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    Question Is this a good build for gaming?

    https://pcpartpicker.com/user/Lmajorek/saved/vgn6RB Would you recommend any of the other Ryzen cpus (5 2600, 7 2700, 7 2700x) or a different gpu? Any other tips would be very appreciated! Budget is basically $1000.
  2. R

    Question How to switch boot drive from HDD to SSD

    I just got a new 1TB Samsung SSD and want to use it as a boot drive, but I currently have a HDD as a boot drive. How would I make my PC boot from the SSD?
  3. G

    Question What to upgrade?

    Hello! I just wanted to point out that I am a complete noob at building a pc's and technology. My current pc specs are: CPU: intel i5 4460 GPU: Nvidia gtx 970 MO-BO:gigabyte b85m-d3h-a LGA 1150 RAM: DDR3 2x4GB 1600mhz Crucial ballistix HDD: WD Blue 1TB And now my problem comes. What to upgrade...
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    Question PC losing Video Signal randomly

    Hey everyone, So every once in a while my PC will suddenly lose video output, while the PC itself stays on. Sometimes the audio will continue for a short while, and then it will stop as well. The only way to restart the PC is by holding the power button. Simple fixes, like replugging the...
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    Question one core 80 degrees hotter (106C)

    Hi, Recently put together a PC. Water cooled. Everything has been running great for about a month. Yesterday the machine started to shut down while gaming. After figuring out that it wasn't the specific game I was playing, I looked at the hardware monitor and noticed that temperature #4 is way...
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    [SOLVED] Reason why my GPU is crashing?

    So just like two days ago my PC starting crashing for no reason. I did some research and figured its probably my gpu. It doesnt make sense because even while im playing games my temps are only around 40c so it cant be craching due to overheating. Ive updated all my drivers. Also it doesnt crash...
  7. C

    Question Low Performance

    I recently upgraded my GPU to an RTX 2080 and I'm noticing low fps compared to online benchmarks. According to benchmarks, even GTX 1080s are outperforming my GPU. For example, I get around 80-120 fps in Battlefield 1 ultra settings, 1080p. People with GTX 1080-1080TIs are getting 150-200. Same...
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    Question ASUS ROG STRIX RX 580 8Gb fans too loud

    I bought a new RX 580 from Asus two weeks ago for my new AMD build. Performance wise, it does what it has to, but the fans are extremely loud. My previous card was another rx580 8gb from Sapphire but I never heard anything like this from that card. I checked in afterburner and tried out...
  9. jopo

    is this a good build to choose?

    ok, i have been thinking on getting a pc a while now, i want to be able to play stuff like dragon age inquisition, witcher 3 and fallout 4 if it comes out at high to max settings with stable over 30 fps. will these components work well together as a medium budget type build. also i want to make...