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  1. M

    Question ErP Setting Being Overridden by Charging Mousepad?

    I have the m1000 wireless charging mouse. It has two usb cables. One to power the charger and one for a USB pass through. I plugged the charger into the wall so I can charge when the computer is off (I have USB ports disabled when the computer is off using the ErP BIOS setting). The pass...
  2. N

    [SOLVED] Is my pc Building ok?

    hello, i'm planning on building a PC with a ryzen 5 3600 and RTX 2060, i have no plan on overclocking my pc, i just want a stable game time is my PC Build Okay Here is my list: (Cooler) be quiet! Pure Rock Slim (IDR380.000) (CPU) AMD Ryzen 5 3600 (IDR3.135.000) (VGA) GALAX Geforce RTX 2060...
  3. KeeRub

    Question 2 years old problem

    Hey, so i have had my PC since mid 2018 and i have this problem where if i play a game i can only play for about 20min then my PC would start to make a really loud fan noise and i cant see anything on my screen but i can hear the game sound and i would have to hard restart it. when i first got...
  4. 0meg4

    Question Should i upgrade my CPU or GPU?

    Hi guys! My current rig: Ryzen 5 1600AF Powercolor 5700 XT 16gb ram 3000mhz Dual 1080p 75hz monitors I'm starting to stream on a daily basis, and been playing with different settings for a month now. Wanted to stream on 1080p60 at first, but failed due to a lot of CPU usage. So i found a...
  5. Rui Pedro Fernandes

    Question Witch should I buy the Samsung C27HG70 27 (2560 x 1440), the AORUS CV27Q 27 (2560 x 1440) (QHD) or the MSI Optix MAG272QR 27 (2560 x 1440)?

    I know that the MSI Optix MAG272QR 27 is the cheapest one but i want to know if the other two are worth it or not, your help is much appreciated. sorry for my english
  6. Rui Pedro Fernandes

    Question Which monitor should I buy?

    Which should I buy from these three? Samsung C27HG70 27 (2560 x 1440), the AORUS CV27Q 27 (2560 x 1440) (QHD) or the MSI Optix MAG272QR 27 (2560 x 1440)? I know that the MSI Optix MAG272QR 27 is the cheapest one but i want to know if the other two are worth it or not, your help is much...
  7. Sm445

    Question Faster Ram or more Ram?

    Just a simple question, if I have 16 gb of 2400mhz ram, what will improve pc performance (specifically running multiple programs at once) more, adding ram, or upgrading to faster ram. (not both)
  8. P

    Question Higher FPS ingame than what what GPU shows

    When I play games e.g. CSGO and Rocket League I get solid 250fps in rocket league and 350 fps in CSGO. However, the game still feels laggy. I checked AMD Adrenalin and it showed it was only showing 60fps and sometimes 144fps. I tried to switch my rocket league to fullscreen borderless instead of...
  9. Bjzor

    Question i9700k - 5ghz tuning help request

    Hi all, I'd like to ask for your expertise to tune my overclock settings, I am only using the PC for gaming and to stream (+10% CPU usage) with it which I am trying to optimize for. I have watched the youtube guide and managed to set as per below. Spec: i7 9700k Asus TUF Z390M-Pro Gaming...
  10. Nunny_boi

    Question What should i upgrade next? and do i need more ram i play games like fortnite and COD warzone.

    i have a ryzen 5 2400g with wraith rgb cooler t force8gb ram 3200mhz MSI gtx 1650 twin frozr 7 550W psu thermaltake
  11. R

    Question Good MB and CPU combination for Virtualization

    Hi Tech team, I want to build a PC with min 64Gb and upgradable to 128Gb RAM. My main work is Virtualization with more core and RAM. Can you suggest a combination of Motherboard and Processor with other part.? My overall budget is $ 1.5K
  12. AliSM1

    Question Windows doesn't detect headphones mic (i tried everything)

    I have spent countless hours trying to fix this issue are at least know whats causing it, my PC has two front separate jacks for sound and mic, i use a splitter to conncet the headphones (1 cord split into 2) and whenever i do that, the system detects the headphones as (Realtek HD audio 2nd...
  13. B

    Question DAC/AMP question with beyerdynamic mmx 300 v2

    Hello I just bought a pair of beyerdynamic MMX 300 V2, and with the sound blaster x7, which I'm returning because It's the most overpriced garbage I've ever bought. The problem with the Sound Blaster x7, was that when I launched a game the audio would dissapear and it would say that windows...
  14. V

    Question I need help with ram

    I ordered 2 ram sticks on ebay. They are both ddr3 and both 1600 MHz but one ram stick shows 8GB(1x8GB) and the other the ram stick shows 16GB(2x8GB). I want to know if I can still use both to have a total of 16gb of ram in my system. Here is a picture. View: https://imgur.com/ZxXaNQd
  15. B

    Question Need a suggestion for a 2060 super for my rig

    Hello everyone , i'm planing on buying a RTX 2060 super to upgrade my rig but i have 3 main concerns and i would really appreciate it if anyone can help me. 1-I don't know if the gpu i choose will fit in my case in a way that wont be an obstacle to other components. 2-I'm not sure on which gpu...
  16. T

    Question Is it possible to make four 1tb SSD into one external HD

    I am wondering if it is possible to take the four 1tb SSDs I have and make them into one EXTERNAL 4tb SSD HD. IF so, would it be possible to use the external HD for an XBOX for more external storage. Right now I have a 2tb hard drive plugged into my Xbox, but it's a regular HD that spins. One...
  17. S

    Question Only DisplayPort on GPU displays on monitors.

    After getting a second monitor, I realized that only my Displayports on my GPU give out a signal. My gpu has 2 displayports, 2 HDMIs, and one DVI-D Dual-Link port. When trying my HDMI ports or the DVI-D Dual-Link port on either monitor, both monitors receives no signal, while the Displayports...
  18. E

    Question A confusing problem

    Heyo guys, So stuff has been happening with my headset lately. I have a laptom (ASUS strix GL504) and the headset it comes with. So the past few days the headset mic has been acting weird and now is broke ( I THINK), tried to look into it but gave up, closed the laptop and called it a night, but...
  19. S

    Question Why 2400mhz RAM running at 1200mhz?

    Hey lovely people, I recently build a pc for my home with a MSI A320M pro mobo with a Ryzen 3 1200 and HyperX Fury 8gb DDR4 2400mhz single channel ram. I just noticed in CPUZ and HWinfo that my RAM is running with just half of its speed at 1199mhz. How do i increase the speed of my RAM to its...
  20. Crushbam3

    [SOLVED] Do i need to wipe a non boot drive?

    This may be a stupid question but oh well. I'm planning on replacing my motherboard and cpu. I have an ssd which windows boots off and a hdd that just stores stuff. I know ill have to do a clean install of windows on the ssd which will wipe it but will i need to wipe the hdd that's just used for...