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  1. AfternoonVxbe

    Question Can I use isopropyl alcohol wipes instead of using a microfiber cloth to clean a GPU's PCB?

    So recently I got my hands on a used 1070 what was pretty dirty. I cleaned up the fans and all of the other parts with the isopropyl wipes besides the PCB itself. I mostly used online to get help & from what I've seen there's nothing mentioning using isopropyl wipes to clean the PCB, only items...
  2. L

    Question Desktop GPU upgrade to GTX 1650? Please help !

    Hi, I have a Lenovo Thinkcentre m82 SFF with a GeForce 710 2gb low profile. Intel i5 12 gb ram I would like to upgrade to a GTX 1650 4gb low profile. Will my pc support the GPU ? If not, which should I upgrade to ?
  3. dafarmedgald

    [SOLVED] Just a quick question for anyone

    Does anyone know if these two components would fit in a case with these dimensions? Case Dimensions: 16.00 x 31.89 x 36.78 cm (6.30" x 12.56" x 14.48") (W x D x H) Two components (GPU, PSU): PSU GPU Replacing parts in a computer and any help would be amazing! I know my motherboard works with...
  4. DRickraft

    [SOLVED] Can I use this GPU on this old system?

    So, my 8800 GT broke and I'm looking for a replacement (I only need Firefox and Word basically). Just found this GPU for a good price ($53 new), but will it work on this 13-14 y old PC? GPU to buy: Nvidia GT 610 CPU: Intel 2 Duo E8400 RAM: 2x2 GB DDR2 Motherboard: Asus Striker II Formula...
  5. c.somsom

    [SOLVED] PC experiencing crashes during games

    My PC is constantly crashing when I play games. My monitor will turn off, but I can still talk and be heard in discord. Eventually, my PC will just restart or I will have to hard reset. My build specs are as follows (I got the PC using CyberpowerPC to custom build it then had them assemble)...
  6. JerrWolf

    Question Concern regarding "high" GPU temps w/ 980ti

    Hello everyone, Recently my PC has been fine but I noticed my temperatures seem higher than usual. I remember seeing them in the 60-70c range with sometimes low 80c max when a game is running on my PC. And when nothing is loaded (like on startup or right after I open a browser) ~35-40c. But...
  7. Granster3160

    Question PC crashing issue after getting 3070 ti

    I recently won a 3070 ti from the newegg shuffle, and I was very excited to install it into my computer. When it arrived, I installed it and the drivers onto my computer (I did make sure to clip on an anti-shock bracelet onto myself and the computer) and it started up perfectly fine. Everything...
  8. voast

    [SOLVED] Should I use my igpu or my dedicated

    I have an i3 10100, paired with 8gb 2666Mhz Ram. For the graphical option the prebuilt came with a 2GB GDDR5 GT 730, not really a gaming powerhouse lol. (it's the lenovo gt 730). I was wondering though, should I go with the UHD 630? It's VRAM is limited to only be allowed 1GB. Should I upgrade...
  9. iBlueWolf

    Question Can't get my main monitor to the maximum 165 Hz in dual monitor setup, while I can with single monitor setup.

    I have this Dell S2721DGF 165Hz 1440p via DP. I also have a 2560x1080p 60Hz ultrawide second monitor via HDMI. and this "old" 1060 3GB GPU. My problem is that I don't get 165Hz while having dual monitor, but I can get the 165 Hz having single monitor, is that normal? Is that a gpu issue, I...