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  1. voast

    Question Should I use my igpu or my dedicated

    I have an i3 10100, paired with 8gb 2666Mhz Ram. For the graphical option the prebuilt came with a 2GB GDDR5 GT 730, not really a gaming powerhouse lol. (it's the lenovo gt 730). I was wondering though, should I go with the UHD 630? It's VRAM is limited to only be allowed 1GB. Should I upgrade...
  2. iBlueWolf

    Question Can't get my main monitor to the maximum 165 Hz in dual monitor setup, while I can with single monitor setup.

    I have this Dell S2721DGF 165Hz 1440p via DP. I also have a 2560x1080p 60Hz ultrawide second monitor via HDMI. and this "old" 1060 3GB GPU. My problem is that I don't get 165Hz while having dual monitor, but I can get the 165 Hz having single monitor, is that normal? Is that a gpu issue, I...