchased a prebuilt pc from Vibox Ltd. Since I started gaming either it crushes to blue screen reporting different errors or it froze and I have to manually restart it from the power button. Driver Specs Computer name: DESKTOP-SOH2IS5 Windows version: Windows 10...
  4. R

    Are These 2 Website Legit Operating Online SA Computer Shops?

    Hi, I am looking to buy good pc parts. I came across Tector and Dreamwaretech I was wondering if they are a legit operating SA online computer shop. Because I see they have a well-built website and they have reviews on their items which are marked as sold and in stock etc... There is also a...
  5. M

    Question New PC build hard drive disabled in bios

    Hi I just built my first PC and i have a slight problem. My hard drive is not working properly according to windows. In the bios it is disabled and i don't know how to enable it. My motherboard is an MSI b450 gaming plus max and it is connected to the hard drive with SATA. Bios can see it but...
  6. O

    Question Can you use 2x6pin connectors for an 8 pin GPU ?

    Hi, I just bought a gtx1660 which needs an 8 pin connectors, but my PSU only has 6pins, I found a molex to 6pin laying around, so I was wondering if I can use that to make the extra 2pin to connect it with the original 6pin cable coming from the PSU. I know I should buy a molex to 8pin but...
  7. R

    [SOLVED] FX8350 and RX460 in 2021

    Hello everyone! :) I have a two questions about building the PC. I'm owning AMD FX 8350 processor (since 2013, for more than 7 years!) and ASUS RX460 . I want to build the best PC based on this processor and GPU! My budget is $800! I need a PC for game development! I searched the internet and...
  8. C

    Question ASRock B460M-ITX/ac with M.2 and 4x SSD

    Hello good people, from what I see on ASRock web page I'm not entirely sure if the B460M-ITX/ac motherboard supports 4X SATA III and an M.2 NVMe in paralel? I understand that I can have a total of 4 SATA III devices, so if I put one in M.2 slot, the slot 3 is then occupied. But does the same go...
  9. T

    Question Ram compatibility issue with MSI b450 gaming plus Max

    Hi there I have a ryzen 5 1600 MSI b450 gaming plus Max RX 580 PNY XLR8 DDR4 3200 MEGAHERTZ 2 * 8 GB so this is a new computer it is my first time building one but the dram light on the motherboard lit up at startup and there was no display all the fan started spinning normally I think my ram...
  10. Tychee

    [SOLVED] disconnections issues for 8+ months

    hello all so this is a long story.. ive been dealing with disconnections (wired and wireless both at the same time) for close to 8 months now. the lights in router and modem stay on and say its connected and all my devices say they have internet but they cant load a webpage or a app etc.. its...
  11. Tychee

    [SOLVED] updating windows 10 usb

    hello guys first time posting so let me know if im posting this in the wrong place so have my windows 10 usb from when i bought my copy of windows 10 maybe 3 or 4 years ago so it is very out of date and it takes FOREVER to update after i wipe my system for one reason or another. so basically...
  12. Dexxly_uk

    [SOLVED] fps anger issues

    i get avg 120 in r6 and if i drop past 90 i rage my question here is should i be embaresed by 90fps?
  13. C

    Question System won't boot, motherboard cpu debug light turns on

    So I recently built my pc, and it worked perfectly fine, now twice before it had turned off on its own when I was doing multiple things at once, or if I was running a newer game with a few background processes. Today it did the same thing except all I was doing was downloading a lot of things...
  14. I

    Question Problems with system storage

    I've recently made my first build. After booting it up, the system showed that both my SSD and HDD were connected, however only the storage capacity of the SSD shows in storage settings. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  15. can19cl

    [SOLVED] Need advice | System upgrade for $600

    Hey guys I need some advice from you. My system; GPU: VTX R9 280 CPU: i7-3770 Memory: Crucial 8GB RAM Storage: 1TB Toshıba DT01ACA100 PSU: Thermaltake 600W Litepower Motherboard: ECS H61H2-MV I am using this computer for 7 years without any complains but now unfortunately my GPU doesn't...
  16. Ihaveaquestion32

    Question Is Pcie 4 worth it

    About 6 months ago I built myself a new computer with a 5700xt and a b550 motherboard. At the time I didn't want to spend much money on storage until I needed it. So as of now, I have a 1TB HDD and a 256GB SATA SSD. I am planning on upgrading my SSD to an NVME drive, and I'm wondering should I...
  17. S

    [SOLVED] Are FPS Drops in Game Normal and Unavoidable?

    I Play A lot of games from simple games Like Dead Cells, Factorio, Stardew Valley To Heavy Games Like Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, Destiny 2, Sea of Thieves. in all of these games I get frame drops. Whether I Play with Vsync on it goes From 60-59-58-56 and like that every couple of "Tens" of...
  18. M

    Question After Power Outage, Case Has Started To Fail (Case Fans/Front USB ports have stopped working)

    Hello, about a week ago my house experienced a power outage. After the power came back on again, while everything else worked fine, including the back case ports, CPU fans, etc. Some of the front case ports have completely stopped working and the case fans have stopped working. I am wondering...
  19. I

    [SOLVED] About CPU_OPT Header

    i have heard some people say this header does not work out the box on some motherboards and you have to set it up is this true i have a x570 aorus elite wifi im not really hands on in the bios and there are not any guides that i have found on how to setup the header in the bios
  20. Kr0nixGaming

    [SOLVED] Which headphones to get?

    Hi, I've recently bought a new microphone so no longer need a headset, just a pair of quality headphones instead. Currently I'm using the steelseries arctis 7 but want something high grade. I dont have enough money for an amp so my asrock b450 gaming k4 fatality motherboard has to do the heavy...